World War I (video game)

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War: ICOUnited Kingdom.pngICOItaly.pngICOFrance.pngICORussian Federation.pngICOJapan.pngICOUnited States of America.png vs. ICOGermany.pngICOAustria.pngICOHungary.pngICOTurkey.pngICOBulgaria.pngICOUkraine.png


Crisis in Sarajevo

Even little Belgium senses disaster on the wind.

*ArchDuke has entered the game*

ArchDuke: Hey guyz

germin8r: sup

*SERBIA_ROLLZ strikes ArchDuke for 47 damage! A critical hit!*


germin8r: u r ghey Serbia

Polish cavalry prepares to pwn a n00b.

*SERBIA_ROLLZ has killed ArchDuke!*

*Aus_HuNg has entered the game*

Aus_HuNg: hey serbia wtf u do to arch?


Aus_HuNg: bow to my might


germin8r: me 2

TsarNICK: oh teh no teh belgrade is on teh fier! MARCH MARCH MARCH


The Guns of August

germin8r: STFU nick u dumass m'rf'r

germin8r: im goin after u

*Franc3 has entered the game*

germin8r: Im goin after u 2 Franc3

Franc3 poses a strategic question.

Franc3: WTF did I do?

germin8r: wist zu er u no

*YouKay has entered the game*

germin8r: haha i just took belgium

YouKay: o no u didnt

YouKay: u suk

*C4nuck has entered the game*

YouKay: Oi, C4nuck

C4nuck: ?

YouKay: help NOW

C4nuck: k

germin8r takes the offense.

germin8r: i will h4xor u c4nuck!

C4nuck: yeah right, look wut just happened eh? I took vimy ridge bitch!

YouKay: well that was a suprise

germin8r: nice job trying holding it by urself, i pushed you back n00b

C4nuck: not my fault that franc3 and UK r sitting on their a$$

Aus_HuNg: nick u suk im gonna kill u

TsarNICK: YouKay! help

YouKay: f.u. Aus, u suk

Franc3: ill help YouKay

TsarNICK: did ne1 ask u?

*Otto_D_Man: has entered the game*

Otto_D_Man Enters the War

Otto_D_Man:: hey guyz wuts up bitch

Aus_HuNg: sebia wuz camping

Otto_D_Man offers assistance.

Aus_HuNg: killed franz

Otto_D_Man:: yo sebia u got my money, give i7 back

Otto_D_Man:: ill help

TsarNICK: o come on Otto_D_Man:

TsarNICK: i h8 u

YouKay: so do i

Franc3: me 2


The Western Front

germin8r: d00d thiz gameplay sux

YouKay injects a philosophical comment

YouKay: i kno

YouKay: trench warfare iz ghey

Franc3: just wait til the tank patch comez out

germin8r: yeah right

germin8r: thatll be bettr

germin8r: *rolls eyes*

germin8r expresses disbelief

*i741i4 has entered the game*

*narutofan has entered the game*

*bigredbaron has entered the game*

i741i4: hey YouKay

i741i4: *wink*

YouKay: haha, hey

Aus_HuNg: WTF is i741i4 doing here? And narutofan?

i741i4: delcaring war on u, n00b

narutofan: Me too! Me want to be like W3st!3 boyz.

germin8r: ur n00b, narutofan

narutofan: o yeah? Me declare war on germin8r!

germin8r: bring it on, b1tch!

*narutofan strikes germin8r for 0 damage!*

*All germin8r's bases in Pacifica captured!*

narutofan: all your base are belong to us.

germin8r: fu narutofan. u can keep them i dont want em

Franc3: hahahaha

germin8r: hell, while were at it

germin8r: i declare war on portugal

Aus_HuNg: shyt, why not?


*Aus_No2 has entered the game*

*lotz_o_sh33p has entered the game*

Aus_HuNg: n00b, i have copyright on that.

Aus_No2: Sup Mum?

lotz_o_sh33p: yea, sup bro?

YouKay: Shyt's goin' down, go kill Otto.

Aus_No2: k.

lotz_o_sh33p: Me too, me too.

*Aus_No2 has b1tchslapped Otto_D_Man*

*lotz_o_sh33p has poked Otto_D_Man*

Aus_No2: Muhahaha

lotz_o_sh33p: hehehehe choice!

Aus_No2: quit copying me!

Otto_D_Man: Wtf did i do?

Otto_D_Man: Oh Fk uz ur gonna die Mate.

Aus_No2: Im sry! help me sum1. WAH!!!

