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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Spambot?

Bob10> Good evening friend. I would like to tell you about the wonderful and exiting world of spam bots.

AtomD> Wonderful? Exiting? Spam? I daresay Bob10, I'm more intrigued than when my wife offered to have a threesome with me and Spot!

Bob10> Did you know that spam bots are elite members of various advertising agencies around the world. They get paid up to $10000 a month!

AtomD> Holy fucking shit, Bob10! Why, becoming a spam bot seems like a marvelous endeavor!

Bob10> So you can see why becoming a spam bot would be a marvelous endeavor!

AtomD> I can, Dammit! Tell me how I can get in before I wet myself!

Bob10> Well, it's not as easy to get in as you might think... Why don't you check my site?

AtomD> Interesting... Well Bob10, you seem to be running a very legitimate business. I will in no way feel uneasy when sending you money. Unlike the IRS. They still haven't tarred the road outside my house. I guess that's the kind of service you get from the IRS in South Africa.

Bob10> The money will pay for access to hundreds on hundreds of pages that will teach you the skills you need to become a spam bot. I will also introduce you to some very powerful people of various companies.

AtomD> What, like Bil Gaits?

Bob10> Yes, I can introduce you to Bil Gaits.

AtomD> Well fuck Bill Gates. I hate him more than my aunt Linda. Bitch. What about that Red Hat guy?

Bob10> Yes, I can introduce you to Fred Durst.


Bob10> Excuse me?

AtomD> Oh my God, roll on the floor laughing my ass off while eating a bag of chips and watching amateur porn.

Bob10> I'm so sorry, I'm not as clued up as you on the lingo.

AtomD> Well, I can teach you...

Bob10> Really?

AtomD> Well, why don't you check out my site?

AtomD> Hello?

Bob10> God dammit Timothy, why aren't you at work today?

AtomD> Fuckit John, it took you long enough to realize is was me...

AtomD> And actually, I'm feeling a bit off.

Bob10> Bullshit!

AtomD> Come on, that's what we do!

Bob10> True...

Bob10 has disconnected