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The Adventures of Joseph Stiller is about a twelve-year-old boy who lives in the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, New York with his grandfather, Jeffery Stiller, his Aunt Annabella, and his pesky little cousins, Anna and Emily. He has a large number of friends in the hotel, and he has many great adventures in every floor of the building.

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A twelve-year-old boy named Joseph Stiller moves into the Roosevelt Hotel in New York after his parents died in a car inferno. His grandfather Jeffery Stiller, who lives on the second floor with his wife Annabella, their two little girls Anna and Emily, his neighbors Ernest Warren, Oscar Black, and Che Yuan, and his two hounds Trapper and Old Blue, allows him to live in his small apartment and to sleep on the couch in his bedroom. Though he has a few disagreements with his cousins Anna and Emily, as well as Trapper, Old Blue, and the hotel manager Mr. Cossack, Joseph can find plenty of ways to have some fun around the bored hotel. Sometimes, his actions get him and his new friends in danger, but most of the time he can get himself out.

List of The Adventures of Joseph Stiller episodes[edit]

Episode 1: The New Kid

When Joseph arrives at the Roosevelt Hotel, he is greeted by the Joker, Lebron James, and a drug addiction. They all take Joseph to the top of the building and tell him that if he wants to live he has to dunk in a basketball hoop about 70 feet in the air he makes and then the 3 of them check out of the Hotel but they set a bomb due to explode in episode six.

Episode 2: Beauty Pageant

Joseph falls in love with a girl named Brianna, who is participating in a Beauty Pageant along with a group of other beautiful girls. At first, he tries several ways to impress her, but to no avail. However, when Anna and Emily help him get a job working at the judging stands, he believes his one chance to win Brianna's heart might just turn up.

Episode 3: Don't Cry Wolf

Joseph and all his friends get packages from their pen pals. When Joseph receives a wolf pelt from his pen pal, his friend Ralph starts having flashbacks about his encounter with packs of wolves. Joseph soon finds himself hostage in Ralph's barn, leaving Anna, Emily, Grandpa, and the hounds Trapper and Old Blue to try to rescue him.

Episode 4: Hounds On The Run

When Trapper and Old Blue run loose around the hotel and end up lost on the streets of Manhattan, Joseph and Grandpa Stiller are forced to search the crowded streets of the park for their two beloved hounds. Meanwhile, the two hounds are forced to avoid the hazards in the city, including a pack of stray dogs and a grouchy dogcatcher.

Episode 5: Supermarket Mania

Joseph discovers that a new supermarket has opened across the street from the smaller general store where he and his grandfather normally buy groceries. He heads over to investigate, only to discover that the food prices are extremely high and that the store manager is cheating his customers out of their money.

Episode 6: Eating Contest Joseph enters a food-eating contest, hoping to win in order to honor his family tradition, but he soon discovers that another kid nicknamed "The Disposal" is also entering the contest. When he discovers that the guy can eat enough food to feed a dozen strong men, Joseph refuses to back down and trains hard to win the contest. Then Joseph enters the hotel and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM BOOOOM BOOOOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ALL DIE!!!!!!!

Characters from The Adventures of Joseph Stiller[edit]


Joseph Stiller - Joseph is a twelve-year-old boy who lives in the Roosevelt Hotel of Manhattan, New York. His home is on the second floor, where he lives with his grandfather, aunt, and two cousins. He has a large number of friends in the hotel, most of whom are employees that work around all twelve floors. He rarely wins anything, though he is good at beating his friends at chess, baseball, and card games.

Anna Stiller - One of Joseph and Annabella Stiller's daughters. Whom is pesky.

Emily Stiller The other daughter of Joseph and Annabella Stiller. Whom also is pesky.