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David Cameron
Cameron, with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
Born His Excellency David William Donald Cameron VIII, 9 October 1666
Other names Lord Snooty, Earl of Brasenose, David Hameron
Religion Thatcherism
Favourite beverage The blood of the poor
Occupation Professional Snooker Player and part time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“One must smash the oiks!”

~ Cameron's motto

“One must smash that oink!"”

~ Cameron's motto whilst at Oxford

“Shut up! Do things!”

~ Political commentator David Mitchell on Cameron

David Cameron aka " Call-Me-Dave" is the former British Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Cameron was politically married to Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg in a civil ceremony held in a rose garden. The couple have now applied for a same sex union if both their respective wives - Samantha Cameron and Queen Miriam of Spain - agree. However Clegg reported in May 2015 "Dave's ignoring my calls".

More recently, Cameron has been outed as a "ham-sexual" but can now spend more time with the hog after he resigned as Prime Minister in June 2016. He left in July 2016 and was replaced by Theresa May.


Heatherdown Preparatory School[edit]

At the age of seven, David Cameron attended the independent Heatherdown Preparatory School at Monkfield in Berkshire, which counted Prince Andrew and Prince Edward among its alumni. The school closed in the early 1980s in the wake of a drugs scandal in which it was alleged that Cameron and two close friends had used the school's pantry to store their Michaelmas Term's supply of grade A cocaine. They were also charged with theft as Ketamine for the school horses were found in Dave's teeth. He was subsequently expelled for inviting a local fox hunt to chase rabbits around the school's playing fields.

Later Cameron remarked on his school days as 'fond memories that will stay in my heart forever. 'cept for Peregrine, he used my gear in the bike shed so kicked his teeth in, the peasant'.

Eton College (who'd never heard of him before he became an MP)[edit]

Cameron received his secondary education at Eton where his soft skin and pudgy physique made him ideally suited as the captain of the soggy biscuit team. Cameron hit trouble in May 1983, six weeks before taking his O-levels when he was revealed to have smoked a big fat bifta with some local chavs. Because he admitted the offence and had not previously been caught with chavs, he was not expelled, but he was fined, prevented from leaving school grounds, and given a punishment which involved copying 500 lines of Chav Slang. But remember also that David Cameron is just like you or me in short 'we are in this together' (except the Plebs of course) and it is perfectly normal to go to Eton and marry a woman who is a multi-millionaire and has royal blood. I'm not bitter!

Oxford University[edit]

Born to rule, born to sneer? Dave, Boris and the Gang at Oxford.

Cameron went to ‘just a brandy for me, please’ College in Oxford University, an institute in which the majority of its professors are Oxen, and teach while performing balancing acts on old, unstable bridges.

Cameron went on to obtain an A in "Hunting and Keeping the Serfs in their place" from an Oxford College, alledgedly it was Brasenose College, Oxford. But it has been very difficult to substantiate this given the sheer volume of posh boys who wouldn't know the price of milk. His tutor at Oxford, Professor Vernon St John-Bogdanor-Smythe, described him as "one of the ablest and nicest" students he had had the pleasure to bugger; whose political views were "moderate and sensibly conservative". When commenting on his former pupil's ideas about a bill of transportation for all those with an income of less than £500k per annum replacing the Human Rights Act, Professor Vermin-St John-Bogdanor-Smythe said "I think he is very confused. I've read his speech and it's filled with contradictions keeping all with this level of income would, by necessity involve the retention of any number of Jews, Poofs and Wogs, whilst rejecting right minded forlock-tugging peasants and even some pheasants. There are one or two good things in it but one glimpses them, as it were, through a mist of misunderstanding." Professor St John-Bogdanor-Smythe was later found on the floor of his wardrobe, trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey and with every orifice cramned full of apricot stuffing. Following the coroner's finding of death by natural causes, the professor was interred with full military honours in the bowels of HMS Invincible.

In September of 2015, it was alleged that whilst at Oxford, Cameron had inserted his "privvy member" into the mouth of a dead pig and then fucked it to climax as part of an "initiation ceremony" into a bizarre group, known for their sexual and chemical excesses, called "The Young Conservatives". So far, Cameron has refused to comment.

