World War II video game (alternate)

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Prelude to war[edit]

adolfinator7 Strikes First[edit]

*adolfinator7 has entered the game*

*adolfinator7 takes over for player:WeimarRep

adolfinator7: sweet. j00z and c0munizts are da suxorz!!!!11!1!11!

*adolfinator7 reoccupies RhinCountry*

*Franc3 has entered the game*

*UK has entered the game*

Franc3: d00d you can't do that. look at the rules!!

adolfinator07: fux dat i make my on rulz from now on.

adolfinator07: but i do want peace. just want to make the reich whole again.

*Marlboro Man is no longer idle!*

Marlboro Man: UK we should do som3thing about adolf. that dude wants war.

UK: Nah, war sucks. Besides he wants peace.

Franc3: yeah i agree wit you UK.

ITALY Goes on the Move[edit]

ITALY's first victory. The west did noting

*ITALY has entered the game!*

*ITALY attacks selassie_eye!*

selassie_eye: help plz?

*ITALY has killed selassie_eye!*

selassie_eye: f1rst its uz, then itz u. l8r n00bz.

*selassie_eye has left the game!*

adolfinator7: sweet kill itlay

ITALY: thanx adolf. you're cool

happy_fun_island_place Starts war in Asia[edit]

*happy_fun_island_place has entered the game*

*Rep_of_CHiNa has entered the game*

*happy_fun_island_place attacks Rep_of_CHiNa! 30 Damage to Rep_of_CHina!*

Rep_of_CHinA: oww oww oww. yo, CKS help free the country from the agrezzorz?

CKS: yeah, they h4x0rz.



adolfinator7: lol noobz ph33r my 1337 skills!!011!!

4hN|_|lD: wtf, i will crush you n00b

*4hN|_|lD has killed adolfinator7!*

4hN|_|lD: who is the n00b now, girly man

happy_fun_island_place: OMG, he is too awesome to stop we surrender

*happy_fun_island_place has left the game*

ITALY: ok this sux0rz. hes 2 ub3r.

*ITALY has left the game!*

USA: ah whatever we were neutral anyways

UK: wtf stupid killstealer

Franc3: yeah we was gonna pwn them