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LiveJournal is an internationally-acclaimed news service, with contributing writers that represent a nascent force in the modern media, called "citizen journalists." They are widely regarded by experts as some of the most talented, professional, mature, and non-biased expert journalists on the Internet, astounding readers with their novel mix of emotional neutrality and critical integrity. The Internet offers no better source of information regarding crucial and profound issues such as "OMFG Lydia iz soooo like GAY and shit lyk tat" or balanced commentary on "the darkness engulfs my soul" and "NO MOM I DONT WANT TO GO TOO BED YOUR GAY."

Concerned masses are content to find the LiveJournal Project to be an exemplary bastion of propriety and proficiency on the frontiers of grammar. It is a reassuring fact that in a world of commas, colons and clauses, we will always have the LiveJournal contributors, using their intricate combination of poor spelling, worse grammar, and occasionally 1337 to balance the world.

The LiveJournal project, started in 1976 by Linus Torvalds (who was German until he moved) was originally started as a search engine service. However, with the help of EFF (Enrico Fermi Flagellum) free speech advocate John Ashcroft, it blossomed into the widely respected news service it is today.

Former-President Bill Clinton has praised LiveJournal as a place "where like-minded young boys and men can meet and have a good time." Interestingly, Jerry Falwell and Clinton met on LiveJournal before getting married in 2004.

According to a controlled study by a prominent research team at the Haverford College, LiveJournal and competing news agency Xanga possess radically diverse writing staffs.

You can see that the writers at come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with 16% minorities, 84% Goth and a full 0% writers of African descent.

Chart comparing demographics of online journals

Edit: There are at least four black people in LJ. I swear it!

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