Relationship with Margaret Thatcher[edit]

In the late 80s, David Cameron was publically acknowledged as Margaret Thatcher's son by the Duke of Edinburgh. He was groomed to take over from his mother as Prime Minister but her other son Mark 'Twat' Thatcher refused to accept this succession. In the political confusion, John Major became Prime Minister in 1990. The exact nature of the relationship between Thatcher and Cameron is complicated as other Conservatives like William Hague, Iain Duncan-Smith and Michael Howard also claimed Thatcher as their natural mother too.

In his memoirs (stolen from his computer by Wikileaks), Cameron said his relationship with Thatcher was unconventional. Cameron described her as "a dominatrix, who had the tightest, tighest grip over me." Although the affair was not well known at the time, both have spoken candidly about the affair since - most notably in Thatcher's sexual autobiography: "Right-Wing: Alternative Entry to the Iron-Lady". Thatcher reveals that Cameron has a penchant for "velvet condoms, caviare lubricant and sex in top hats." Cameron, although initially accepting these claims has since changed his mind twelve times and claims: "I use latex, just like my good friend ... um ... Mozzy." - his view, however, seems to depend on whom he is speaking to. Margaret also claimed that for David to agree to have sex with her she would have to dress up as Eva Braun.

Investigations since have concluded that Cameron actualy lost his virginity, with Mrs. Thatcher, as unlikely as this might sound. Apparently during the actual act, Thatcher had to constantly remind him that her arsehole was off limits. Cameron soon settled into a rhythm akin to that of a well young thruster who well thrusted for all his worth. During coitus, Thatcher later remarked that whilst Cameron's cock was so small that it difficult to decide if he was actualy inside her vagina. However after approx. 30secs of thrusting he came. At this point Thatcher asked Cameron if he had enjoyed himself, to which he replied very much. Her response was to note that she didn't want him to get hang up, but he had just ravished her suspender belt..

The relationship ended after David Cameron was outed as an "individualist, who believes in small government, but also that we have a collective responsibility to help everyone - and the only way to do this is through government intervention. The rich should get richer, while the poor do better - but not so well, that they start to have a feeling of self worth." She also objected on the grounds that she is (a) his mother; (b) technically dead and (c) she didn't like his habit of stealing the limelight with his jokes during dinner parties.

Following the somewhat violent collapse of this relationship, David sought comfort from his dear friend and Eton bedfellow Boris Johnson, this relationship had to be hidden from other friends but was sucessfully passed off as a mere accident of their both belonging to the infamous Bullingdon Club. This "club" was outwardly merely a gaggle of "upwardly mobile" young toffs getting sozzled and fondling some waitresses and/or schoolboys, however the darker side of the club involved midnight break-ins at local zoos and wildlife parks and the subsequent molestation of flightless birds. It was at this point that Cameron's proclavities and taste for the love of a good penguin became apparent.


In July 1993, Cameron left his role as Special Teabagger to work as the Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications. Carlton, which had won the ITV franchise for London weekdays in 1991, were a growing media company which also had film distribution and large video producing arms specialising in the more exotic and obscure sexual fantasies of the upper orders. In 1997 Cameron played up the company's prospects for digital terrestrial television, for which it joined with Granada television and BSkyB to form British Digital Broadcasting. This enabled the new conglomerate to broadcast specialist penguin-orientated pornography, and films featuring the pheasant plucker's son. The company chairman described him as "board material". Others who had to work with him were less complimentary though. Senior Daily Telegraph journalist Jeff Randall said he would not trust Mr Cameron "as far as the little sod could squeeze out a slash of penguin jism" and that he "never gave a straight answer when dissemblance was a plausible alternative", while Sun business editor Ian King described him as a "slippery small-cocked penguin fucker".

Carlton's consortium did win the digital terrestrial franchise, but the resulting company suffered difficulties in attracting subscribers, possibly due to the low audience numbers for their specialist programming. In 1999 the Express on Sunday newspaper claimed Cameron had rubbished one of its stories which had given the accurate number of subscribers as four. Cameron resigned as Director of Corporate Affairs in February 2001 in order to fight for election to Parliament, although he remained on the payroll as a penguin enbalmer.

In 2007 he became majority shareholder, Chairman and CEO of CrapAda EyeTeevee PLC (which took over Carlton) which runs most of the ITV.

