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What someone, somewhere is calling:

“What a waste of time.”

~ Oscar Wilde

“The most useless article of the century!”

~ Nobody

is coming to a computer screen near you never!

In a website where useless articles are created every 240 seconds, comes another article that simply blends into the middle distance.

The creator of such pointless works as UnTeletext and Passive Drinking Brings you Yet Another Useless Article.

An article from people you have never heard of by a group so mysterious they don't exist.

An irrelevant viewpoint gives it 1 star.

“1 star!”

~ A pointless quote you have already heard about

This article will keep you uninformed till the latest opportunity and use

stupid jokes stolen from somewhere else that you've heard about 3 times already.

“"Fuck, this article is pointless!”

~ One Bemused Reader

“"Wow, that was shit!”

~ Another Equally Befuddled Reader

You will read pointless facts that will not even be useful as pub trivia.

By the time you read the full article you will have seen the better bits already around 5 times before.

You won't be gripped until the last moment.

This article will be the most important waste of your time since your birth.


Rubbish bin.jpg
This Piss is Poor
This article is utter rubbish, Like most of the stuff in this armpit you call cyberspace.
Please don't delete it, as it fits in left, right and centre.

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