Redundancy: The Movie (film)

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Redundancy: The Movie, The Film, The Motion Picture
Lord Alvin Redund (Lord Redund), well-known famous actor, thespian and star of the film Redundancy: The Movie, which is the film described by this infobox and indeed the entire Uncyclopedia article entitled Redundancy: The Movie (film), which is this article.
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Starring, Main Actor, Director, Head, Writer, Scriptwriter Lord "Redund" Alvin Redund the 1st first I
Distributor Redundant Movie Film Company of Cinema, Ltd. plc Co. Inc.
Release Date that the movie and film was released The sixth day of October, or the 10th month's 6th day, the 279th day of the year, (October sixth), AD 1997 / AH 1497 / Ethiopia 1990 / Jewish 5758 / Chinese 4694 / Armenia 1446 / AUC 2750. (6-10-1997 in USA, 10-6-1997 in UK, 6-10-1997 in Canada, 10-6-1997 in Ireland, 10-6-1997 in Australia, 9-6-1997 in French Polynesia due to time difference.
Runtime of the movie that is the following number of 60 seconds 106 minutes, and 106 60-second periods (1 hour 46 mins, i.e. 106 minutes, i.e. 1.77 hours)
Country and Nation Democratic Republic of the United States of U.S. American America (U.S., USA, U.S. of A, or U.S.A.)
Box office $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars, which is 1 followed by 8 zeros or 10 followed by 7 zeros or 100 followed by 6 zeros or 1000 followed by 5 zeros or 10000 followed by 4 zeros or 100000 followed by 3 zeros or 1000000 followed by 2 zeros or 10000000 followed by 1 zero or 100000000 followed by 0 zeros)
Receipts One hundred million dollars
Gross $0.1 billion dollars, which is one tenth of a billion dollars or 10% of a billion dollars
Sequel Redundancy: The Movie Number 2: The Sequel, Follow Up, Successor and Continuation to the First, Original Predecessor that is Named, Titled, and Designated as Redundancy: The Movie (film) (film)
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