Member of Parliament[edit]

Upon his election to Parliament, he served as a member of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, a plum choice for a new MP. It was Cameron's proposal that the Committee launch an inquiry into the law on drugs, and during the inquiry he urged the consideration of "radical options".[80] The report recommended a downgrading of Ecstasy from Class A to Class B, as well as moves towards a policy of 'harm reduction', which Cameron defended. Critics have suggested that this was possibly a front to hide that large scale importation of woodlice ears and sperm whale nostrils both of which are highly prized on the illegal drugs market. Dave would also like it to be known that his attempt to downgrade Bolivian dancing Dust from a class A to a class Z drug, has nothing to do with Ozzie's continual pestering of him to do so. I mean Ozzie can afford it, obvio not as much as Dave could afford it, but Ozzie's not Dave

Cameron determinedly attempted to increase his public prophets, offering quotes on matters of public controversy. He opposed the payment of compensation to Marylin Manson for loss of earnings after his career as a Baptist Minister was cut short by a drastic and accidental plastic surgery. However, he was passed over for a front bench promotion in July 2002; Conservative leaders Iain and Duncan Smith did invite Cameron and his lover George Osborne to coach him on Prime Minister's Questions in November 2002. The next week, Cameron deliberately abstained in a vote on allowing same sex couples,unmarried couples and bi-curious griffins to adopt children, against a whip to oppose; his abstention was noted. As was the licking he received from the whip.

In June 2003, Cameron was appointed as a shadowy minister in the Privy Council and later became shadow Evisceration secretary in the post-election reshuffle.

Upon becoming Supreme Ruler of the Conservative Party Cameron announced a modernatisation programme. The Parties symbols - swastikas and eagles - were dropped and Cameron started referring to working people as the 'deserving poor' instead of the 'ungrateful scroungers'. Cameron also sought to distance himself from his astocratic background - referring to himself as a humble middle class person who only owned a single house in London (in an area so run down it only had a single michellen star restaraunt). As he informed the Daily Telegraph "if I was any more of a pleb I'd pay income tax".

David Cameron's attempts to lure voters.

Reason He Won[edit]

See below. That's all there is to it, nobody wants to know they were responsible for the death of a kitten. In a cruel twist of fate Cameron spared the life of the kitten, but decided to murder badgers instead. However as of Nov 2012, he realised he couldn't even achieve that, so decided instead to take even more money off the poor in spite.


Even the experts at Wikipedia got this one correct.

David Cameron still refuses to answer "yes" or "no" to allegations that he was a crackhead at university. His friend and Conservative Party Sexual Spokescreature, Gordon Broon has on several occasions stated on Cameron's behalf that it was "all a long time ago, and nobody can remember a thing, except that David was a great guy with the smallest willy we have ever seen. Which because it was so small, he never knew wether it was in or out. A thoroughly nasty rumour is that his well fit wife Sam, was attracted to Camo, as she had been molested by a family friend, and thought that, he would never be able to do the deed. However she was almost wrong on that part, as whilst Camo, never has, the 15 Butlers that they need to keep body and soul together can and, frequently do.

Cameron arose in February 2008 when a farmer in Cornwall noticed David Cameron with his foot trapped in a sheep's anus. The farmer reported that he had a nosebleed and was wearing nothing but a leotard and kneepads. All concerns were dismissed however when the sheep turned out to actually be Margaret Thatcher.

Despite his plans for change and modernisation, Cameron suffers from the politician's disease and therefore must be treated as a lying, two-faced scab. Effects of this illness are always heightened by being a sneaky upper-class cunt who pretends to be a man of the people - this degree of the disease is almost exclusively found in the Conservative Party.

In early 2009 David James proposed the classification of cannabis ( his daily fix par The Telegraph ) to be lowered from a D to a C. Thus when he is caught with his doobie he is able to scarper with merely a warning and a small fine opposed to Imprisonment whereby he would be unable to pleasure his dear Thatcher.

Personal Life[edit]

David Cameron trying to be 'down' with the black folk.

Cameron married Êlfrith "Queen of the gypsies" McGee, the daughter of Sir Reginald "Penguin" Sheffield, 8th Baronet and Annabel Porpoise, on 1 June 1996 at Spearmint Rhino. Among the guests at the wedding were Che Guevera, a friend of the Sheffield family, the embalmed corpse of Lenin and Pat Lampard - all three of them all now deceased, especially Pat - who died due to a delayed reaction to eating part of Douglas Hogg's BSE covered burger. Due to the success of the panda porn ring run by the Sheffield family for the past 600 years, the marriage brought great additional wealth to DC. This has to be regarded as a good thing, as his fondness for buggering penguins, and the subsequent need to "pay off" numerous enraged zoo keepers, had depleted even his extraordinarily large private funds.

