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(Warning, this article may be extremely long, and may have to swim through paragraphs of information, and Mature language and some mild horrory photos. Viewer discretion is invised.)

World War 5 is an event in March 27, 2056 to July 13 2069, March Dickinson (2045-2134) calls it, The End of the world, but we already settled to the dick of France, Paris, Eiffel Tower. And this tower news is actually just a satire of the World War 3 shit by fuckin’ Wikipedia, our inspiration.

Anyway, let’s talk briefly talk about the first 4 Wars, because France alway surrendered.

When you piss off The French. Oh, SORRY!

World War 1[edit]

World War 1 was a dorito caused by The German Reich having oral sex with your penis or vagina. The Fight started when Wilihem The 13th was murdered with suicide by a Serbian official, causing them to Declare War on the Serbians

This is World War 1

Then Russia was like what the fuck is wrong with you, and Poland gained independence a day after that happened, fucked. Then The Rest of the World (Mostly Europe) Wanted a piece of the oral sex, so joined the pack of Doritos,and caused the thing we have today, then The Pickle States of Fuckia annexed Germany’s ass, Berlin, for a month because of the Americans in Germany.

World War 2[edit]

World War 2 is where the France always surrenders meme comes from. World War 2 is an angry protestor of Rick and Marty called Jerry Smith, because of their penis of the Austrians. Well, Germany annexed Austria, The Czech part of Czechislavia, and were about to murder the Polish, but it was easier to call the Soviet Onion than do it themselves.

The German-Russian pact

It started in January 2 1938, and caused The Fuckliars, France Britain, said DON’T DO THAT OR WE’LL URINATE ON YOU! And Germany said, Fuck it! Then France and the rest of this Jerry Smith pact got called it, and The Pickle States of Fuckia. And he, caused history by burning the Brandenberger gate.

The Branderberger Gate, made in 1923.

World War 3[edit]

Here we are in the modern day! World War 3 is conflict caused by some dicks in Poland saying, FUCK THE CUNTS IN OUR FUCKING GOVERMENT!WE WANT FREEDOM! And it happened in five days, and France responded by surrending to Poland in June 30, 2020, as usual. Germany and more nations got annexed or puppeted.

Monaco as Poland.

As usual, The Fucks at America declared war on them, but it was too late, they tried to attack, but nothing worked because every naval invasion, nuke, only made them stronger. America was forced to surrender in August 5, 2026, ending the War. Plus Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, and Denmark were just eating popcorn during the shitty war.

World War 4[edit]

World War 4 is the first day of Fuckday, 2049, caused by the Americans not wanting to be Poland’s dick.

XD, I can’t believe it.

And they gain independence, and then, Russia takes all of Bulgaria, and start. Attacking and taking more land, And Pickla had to push their ass there, and attacked Russia, Russia got way too tired of fighting, then they went to the bitch and said, Do you want to fucking surrender you little cunt? Or i’ll Destroy you! Russia says,WHY WOULD I DO THAT BULLSHIT?! And didn’t listen, and Russia loses more land, and a little Nazi in Portugal said, I want to return to my home land, cause Germany to me Nazi, and destroy the world. But when he said that, Russia had already surrendered. So he had an idea, to touch the vagina of America, and win.

We’re BACK!

Now we have gotten to the main topic of World War 5.


The Tactic are, to Nuke the opponent, weakening them like a blanket, or to hack their servers. Nuking: The Nukes will be 300 megatons to up to a Gigaton! Think of how many assholes who watch cunts blinding their vision for 3 hours, ALL GONE!

Hacking: Hacking a major server will destroy your penisnet, because that fucks the system up, right? *Various boos* I’LL GIVE YOU A JOKE! The Oral Sex of World War 1 was fucking retarded. I don’t t- ##tt#####ttttttt7uehefwhyrwg7nrbyz *GLITCHS* ÑØ-!—-ŃJJJ————*Gos back to normal* Anyways, don’t fuck Your vision with the internet, just break the innnnnnnn *Plugs it off* OH F-*Static*

Plugged off the internet for an hour, FUCKING DICKS!

Nations in the War[edit]

The Forkth Reich: For resources.(Surrendered) The Picki Satan’s of Fuckia:Because of The Forkth Reich. Poland: Because of the Forkth Reich. Italy: For France and America (Surrendered) France: Because of Britain The United States of Britain: Because of Graxum Graxum: For all of Europe. (Surrendered, but their dick lives on) Serbia: TO REMOVE KEBAB!!! Turkey: TO REMOVE KOSOVO The Kosovo Republic: Because of the Turkish. Macedonia: Because of Graxum. Bosania: For the coast of Croatia. Croatia: Because of Bosnia. All of Asia: Because of The Forkth Reich

The African Repubilc: Because of the Nazi Porn from The Soviet Onion.

Kebab gets Fucking cunty.

Brazil: For the DANK MEMES!!

Switzerland: I’m only a Wall. (Tony said it best.)

The End[edit]

Which leads to now, Global peace for the rest of life,because no one has pants because of fucking forks. Thanks for reading this Dumbass long article (I really wanna die.)