Weapons of Mass Destruction (game)

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A Screenshot from the Game

“I love this game! Now, I just need to find it. I know it's here somewhere.”

~ Bush on Weapons of Mass Destruction


Weapons of Mass Destruction is an action adventure game where the player is an American agent trying to find the rumored weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The game features high quality graphics similar to the popular Doom game. The storyline reaches a climax when the player battles the Giant Saddam Hussein Robot.


  • Level 1: Tutorial Mission
  • Level 2: Oval Office
  • Level 3: CIA Headquarters
  • Level 4: Airplane Battle
  • Level 5: Baghdad
  • Level 6: Baghdad Airport
  • Level 7: Baghdad Labyrinth
  • Level 8: Main Laboratory
  • Level 9: Hussein Chamber
  • Level 10: Giant Saddam Hussein Robot Boss
  • Bonus Level: British Houses of Parliament
  • Bonus Level #2: The Fields of Old Europe


Walkthrough - may contain spoilers

From baggage carousel number 2 at [[Baghdad]] airport, go 1340.5m on a
bearing of 130East.

Stop the humvee and Look at the solitary bush you'll find here... it's
plastic!  Uproot it and there's a hatch. Open it with the red key you
got from the dead insurgent leader.

Climb down the ladder. Be careful, the rungs may be fatigued and prone
to snap.  If you fall down, don't worry, there's a medkit in the
cabinet on the wall.

Look around - There's a tunnel blocked by some rubble. Move it away
using your Combat Steroids and proceed.

Follow the passageway, beware the spike pits and cobwebs. Enter the
elevator and unscrew the faceplate on the control panel. You should
find the contacts for floor B13 in the appropriate place. Make the
connection and the lift should start to move.

Get off the elevator and walk forward 4 paces. You may need
night-vision for this bit, as you'll find yourself in a maze of twisty 
passages, all alike...

...the instructions on how to get through are on the microfilm hidden
in the taps in Saddam's bathroom - if you missed it, or it was
destroyed by the looters (that's why the briefing said to shoot on
sight, remember?), it may be worth loading a previous game. If you
can't be bothered here's the spoiler:




At the junction go

Now CROUCH and open the door (otherwise the swinging blade will take
your head off). You're now in the main lab. On entering the room it
will be swarmed with Iraqi National Guard - use your MP5 with
flashbangs to take them out, or if you're sneaky try shooting out the
explosive barrels.  There's some ammo hidden in the desk drawer as you
enter the room. Keep your health topped up as these guys pop out all
over the place. Check all the rooms for extra ammo, and then go
through the big double doors.

This is a tough bit - the sub-boss has two chainguns and a rocketpack
but you can hide right underneath the balcony and he can't see you - a
handy bug in the A.I. - or alternatively use grenades. The problem is
the lasers mounted on the walls which will fire periodically - you
can't turn them off so keep moving. Once the boss is dead the next
room will open.

Here it is - the main chamber. You've got to jump across the vats of
acid, lava and AIDS before the door on the other side of the room
closes, and there are snipers on each side of the room. Use the combat
steroids here to move fast enough to avoid being hit. Don't bother
taking out the guards, the door will shut behind you when you're
done. Get the health packs, you'll need them.

Now you have to push the stone statues into the order you saw in the
CIA headquarters in level 3. If you didn't write it down you can
either start the damn game all over again, or just cheat and read the






The statues from left to right go Roosevelt, Lincoln, Kim Jong-Il,
Stalin, Big Bird, Jesus, Mohammed. The door should open.

Save the game here.

Here it is - the Giant Saddam Hussein Robot - the final boss.  Watch
the timing of his rocket attack and aim for the glowing gem on his
chest. Use whatever ammo you have left at this point, starting with
the bazooka and plasma gun. Circle-strafe him to avoid being trodden
on. If he stops moving and his eyes glow green he's about to use a
bio-blast so get up the ladders where it can't reach you. As he gets
more and more damage he'll move faster but keep at it and he'll
eventually die.

Then just head through to the next room and there they ... whuh!?
You thought you'd find the WMD here, but in actaul fact they don't
exist.  They have never existed!  Never mind, Saddam is gone, hurrah!
Congratulations, you've finished the game!

You'll have unlocked Nightmare difficulty and Hans Blix is now a
playable character in battle mode. Finish the game again in less than
45 minutes and you'll unlock the British Houses of Parliament as a new
deathmatch arena.

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