David Jason, much to his wife's disgust, as facebook would say, is 'in a relationship with Nick Clegg due to the terms of the co-olition government. Due to this David Cameron has banned Nick from wearing trousers in public.

He is prone to lying; however this can be spotted by checking to see if he is a) speaking b) breathing and c) awake.

An example of this occurred in October 2012, when word got out that Call me Dave [Aka Stack em up sell them cheap], had not disclosed everything regards his relationship with News international to the Leverson enquiry [the salacious ones]. In particular those 150 fruity emails between Mrs Brooks and himself.

David Cameron texting his wife 'Pick the kids up xx' during an EU Summit.

Dave would like it to be known, obvio, he hasn't disclosed THOSE emails, as what the fuck has his shagging RB [Smarmy Tory types always use Initials rather than Names, as then nobody will know that RB means Rebbecka Brooks] got to do with News International and Leverson? Doh! On this subject, obvio he isn't shagging RB and one should disregard what was just written. There is a world of difference, as that Yank Clinton used to say, between a sexual relationship and what RB and himself is doing. I mean just what has wearing nappies and having ones bottom thrashed got to do with Sex, or having Ozzie's three penny bits shoved up ones arse or even crawling around on all fours with a dog leash attached? I know, I know, that there is a tendency to cum all over RB's lap etc, but unless the cum is inside RB then it just isn't a sexual relationship in;nt. And on the odd occasion it does end up inside her, well you do know the stuff can crawl don't you [rather like VD off a toilet seat]or else just how do you think members of the Tory party be conceived and selected for office, if there wasn't a bit of crawling involved? Besides which if SC [see done it again Sam Cameron, SC, easy isn't it] where to find out, and she won't, as she can't read or write like lots of other wives of the rich and powerful, like what he is. She would slaughter him, and take all his, UK tax not paid, quintillions away from him, then Dave would become a Pleb. And that isn't likely to happen any-time soon as Dave had an equal number of quintillions tucked away in his Bahamas Bank accounts, just like his daddy told him to do.

In September 2015, it was revealed that Cameron had had a short-lived affair with a dead pig's head whilst a student at Oxford university. Cameron insisted that the relationship had been "purely Clinton" meaning it had only sucked him off. He denies still being pig-sexual but previous girlfriends have claimed that he "made them wear a piggy mask" before doing a sex with them.

David Cameron threatens to murder a puppy if the audience do not vote for him

When will he go away?[edit]

Unfortunately, he has arranged with his cohorts that this will not be until 2015. First by initiating a fixed term parliament and then by dictating that motions of no confidence in the commons must be passed by a 55% 60% majority.

He has already been targeted by the 'Please Go Away, David' campaign, a group comprised of those with a memory exceeding four nanoseconds, sane human beings, and, well... everyone with a soul. They are planning to replace him with None Of The Above with a higher IQ.

Cameron's destiny[edit]

Cameron will most likely end up in a care home for retired politicians. He will eventually pass on his spoon business to another graduate from the Eton School of Middle-Class excess. Should he ever become Prime Minister, a distinct possibility considering that he is from a Scottish family, he will be knifed in the back and his blood used to resurrect Margaret MOran. The ritual shall begin at 03:00 am outside of Portcullis House. Deacons Michael Howard and Oswald Moseley shall be conducting the services, and there shall be refreshments available afterwards. If you would like to make a booking in advance then please send a letter to the Conservative Party Headquarters at Little Avon-Humpington (it's just outside of Reigate). Please attach a cheque for 15,000 guinea pigs and make it payable to Dr. Spurzheim Esq., Second Marquis of Lady Barkstone and the Surrounding Areas. Please note that we do not accept applications from blacks, atheists, gays, Jews, Muslims, Marxists, scientists, sociologists, vegetarians, hippies, vegans, or your mother. Actually, no, wait. We don't mind if you're a Jew, but just be quiet and respectful about it. It's okay if you're a Muslim, especially if you are Baroness Warsi (bit of brown totty, always plays down well with closet Guardian readers) but be a non-practising one. Be gay, but please get a Civil Partnership and none of that Hampstead Heath nonsense, I mean you Ted Heath. And for Christ's sake, at least speak nicely, the way people from Kent do, we want northerners to vote for you, but we don't want southerners to think people from the north are actually allowed in Parliament. Oh, and if you're black, the whole country is counting on your vote.

