Super Gordon Brown

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Super Gordon Brown
Super Gordon Brown in his amazing disguise, as a politician that understands global economics.
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 13 stone, 5 pounds
Eyes: Only one, (due to a Rugby Union accident), this is actually true
Face: Like a smacked arse
Species: Scottish
Occupation: Superhero, former Prime Minister of the UK
Base of operations: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Date Of Birth 20 February 1951
Favorite Food Anti-depressants
Special Abilities
  • Ability to have a face like a smacked arse
  • Ability to make Britain's economic growth disappear
  • Ability to bankrupt banks

Super Gordon Brown, is a superhero created by China in order to destroy capitalism and allow for a new communist world order. Gordon Brown was originally a professional Cello player, however he was kidnapped by the Chinese government after performing in Beijing, and transformed into "Super Gordon Brown", a superhero with the ability to bankrupt banks, and collapse the Western economy. Super Gordon Brown was installed into power by the Chinese government, who had his predecessor Tony Blair assassinated by Ninjas. Once in power (as the Prime Minister of the UK, Super Gordon Brown donned his disguise (as a politician who understands global economics), and bankrupted several major banks in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States.

Aside from his amazing abilities to cause havoc in Western banking and financial sectors, Super Gordon Brown also has the ability to have a face that is believed by many to be the most miserable looking in the world. His face is variously described as being "like thunder", or looking like "a smacked arse". Super Gordon Brown is believed to gain power to perform his amazing feats by consuming enormous amounts of anti-depressants, and alcohol.


Super Gordon Brown is feared by everyone in the Western world, it was originally believed that he could not be stopped and was like a "force of nature", however in recent years several weaknesses of Super Gordon Brown have been discovered.

  • Incompetence
  • Being Gordon Brown
  • If Super Gordon Brown is prevented from taking prescription anti-depressants he loses his powers
  • If Super Gordon Brown becomes sober he loses his powers
  • Political gaffes
  • Having the cholesterol level of a fried egg
  • Being overweight, and unable to walk moderate distances

Replacement with "The Amazing Millipede"[edit]

Super Gordon Brown was found by the Chinese government to be "flawed", and "incompetent". For this reason he has been replaced as leader of the Labour Party by Ed Miliband, who is known as "The Amazing Millipede". Ed Milliband is believed to have even greater powers to bankrupt Western nations, and also has a variety of other super abilities such as the ability to look like a Panda to make him more endearing as Super Gordon Brown's lack of "likability" was a serious flaw". The Amazing Millipede also has the ability to speak but sound as if he is not Human.