Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go!
What Cartoon
Created By Joker, Penguin and Seth Macfarlane.
Starring Robin Hood
Cyborg Judas
Beastie Boys
Raven Symone
Original Channels Cartoon Network
Length 10-15 minutes
Number of episodes 150 (plus 1 film)
Should your kids be watching it? Yes. On drugs.

Teen Titans Go! (or simply Toddler Titans) is an American animated series based on characters from DC Comics created by people who never read comics. It is among the most popular cartoons along with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and one of the most hated pieces of animation along with Frozen, in the modern world of entertainment.

It is the less serious adaptation of the anime series Teen Titans.


Before the birth of Adventure Time, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa and Selfies, Cartoon Network was a simpler channel that produced all kinds of cartoons ranging from mediocre to fantastic. Around that time, a quintet of crime-fighting comic book characters was given a television spin-off on the network. It was universally praised and became one of the network's most beloved shows to be treasured forever in the hearts of fans.

A year after the network stupidly decided to start airing terrible live-action shitcoms and leave the cartoon industry, its reputation took on a steady rebound thanks to brilliant new ideas from aspiring minds. Then the executives thought of rebooting that one show into something "fresh but nostalgic". Thus, the characters were recreated to fit a new, more comedic take on the previous installment. It would also be given the same name as its predecessor but with an embarrassing leftover "Go!".

The results were traumatizing and left the series with unwanted hatred from fans, its own creators, and virtually everyone else. Such infamy would give the series an unexpected boost to stardom as one of the most successful blunders Cartoon Network has ever produced.


The series touches upon the lives of four human teenagers and an alien with the brain capacity of infants. They live in a T-shaped building in the middle of the ocean and fight crime, much like that other show. However, in a more lighthearted sense, it mostly revolves around the activities they do on their spare time, such as using the bathroom, watching fictional ponies on television, and other things done by normal people.


  • Robin: The leader of the Toddler Titans, Robin used to work for Bruce Wayne until deciding to quit his sidekick job. Upon spiking up his hair, an outfit change, and a few glorious years in rehab, Robin founded his team of juvenile delinquents who strangely come off as more threatening than the villains of the show. He is an absolute control freak with insecurities, severe anger issues and has very small hands.
  • Cyborg: A semi-robotic African American whose intelligence ranges from slightly below average to below freezing. He was fitted for artificial parts after losing his real body parts in a poetry accident. He spends much of his time eating pizza and waffles and playing video games like the average teenage mutant ninja turtle. He also has the hots for young girls and Beast Boy.
  • Beast Boy: A short, pointy-eared, green-skinned humanoid who lost much of his humanity after being abandoned by his parents due to his deformities. Years of living among wild animals has given him the ability to transform into them. He was eventually discovered by Robin, tearing at the remains of a moose, and given a permanent home at the Titans Tower. Despite his current, slightly more civil state, he still has a pea-sized brain and the occasional urge to disembowel someone with his jaws.
  • Starfire: A ditzy, upbeat alien teen who looks startlingly humanoid in appearance. She left her home planet after accidentally farting in public during the president's speech. After an encounter with the Titans, she herself became a member. Robin wants to score with her, despite that she is alien and has no idea how her species' anatomy or mating rituals work. She also has a pet earthworm on steroids named Silkie.
  • Raven: An emo goth girl whose entire body is always covered by a dark purple cloak. She is practically the only sane person in the team and uses dark unholy forces to punish her colleagues whenever they do something incredibly stupid to her.


“Teen Titans Go...the f*** away!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Toddler Titans

The series currently receives mixed reviews. Critics lucky enough to survive an episode with a small fraction of their brain cells intact call it a "super-heroic flop with tons and tons of laffs". Washington Post has given it a less favorable review; criticizing the show for its crude humor, mockery of itself and its fanbase, extensive use of the word waffles, and an episode in which Robin killed Washington to usurp his place in the White House.

"Teen Titans Go! The Movie" and future projects[edit]

Recently, Cartoon Network has revealed plans to bewilder its audience even further by making a feature film based on the series based on another series. Similar to Trouble in Tokyo, the film is expected to reach beyond its standard TV length and see our heroes on an epic adventure. Bruce Wayne is expected to reprise his role as Batman from The Lego Movie.

Also, Cartoon Network is reviving The Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack.

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