New Cameron Policies[edit]

Shhhhhh! This is a humour free zone.


Basic Principles[edit]



Within days of winning the leadership, David Steel launched his New Church of Thatcher - may she be so glorious Pledge Card. This was an A2 card containing a list of 500 policy pledges which must be carried by all citizens.
Pledges include:

Forming a Government & Constitutional Reform[edit]

  • Current Ministries to be combined and superceeded by Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Plenty, Ministry of Peace and Ministry of Luv.
  • Only Independents to sit in the House of Lords, all subject to vetting by Conservative Central Office & credit check.
  • No electoral or constitutional reform to be carried out that will endanger the tories remaining in power.
  • Only men of the right sort shall be able to vote, as in 'the good olde days' that Cameron fetishises.

The lead policy of any government led by call me Dave, shall be the provision of free gas for the elderly and scroungers on benefits. As it happens, Dave has cut a deal with the Germans to source as much zyclonB as we need. Dispersal of the gas will be by hoses attached to job centres and old people homes. Crematoria will then be constructed so as to provide much needed sustainable heat for the wealthier citizens. Thus it's a win-win situation all round

Constitutional Affairs[edit]

  • The Monarchy is to be restored to full power, thus rendering electoral politics in the UK completely erroneous. On the off chance that the next monarch is a woman, african, homosexual, jew, Pole, Hungarian, Croat, Byzantine, genius, professor, political theorist or pleasant then the Conservative Party shall assume emergency powers and defend 'Britishness'.
  • All newspapers are to be banned, apart from The Fascist Rag, The Torygraph, and The Diana Express which are all to be controlled by Conservative Head Office. Oldspeak to be removed from all official publications and replaced by Newspeak .
  • Children are to be taken away from their parents at birth and sent to formal stupefaction centres where they shall be taught how to behave correctly.
  • All people of power or influence must have been members of The Bullingdon Club, like David C and Boris Johnson who wanted to have a relationship with Mahmiri Acar and have her babies (They are still fighting for her hand in marriage).
  • All members of the "lower orders" to immediately become the personal property of their nearest millionaire (unless this individual should come from the lower orders himself, be female, jewish, a poof or a Catholic. In this case ownership of the individual would pass to the Crown.)
  • The Tory Party is to be renamed the National Socialist Party of the King's/Queen's Sceptered Isle, and it is to be the only party allowed to exist.
  • Only sports to be played are Rugger and Cricket; no sports such as Football, or other working mans sports.
  • Forelock tugging to become mandatory for all those tied to the land.
  • All those who own fewer than 15000 acres are to be immediately place on a compulsory register of miscreants. This list will be used when choosing test subjects for medical/military and culinary experiments.


Cameron blowing on an invisible dandilion

For those who are benefit scroungers:

  • Children over the age of 3 belonging to those on benefits will not be educated and sent straight to the workforce, with failure to comply resulting in severe sanctions.

For those who are working hard and contributing to Dave's Big PLC's:

  • The outright abolition of state education.
  • Getting rid of that EMA bullshit... fucking plebs...
  • The city of Manchester to be razed to the ground and in its place a huge super academy to be built for children aged 2-25 to be educated, at a cost of £150,000 a year.
  • Horse riding lessons to become mandatory for all school children of very rich parents (wealth over 500k) aged 4 to 8. From the ages of 8 onwards, all girls will progress onto related activities.
  • Fox hunting to be added to the National Curriculum also only for children of the very rich. In the absence of any foxes locally, illegal immigrants, homeless people, gays, Muslims, Jews or women shall suffice.
  • Sex education will be overhauled and children from in primary school will be taught daily practicals by members of the local Conservative party. Topics may include'Gangbanging - More fun than hugging a hoodie'.
  • Abolish Economics, a subject of which he has absolutely no knowledge of.
  • Abolish every type of school except independent boarding schools, only the rich deserve the best.
  • Wikipedia shall be made the National Encyclopedia.
  • Schoolchildren to be enrolled in the Peterloo Reenactment Society as part of Key State 3 with video footage to be distributed through youtube which will replace ITV by 2012.


