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“Rhod Gilbert's genius is as bright as a MILLION candles!!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Rhod Gilbert

“I have nothing to declare but someone else's genius!”

~ Rhod Gilbert

Rhodri "Rhod" Gilbert, (born 18 Octobre 1968) is a Welsh stand up comedian and action hero. Born on the mean streets of Portmeirion, Rhod developed a keen interest in Television, dreaming of one day becoming the first Welshman to be heard speaking on BBC1. Frightened at the prospect of appearing under studio lights "with the power of a million candles", Rhod first took a sojourn to the island of Ireland where he met his spirit guide. His spirit guide, a turkey by the name of Dustin, decried the quality of local programming, claiming that "even a Brit could do better". Rhod took this as a personal mission, deciding like St Patrick before him that he was going to bring civilisation and order to the pagans of the emerald isle.

Works to date[edit]

Ask Rhod Gilbert (Previously "Great Unanswered Questions")[edit]

In "Great Unanswered Questions" Ask Rhod Gilbert Colin Murphy Rhod Gilbert explores some original[1] and unusual questions. The show features David Booth, doctor of evolutionary genetics, Greg Davies and Lloyd Langford (Rhod's flatmate) as regular panelists, and clips and interesting videos from the Internet are provided by Matthew Collins a random celebrity guest.

[1] Although sometimes he answers the exact same questions asked in previous seasons of Great Unanswered Questions. e.g. "In the cinema, which armrest is mine?"

A comparison between the shows may be found here:

File:GUQ ARG Comparison

The creative process behind Ask Rhod Gilbert is explained by the man, the legend, the plagarist himself here.

File:Rhod Gilbert Hypocrisy

Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience (Previously "Des Bishop's Work Experience")[edit]

In Des Bishop's Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience, Des Rhod takes on six jobs that are considered minimum wage in Ireland Wales. Des Rhod works at that job for one month one day, and then reflects on his experiences acts like a dick to the people who do it for a living.

This show gave rise to a number of other unique ideas which Rhod Gilbert is said to be working on:

  • Joy in the Hood - Rhod wears a hoody to a prison and comments on how he's better than everyone.
  • In the Name of the Consonant - Rhod campaigns for the removal of all vowels in Wales.
  • Live At Vicar Street - Rhod gets a gig at WHSmith, Vicar Street, Kidderminster and talks about how original he is.

In Production[edit]

Rhod Gilbert is presently working on a number of new formats. These include:

Rhod Gilbert's Late Late Show - Rhod hosts a two hour political discussion show and launches the career of Boyzone.

Rhod Gilbert's Year at Ballymaloe - Rhod takes up the ladle and teaches the glorious nation of Wales how to cook.

Rhod Gilbert's Den - Rhod is joined by aliens Zig & Zag and a builder from north Dublin who happens to be a turkey.

Rhod Gilbert's The Angelus - Rhod encourages the nation of Wales to spend a minute in quiet reflection before the news. A sneak peak is available on this Youtube video.

File:Rhod Gilbert's The Angelus

Other works in production:

  • Rhod Gilbert's Savage Eye
  • Rhod Gilbert's Oireachtas Report
  • Glenroe with Rhod Gilbert
  • Reeling in Rhod Gilbert's Years
  • Nuacht in éineacht le Rhod Gilbert
  • Bosco

Future Plans[edit]

Rhod's plan after mastering his trade in the land of the Potato People is to return to his beloved GBC (Gilbert Broadcasting Corporation) to make some genuinely new and exciting programming such as QI: Quite Interesting QS: Quite Similar, and Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets Rhod Gilbert's Originality Secrets. Then he will establish a new and original tv station that will show nothing but new and original programming called Dave Rhod.

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