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“Rugrats? Do they like, have rats crawling on rugs there? Ewww!”

~ Paris Hilton on Rugrats

The Rugrats' most infamous episode

Rugrats is a 1990s/early 2000s American animated television series on Nickelodeon. It centers on the lives of lumpily-shaped infants who walk, talk, go on crazy adventures, and somehow remain babies for 13 years.


Rugrats is set in your typical Jewish-American household, complete with all the extras not limited to a basement full of useless inventions and some babies that spend more time in your own house than in their parents actually house.

The plot lines of the Rugrats are that of your typical '90s Nickelodeon cartoon. Extremely predictable same old, same old story lines topped up with content that is actually family friendly, I mean where's the fun in that???


The show revolves around five pre-teen children, three boys and two girls and their parents, oh and Grandpa and Spike the Dog.


The fearless and bold Hero of our Story. Tommy Pickles
  • Tommy – The main protagonist is the fearless brave leader Thomas "Awfully Bold" Pickles. He is simply called by Tommy and only Tommy to strike fear into his many enemies hearts, and kidneys.
  • Chuckie Finster – Two-year-old toddler Chuckie is a textbook case of the need to administer Xanax. Chuckie is also Tommy's sidekick/best friend. The two are probably not gay, not yet.
  • Phil and Lil – The twins Phil and Lil, who are called by that only with no real surname. These two made the dramatic discovery that mud and bugs can be an important food source in extreme cases. They taught Bear Grylls to drink piss.
  • Angelica – The cool kid Angelica Pickles, although some skeptics call her a "bully" or a "nasty piece of work". Angelica is simply showing the babies their correct place in society as worthless pieces of shit.
  • Suzzie – Upon receiving complains that Rugrats was racist in that it only portrayed the life of white people. The producers came to the conclusion throwing a little black girl into the mix was the only real solution, thus we now have Suzzie.
  • Dil – The shark jumper. Dil is Tommy's younger brother. He is unable to speak to the babies, but is able to garble words together. He likes to chew and drool on people and things. He also enjoys hitting Tommy in the head with various objects, most notably his rattle. Dil was introduced in the first Rugrats movie after his birth.
  • Kimi – Chuckie's Asian sister, and the other shark jumper. Basically Tommy in drag with squinty eyes and bad "engrish".


  • Stu Pickles – The bumbling dad and inventor of the piece. Stu is Tommy and Dil's "daddy" as he is called by the babies. Stu covers all the perks of a regular dad including: Loosing you in the local forest, building a giant robotic dinosaur, and getting you shipwrecked on a deserted island. Before becoming a father and inventing toys he designed firearms until witnessing a drive bye shooting at a playground using a model he made.
  • Deedy – Deedy (also called Deed or some horrible long name in some foreign language) is the mother of Tommy and Dil and lucky wife, of Stu Pickles.(However, she really was cheating on him and creating pornographies with Charles.) Deedy is a unemployed and "cares" for the babies at home.
  • Drew Pickles – Drew is the brother of Stuart and father of Angelica. He is well known for his typical brotherly relationship with Stu and Strict policy of no bullying the babies with his daughter.
  • Charlotte – Your typical busy working mom. Charlotte is simply renowned even by the characters as having no life. She is so dedicated to her work and that mysterious "Johnathon" fellow that she probably couldn't give you her daughters name if you asked, many speculate she is having an affair with Johnathon.
  • Howard – Howard (typically called Howwy) is quite literally the durp-brain of this whole fucking circus. One time the babies stole his belt whilst he was conducting "baby" watch sleeping, another time he nearly got eaten by a circus lion.
  • Betty – Betty is Howards wife and the twins mother. She is fat. She is also the show's token lesbian.
  • Charles – Also called Chad, "Chaz,", "Chase", "Cheese", or Jad during his brief relationship to Coco Labouche. He's the piondexter of the whole group and would be socially isolated from even the geekiest of geeks. Charles wanted love for a very long time and finally found her woman when he visited Paris. He was than shot by Stu after it was discovered he had been cheating with his Deedy.
  • Kira - Is a Japanese woman married to Charles, she is Kimi's mother and Chuckie's new mommy. Very bland.


The heroic dog Spike, this guy fought a wolf in the movie ya know!

Spike - Spike is the babies dog. He possess all the regular perks of your average dog, including the ability to fight large wolves and make rap songs against angry leopards.

Grandpa - Like every single animated sitcom, The Rugrats also has your friendly neighborhood senile old man. Grandpa (Lou Pickles} is Steward Pickles father. He is renowned for being the family nuisance because he has no real home to go to.

Lou Lou - Lou Lou is Lou Pickles wife, well actually his second wife. Lou and Lou Lou have been happily married for the few short years they have known each other. She is apparently a fantastic ballroom dancer.


The brutality of it all, this is seriously as violent as it gets!
  • The First Movie – Alright, this is where everything begins, so pay attention. They somehow through the assistance of a swift kick, stealing a doll and end up lost in the forest. Despite the handicap of being barely able to walk and talk, they all somehow survive. Even against: drowning, an evil wolf, starvation, lightning, cannibalization, monkeys, and a falling tree.
  • They Go to France – *yawn" shit is really going on now, as if being lost in the forest isn't bad enough, the babies find themselves most in a strange and highly scary world full of frogs, surrender and highbrow sex scenes. This will be there greatest challenge yet. They even find themselves in control of a 30 foot high robotic dinosaur. Spoilers, Chad marries Kerra!!!
  • Crossover crisis? – Yes predictably by the third movie, when the producers are clearly running next to zero on ideas for the new movie, they resort to the highly cliched, cross over. Where by characters from another innocent nickelodeon cartoon, are humiliated and corrupted through meeting those they should never meet.


After the series became a global phenomenon, the creators decided to make a soap opera spinoff called All Grown Up!, where the characters, despite being only preteens, strangely act like teenagers and face the problems of teen life, such as alcohol, sexual confusion, theft, and money.

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