  • Cameron intends to decrease crime with tough love as part of his "hug a hoodie" campaign.
  • Other campaigns include "reward a rapist", "pint with a paedo" and "mount a mugger"
  • "Positive discrimination" - The system is sending you down Mr Ethnic minority for longer than would be usual cause it likes you!
  • Crime statistics to go down year on year in crucial constituencies.
  • More people in prison year on year at no additional expense to the taxpayer, thanks to the magic 'prison ships' (or 'cliffs').
  • Every person earning at least over £450,000 per annum, to be entitled to shoot at people roaming his or her land but only during Common people season
  • The eradication of all poor people, therefore eradicating crime itself.

Above all anybody employed in the city of London as a banker will be immune from prosecution no-matter how many times they have dug up and sold their grannies.

Foreign Affairs[edit]

  • Forcing
  • Don't mention the war.
  • Or that war.
  • Forcing all countries which (a) wouldn't have existed, or (b) wouldn't have been democracies, without British involvement sometime in the past to support us in all national matters, and to automatically give Britain 12 points in Eurovision. In the former category, this includes all countries in former Yugoslavia, and Germany. Virtually every country in western Europe is in the latter category.
  • Being nasty to UKIP.
  • Courting Zionism.
  • Courting the US.
  • Courting fascism.
  • Courting nancy-boyism.
  • Courting Nicolas Sarkozy (see alternative definition of 'courting')
  • Wanting to be Barack Obama.
  • Wanting Barack Obama.
  • Calling Gordon Brown a fool.
  • Must have a stiff upper lip.
  • The regaining of The Empire - yes that includes you America.
  • Keith Allen knows how to kill someone abroad by planting a drunk driver, a few paparazzis, bent coppers, bent coroners, incompetent SAMÜ-drivers and such. Just give him the Foreign Office !! Half of his competence could rebuild the British Empire ! Why is it still not done?
  • Ridding South East London of all niggers, pakis and white trash. Only Dulwich (the good bit), Blackheath and Chislehurst will remain. Bellingham will be fucked.
  • Pakistan and Pakistanis to hererby be referred to as 'bastards' because they don't buy enough weapons from us.
  • Letting ISIS into the country, while claiming to fight them.

Being Nasty (Home Affairs)[edit]

  • The most punitive and inhumane Work Capability Assessments to be inflicted on anyone daring to pretend to be sick or disabled and claim money from state coffers - this to be administered by Iain Duncan Smith.
  • The most punitive and inhumane Benefits System with up to 3 Year Benefit Sanctions for those who flout the rules and regulations.
  • Mandatory unpaid Workfare or Slave labour as it is also known as, of 40hrs per week at "Charities" (British Heart Foundation, The Salvation Army etc) or private plc (Tescos, McDonalds, Holland & Barrett etc) for those who dare to claim benefits with the most severest sanctions for failure to comply. However no person will be sent to any company, whose board have not contributed to the Nazi Parties coffers.
  • Concentration and Extermination camps to be built and managed by Iain Duncan Smith (Work & Pensions Secretary). Those on benefits failing to comply with mandatory Work Programme activities will be sent to these after receiving 2 consecutive "benefit sanctions".
  • Legalising rape to free up space in prison for 'real' criminals.
  • Mandatory jail sentences for any crimes highlighted by the tabloid press. With double sentences for articles printed on Sundays.
  • A tougher stance on anything unpopular with Daily Mail readers, with a really nasty glare, and lots of rhetoric to follow.
  • Make all major media publications illegal except for the Daily Mail.
  • The Workhouse and Poor law to be reinstated. It to be the responsibility of the local Parish council to deal with the problem of the "Deserving Poor", with the "Undeserving Poor" (Those on Benefits) boiled down to make glue and dog biscuits for the hounds of the Shropshire Hunt. Those left penniless and destitute by severe benefit sanctions will be mandated to the workhouse - failure to comply will mean either imprisonment in a concentration camp or being sent to the extermination camp (Punishments to be decided by Iain Duncan Smith).
  • Children over the age of three of those on benefits to be mandated to the workforce. Suitable jobs include, digging coal, cleaning chimneys and or mucking out the state penguins - failure to comply will result in children being sent to the workhouse and publically flogged. However support will also be given to those who are conscripted into working for the party as personal servants, and carrying out tasks such as licking arseholes clean after a dump.
  • The Police Forces across the UK must save £2 bn p.a. This means that all ethnic diversity officers will be sacked. The Police will later discover that no more sackings will be necessary.