*Aus_No2 has b1tchslapped Otto_D_Man*

YouKay: ...

*Otto_D_Man has beaTen the CRap out of Aus_No2 troops*

YouKay: Surry.

lotz_o_sh33p: FuK j00 YouKay!

Aus_HuNg: Thats 4 tagging my name, biatch.

*Aus_No2 has left the game*

*lotz_o_sh33p has left the game*

*BulGARia has entered the game*

The Eastern Front

Serbia_Rollz objects to BulGARian aggression

BulGARia: hey guyz

Aus_HuNg: sup

germin8r: yo

*BulGARia strikes SERBIA_ROLLZ for 35 damage!*

SERBIA_ROLLZ: fvcking h4x

*BulGARia has killed SERBIA_ROLLZ*

BulGARia: up yors, n00b

*R0m4n1a has entered the game*

R0m4n1a: wuts up guyz, can I still play?

Strz&Strpz Enters the War

The Lusitania Crisis

YouKay: sure

YouKay: be on my team

R0m4n1a: ok

*germin8r has sunken YouKay paxship Lusitania*

YouKay: Dam, hw u no I hde mY shyt th3r3? W8, I maen, Wtf was tht 4?

*Strz&Strpz has entered the game.*

germin8r: STFU YouKay

Strz&Strpz: WTF? germin8r, ever hear of freedom of the seas?

germin8r: STFU, we're at war and the Atlantic Ocean is a war zone.

Strz&Strpz: the fuk it is! quit the unrestricted submarine warfare.

germin8r: or what? you'll enter the war lololololz

Strz&Strpz: yea i might just do that, go and back up Franc3 and YouKay.

germin8r: shyt, sorry we'll quit. If YouKay stps being G4Y bi getting rid of blockde


Strz&Strpz: fine. Do it.



The Zimmerman PM

germin8r: hey mexicool

germin8r: hey

*mexicool is no longer idle*

mexicool: what?

germin8r: wanna declare war on Strz&Strpz?

Strz&Strpz intercepts a critical communique.

mexicool: fuk no

YouKay: dude ever heard of PMs?

germin8r: oh shyt

*Strz&Strpz is no longer idle*

Strz&Strpz: germin8r, ur azz is mine

germin8r: shyt shyt shyt!!!!111

Franc3: hahaha

YouKay: lol germin8r r so n00b

The Great War Continues

*SPARTAAAA has entered the game*

*Rep_of_CHiNa has entered the game*

Strz&Strpz sends a diplomatic query

*P0R7U64L has entered the game*

Strz&Strpz: whuts with all these n00bs?

YouKay: I dunno

P0R7U64L: Hey gUyZ, zup?

YouKay: stfu, n d0 sumthing n00b!!!11!!

Franc3: o well, at least they're w/ us

TsarNICK: ur still here?

Aus_HuNg: Strz&Strpz, UR teh n00b

Strz&Strpz: stfu

Strz&Strpz: ur next

The Russian Revolution

TsarNick is routed from the game

*RUSSIAN_troop has been killed*

*RUSSIAN_troop has been killed*

*RUSSIAN_troop has been killed*

*RUSSIAN_troop has been killed*

*RedCommie has entered the game.*

TsarNICK: aw shyt

TsarNICK: im outta here

*TsarNICK has has been killed by RedCommie*

RedCommie: that ws fun

RedCommie: oh gtg

*RedCommie has left the game*

All Quiet on the Western Front

germin8r takes a screenshot during the crucial moments before his defeat. Many have criticized Strz&Strpz for bunny-hopping.

germin8r: this sux

germin8r: i coulda been playing Halo 3

germin8r: let's end this

Strz&Strpz: ok

YouKay: ya

Strz&Strpz: u guyz lose tho

Aus_HuNg: i dun even care NEmore

*Aus_HuNg has left the game*

germin8r: Tht sux0r3d

The Great War ends...for now!

Franc3: yeah

Franc3: BTW, Your paying for this

germin8r: THts OK, Ill jsut print the $... OH F[_]CK

*Inflation for germin8r increases to 376,346,568,356.978*

WeimaRep engages in a bit of ironic foreshadowing

*Player:germin8r now known as WeimaRep

WeimaRep: i hav liek a depression now

Strz&Strpz: ROFL emo. pWn3d

Franc3: STFU i hav 1 to

WeimaRep: good thing this will nvr happen again!

Franc3: yeah, def.

*DaFuhrer has entered the game*

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