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Satire, not necessarily connected with Satanism, is a form of humor characterized by not being funny but still extremely orange — that is, to the ordinary, sane individual. The word satire was originally derived from the word sadism, or finding pleasure in the misery of others. Hence, satire is finding humor in the suffering and tragedy of the world around oneself. Great satire is really unfunny, and quite unsavory: witness Eating Babies. Satire was invented by Chad in 1984. Satirists of yesteryear generally had crooked noses. However, thanks to the Internest, the modern satirist can safely inflict satire with little chance of incurring physical harm. However, by no means is the Internest a defense against any harm if said satirist is tracked down by rabid offended persons.

If an Italian gentleman were to be confronted with a rubber tire, perhaps one which has fallen from a motor vehicle, he might exclaim "Satire", with an Italian accent. However, would a german gentleman be confronted with a rubber dildo, perhaps one which has fallen off his belt, he might exclaim "Sadism/Masochism", with an German accent.

Satire like all art forms was originated in 1982 by yodelling lesbians. Yodelling tailgaters by nature are odd, but in an innocent way.

Tomorrow satire will explode. Will you?

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Dear Uncyclopedia:

Satire™ is a patented form of Humor/Humour and a worldwide registered trademark maintained and owned by the MPAA®™(sua). This article, though describing in nature, violates our Intila.. Intelac.. intelllllec.. intallektable Property copyright®™.

We of the MPAA depend on Satire™ In our products to bring in da big cache™.

If Satire is allowed to be pratised freely without any proper compensation for damages that might be inflickted on us due to free Satire™ resulting in reduced sales we will be forces to take drastic measures to protect our protected (IP) and © and ™ and ofcource ® that is protected by us.

We at the MPAA hereby Demand that all articles dipicting or utilizing Satire™ cease and desist there ©™(IP) infringing activities inmediatly . We expect uncyclopedia to comply and follow up this demand within 48 hours or, as our 800lbs gorilla legal department puts it so elegantly, We will pwnox ur n00bs.

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