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Wallace and Gromit.

Wallace & Gromit is a religious clay animation series created by the church to convert people. Famed for its frequent bible quotes and references to religion, its fame quickly spread and was revered by many Christian publications.


The series features Wallace, an inventor/clergyman, and his trusty dog Gromit. A typical episode shows Wallace going door to door, asking people if they have 5 minutes to talk about Jesus Christ. Famous inventions by Wallace include the Bible-O-Matic, and the Book Burner 2000. In many episodes, Wallace unwittingly disobeys God, and Gromit must help him please the lord.

List of Wallace & Gromit films[edit]

  • A Holy Day Out (1989), the first film. In this film, Wallace becomes inspired to preach the word of the lord, and decides to build a rocket to travel to foreign countries and preach religion. However, Gromit convinces him that God forbids rockets, and Wallace gets there by asking God to teleport him.
  • The Wrong Cassock (1993) In this film, Wallace creates a cassock for Gromit's birthday. As funds are low, Wallace realises he must rent out a room in the house. However the penguin who rents the room turns out to be a heathen, and steals collection money from a church, while wearing the cassock to look like a priest. Wallace forces the penguin to go to confession and is cleared of his sins.
  • A Close Prayer (1995) On one of his frequent visits to houses to spread the word of God, Wallace stops by a nearby wool shop, and talks to Wendolene Ramsbottom, who he tries to convert to the way of the lord. Meanwhile, Wallace and Gromit find a sheep in their house, and realise that they must inform him of the glories of God. Later in the film, Gromit is framed for blasphemy, and Wallace frees him from prison. While on the run, they discover that Wendolene is being controlled by a Satanist dog. Wallace & Gromit later thwart the evil dog's plans, and convert him to a good Christian.
  • The Curse of the Anti-Christ Rabbit (2005) Wallace and Gromit start and exorcism business, and perform many exorcisms to prevent people's bibles being destroyed by Satanic rabbits. However, a demonic beast destroys all the bibles overnight. Wallace discovers that he is the demon beast causing this chaos, and undergoes an exorcism performed by the local vicar.
  • A Matter of Holy and Death (2008) Wallace starts a Communion wafer business, and falls in love with Piella Bakewell, who is later revealed to be a Satanist, who tries to kill Wallace. Gromit discovers this, and converts her to good through the power of the lord.


  • Shaun the Sheep, a spin-off series featuring a God-fearing sheep named Shaun, and his shepherd God.