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This is one way to deal with issues beyond your grasp.

“I'm not Insane!!! ...My reality is just a little different to yours”

~ Dave Lewis on his mental state

“I reject your reality, and substitute my own!”

~ Adam Savage on going insane

So it was, until the grues came one day, out of the blue. And by out of the blue I mean out of my right foot. They marched into the land of Nod with a vengeance, laying waste to the area and planting crops of LSD in neat rows, then throwing my Panda brethren left and right for no reason other that the destruction of my beloved homeland.

I swore then, that I would inflict the same fate upon them.

So, to begin, I summoned a Daemon of 4chan, Charles Manson, Obama, and 953,000 copies of you to the stage of the theater what was inhabited with anthropomorphic rats to do battle with the forces of grue that had attacked the land of nod what was inhabited with the panda and thus we come to this article right here, with me in a straitjacket, looking at you...aren't you tasty?


Many scientists have argued intensely over what can be labeled insane. The common belief is that insane is a self-proclaimed god while others believe it is the highest level of intelligence one is able to achieve. Showing any signs of behaviour, including but not limited to, talking to invisible people, talking to visible people who are wearing capes or other clothes that would suggest they are insane, riding a motorbike into the White House, talking louder than necessary, wearing tap-dancing shoes to a library or the movies, encountering an enormous waterbourne rabbit, voting Green Party, correcting minor spelling mistakes, actually liking the fourth Indiana Jones movie, running naked through a leper colony, signing up for the Navy, agreeing with Obama, and looking for a million dollars in garbage dumpsters. Insane can also be more subtle. For instance one may not suspect their neighbors are insane for digging holes and burying bodies in them in their backyard and being spotted at the hardware store a lot buying shovels, chainsaws, and other power tools until one day their neighbors are walking in circles around their mailbox for no apparent reason.

What is Insane?[edit]

Staring at this image too long might make you insane.

Insane is an expression used by locals in the of the town of Sane to describe themselves with relation to the rest of the world. A state of mind that usually brings on the illusion that there is someone out there, be it God, the FBI or just some random person who is trying to rob, rape, pillage and plunder the quiet town of Sane. The town being a metaphor for one's own comfort zone of everything they believe to be true, or measuring up to r.e.a.l.i.t.y.. The insane can experience such things as seeing hippos and elephants jumping on the couch, or frogs saying "Burn the House' and they always listen. Always. A man I once knew said, "Once an insane man came up to me and said, "Why did someone decide to smash your face in with a banjo?" I was farley insulted, so I took a whack at him and he actually thanked me for it." Being insane can be caused by being drunk or taking too many drugs. Also, one could refer to someone as being Dom, in which case one would b referring to dom le crazed madman, and one would be inferring that one is insane-lost all sanity.

Where is Sane/How do I get to Sane?[edit]

Sane is a town located just within the borders of the State of Mind.

When asked for directions to his humble town, one local was quoted as saying: "Where is Sane?" To which the answer was: "That's easy, just take Dull Road past Reasonable Conclusions Boulevard to the state line. Just don't think you can take the freeway. It's completely screwballed."

The quaint town of Sane is located at the crossroad between Reality and Phiction. It is quite close to the main stream, but as the locals say: “You can’t be In Sane and in the Main Stream at the same time.”

This map shows the town of Sane, the crossroad is the only way in or out of town and it gets a lot of traffic. The locals believe this is why it's so upset.

Does it have something to do with Insanity?[edit]

No, though puns have been recovered in Sane that have drifted across the Sea Of Righteous Fire from Insanity. In ancient times, the small town of Sane was once called Wisdom and Knowledge until a great fire ripped through the city on account of a resident from Insane who proclaimed himself emperor and burned down their library; robbing them of all their recorded documentation of know-how. Another citizen of Insane later came and played a magic flute that led all the the rats into the Main Stream; robbing them of their test subjects. Those few accounts seem to have some relations to Insanity, however vague it may seem.

Major exports[edit]

Nuns (mainly cashew) and stoned cakes from the local factory Fruitcakes in Sane. It is also the home town of most of the world’s politicians who were brought up in the town's surrounding rural areas where the animals also produce some of the highest quality Horse Manure in the world.

Biographical info on the Township of Sane[edit]

Insane woman and her pet.

It is well known by neighbouring towns that the Town of Sane has no collective sense of humour. It is also common knowledge that the people in the town of Sane have the worst parties, compared to the parties from other towns In Mind. The town's net population is just over 9,000. 95% of the people living in Sane are politically moderate, with the remaining 5% split between moderate right wing and moderate left wing. The town's four major industries are the manufacture of saltine crackers, Horse Manure, nuts, and politicians.

Record-breaking cases[edit]

  1. Boxxy: Born Bat Fuck Insane. This is the most hyperactive bitch on earth and it's NOT funny.
  2. Coppercab: Born Souless and Mindfucked, jealous of Boxxy for being on top of the list; oh, and for having a soul.
  3. Nothing: Nothing is impossible; therefore, it must be more insane than Everything.
  4. Everything: Example 'You' and 'Your World'
  5. Stephanie: What sane person's life consists of Lazytown and Pedobear?
  6. Jesus: An unconfirmed sufferer of Marijuana Mindfuck Syndrome (MMS).
  7. Ultra Jesus: As an amplified version of Jesus, he is thus a better version of Jesus.
  8. Adolf Hitler: Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!
  9. Charlie Sheen: Has become almost three times as Bat-Fuck Insane as the Uncyclopedia article mentioned above.
  10. OMFG! IT'S ME!

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