Being Nice - Applies only to those with wealth exceeding 250K[edit]

  • Abolition of tax for the rich.
  • Free air travel for pensioners, especially by catapult, which has the double advantage of given them a cheap thrill and saving years of actually have to pay their pension.
  • Abolition of free NHS. If you can't afford the treatment you don't deserve to be well, you bloody serf!!
  • "U turns" to be called "new", "progressive" and "caring" policies".
  • New Laws to require rich people to go around hugging the poor before administrating the lethal injection.
  • Equal Opportunities Scheme in which the poorest 50% of people will be automatically entered on Short Lists to marry\have sex with members of the Royal Family and Aristocracy.
  • Legalising of Cocaine, though not for plebs.
  • Peerage for bankers,spivs,speculators,and for all Tory donors who donated their hedge fund benefits from the Great cash of 2008 to the party.A good example of sharing the proceeds of growth.
  • Only people with Oxbridge degrees are to be involved with the government .
  • Pretending to be emotional in times of crisis while actually slowly crippling the economy by bankrupting the working-class.
  • The complete dismantling of the welfare state (Called for by the rich so they can enjoy more money for themselves).
  • All government bodies to be privatised.


  • A new hairstyle every six weeks, to be carefully chosen by a focus group who pore for hours over which side his hair is parted (THIS side of 1983, or the other, hmm?!). These haircuts are a but a snip to the taxpayer at £90 per sitting. Of course, you foolish common non-political people are too stupid to actually notice any difference. Cameron will just pat you on the head and give you a lolly, it makes it all better..


'Did we win Georgie? Did we win??' A dazed and confused Cameron is held upright by George Osborne.
  • Oh fucking hell, not this.
  • David Cameron believes strongly that Europeans should stay in Europe and stop trying to come to the United Kingdom of the Middle Englander.
  • Cameron has proposed on-the-spot fines for anyone found to be European while in England.
  • The mighty Dave will hold a referendum on the EU and Britain's relationship with it. In said referendum the British people are to be offered three choices on how to solve their EU problem, namely to nuke it, crush it or smash it.
  • David Cameron believes that the EU is actually made of AIDS and wants to eat the Queen.
  • David Cameron proposes that the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, Canada and Australia be integrated into the United States. He refers to this entity as the Anglosphere, and would abolish all things European. By extension, this would mean a a ban on good food, beautiful women, high culture and interesting literary works, none of which interest him.


  • Let the Americans do it.

Post Script[edit]

Cameron became political toast on the morning of the 24th June 2016 when he lost the Brexit referendum. In September that same year he resigned from the House of Commons to spend more time with Samantha and her collection of horrible bags. However Cameron said that was 'an improvement on recent company.'

His most recent adventure was an involvement in a company lobbying outfit called Greensill (aka Greenswill) which came to light in April 2021. Cameron had. been attempting to persuade the government of his old rival Boris Johnson to rescue them with a large bucket of cash. They went bust. As did Cameron's reputation...or what as left of it.

Back from the Dead[edit]

Since Cameron had acquired expensive tastes as PM he needed more money than his pension would give him. So he got involved in suspect companies, lobbying the government for contracts and goodies. Cameron's enemies made sure this all became public. Angered, he retreated to his own caravan/hut on his estate. Then in November 2023 British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called him in for a visit at 10 Downing Street. Cameron had resigned from Parliament in 2016 but now he was given a new temptation. 'Do you fancy becoming the Foreign Secretary?'. Nice digs and another pension to add to his existing one. Cameron took the offer up. He was back in government.

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These Are The Daves I Know I Know, These Are The Daves I Know
Some of them are Davids, but most of them are Daves
David Attenborough - David Beckham - David Blaine - David Bowie - David Byrne - David Cameron - Dave Chappelle - David Copperfield - David Duchovny - David Duke - Dave Gahan - Dave Gilmour - Dave Grohl - David Hasselhoff - David Hume - David Icke - David Letterman - Dave Lister - David Lloyd George - David Lynch - Dave Meltzer - Dave Murray - Dave Mustaine - David Tennant - Dave Thomas
They All Have Their Own Hands, But They Come From Different Moms