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“I love how everyone goes on and on about the translation in Zero Wing to the point when it's not funny anymore. It's actually a good game...”

~ Oscar Wilde on Zero Wing

“In Soviet Russia, all your base are distributed equally amongst all people.”

~ Vladimir Lenin on misunderstanding Cats

Man who is possession of identity Al Gore will speak words of much famous and controversy. Forever people are recalling this day.

Zero Wing is what happen ? when you turned off main screen and let Japan out to get some fresh air, for great justice. You told your mother what happen, and when you did, she said "what you say !!" and you got smacked in the head for being a smartass. Then, your mother persuaded you to take Japan out for a walk. You agreed because you knew you had no chance to complain make your time. You know what you doing.

View of Over[edit]

Wing of Zero a game is that sold with success in high amounts in the States that are United of America (Arriving with a free complementary squirrel, for great satisfaction). Being sequel to Wing of One of the Negative it is. Game contains plot of much complex. Game also example of goodness is of the action of translation being done in quality is positive. In game wing of zero when main screen turn on, character of main is doing action fight on ship in the space that is doing outer when UNDER ATTACK BECOMES HE! Fight with much vigor and smart does he but the nemesis of naming Al Gore is doing the action of win. Friend character are on the way to destruction. It is this moment of that line of containment of famous does sounding line, "Verily, all thy base belongeth to us".

Name of game is coming from question famous. That is "How are you gentleman. How many wing you have when all of them stolen?" Will be answer "Zero Wing."

Zig important very item in Wing of Zero. Zig fighters "set up us the bomb" people fight glory with. They know what they doing. Should removed a zig ever become, zig owner will be on their way to destruction, with no chance to survive make their time. Imperative is zig owning, for in the absence of zig chance of all their base are belong to you is much minimalized.

In AD 2101, war is in fight of grape empowered battle ships!

The Mistakes do History[edit]


The twin X is this turn of the century. When your mother witnessed Japan has done the confusion, at first her smirked is not the special reason. Problem was beginning. She walked inside the house, has locked the gate, with then makes the phone call, main phone turn on for hers friend Betty. It's her !!

You have done sit in the porch doing belong you, you look into small insect of eye that is of Japan. Somebody set up you disappointment. Upset is a thing that you have become, Japan you have met, his actions do not meet himself. Neglects you the mother promiscuously to groan, from the inside house exist, you picks up Japan messed law tennis

Goodbye, Secondary Doogie, Feline is Greeted[edit]

your quite complete gambling stake twin X, lies there, did not know any does by it is the life, adopted to perform Ban He to obtain in the childrens anime lead had called "Doogie Excrement" (it was true, I pledged). After Doggie Excrement, Twin X initiate do work under stage as a substance abuse Greetings Cat uses to hide the mouth, making her seeing globes look like it is so. Twin X will be entire consumed in 13 days. No boy came to Twin X's death party, and nobody did do the action of care.

All Your Base are belong to us[edit]

The catasrophe that was "All your base are belong to us" happened on October tenth, hence, the following.

For now on "All your base are belong to us" shall be identified as twin X.

Impact of Gaming[edit]

"So... anyone ever actually played Zero Wing?" ~ Me

"I have! It's good!" ~ Other me

"They should make it in lojban!" ~ Me3PO

"Your time which makes the chance which continues the possession is not done. " ~ Me ver 2.0 In communities of gaming, standard set this game did the doing. Still objects that are games are done the comparing of with game of this as high example. Zero of Winging potato is done of moo is game next thirteen end. In case anyways you are on the way to destruction make your time.

Of example culture the popular is Impacted by wing of the zero.

Cultre of citys from America embraced this changing of standard that set from examples this.

Game of Next[edit]

Wing of Zero sequel the game 2 part, for release game is 2020 late. More action start clone of Tom starting high actions power weapon of the destruction of masses. Bases, in which were belonging to them, not now.

Be Attitude for Gains...[edit]

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