Viet Nam (video game)

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War: ICOVietnam.pngICOSoviet Union.png vs. ICOSouth Vietnam.pngICOUnited States of America.png

**Welcome to #Viet Nam!*

Franc3 gets things Started[edit]

Franc3: hlp plz

Strz&Strpz: yo franc3

Strz&Strpz:wutz yr prob?

Franc3: hanoi'z gettin aggro

Franc3: tryin 2 take terrirty back

Han01_r0XX0rz: OMG u n00b

Han01_r0XX0rz: it wuz mine 1st

Strz&Strpz: shut up u commie slope

Han01_r0XX0rz:thats not c00l

Han01_r0XX0rz:i'll get you kicked 4 racism

Strz&Strpz:sure, wateva

*Strz&Strpz has given cash to Franc3!*

Franc3: thx, that'll hlp

Franc3: fuk, he's got Laos

The Geneva Accords (1954)[edit]

*Han01_r0XX0rz has captured French garrison! (Dien Bien Phu)*

Franc3:not kewl


Han01_r0XX0rz: k

*Sy_gone is no longer idle*

Sy_gone: i aint gonna b on ur side ne more, hanoi

Sy_gone: u gon crazy wiv that commy shit

Han01_r0XX0rz:fine, who needz u neway lam3r

*ROFL_MAO has given cash to Han01_r0XX0rz!*

*Ru5514 has given cash to Han01_r0XX0rz!*

The Advisory Period[edit]

*\/ C is no longer idle!*

*\/ C conducts guerilla warfare! 15 damage to Sy_gone every turn!*

Sy_gone: uh-oh

Sy_gone: hlp plz

*Strz&Strpz sends advisors to Sy_gone!*

Strz&Strpz: You're only going to use those against commies, right?

Sy_Gone: Yesssss....

Strz&Strpz: sounds good to me.

*bUddAMonkey is no longer idle*

*bUddAMonkey sets self on fire*

*buddAMonkey is no longer active*

Sy_Gone: He he, m0nk BBQs! Invite us nex time!

Strz&Strpz: -_-

Strz&Strpz: I don't like your attitude.

*Strz&Strpz enacts perk 'regime change'*

*Strz&Strpz installs new Sy_Gone government*

Strz&Strpz: Hey \/ C get your northern commie asses out of the south.

Han01_r0XX0rz: D00d they're not with us. Quit interfering in Sy_Gone's business.

USA Enters the War[edit]

Tonkin Gulf Crisis (1964)[edit]

*Strz&Strpz sends US Navy to Gulf of Tonkin!*

*\/ C attacks US Navy! 1 Damage to USS Maddox! 1 Damage to USS Turner Joy! 1500 Damage to *\/ C *

Strz&Strpz: WTF!? Han01, what'd you do that for!?

*Strz&Strpz Bombs Han01_r0XXrz and \/ C!*

*22 damage to Han01_r0XXrz*

*22 damage to \/ C*

\/C: Ow, d00d, that hurt liek teh sh1t!!!!111

Strz&Strpz: L0L0L0L0L!!1111 WTF????

Reaction Against the War[edit]

*H4ppy_H1ppee has joined #VietNam*

H4ppy_H1ppee: War not teh kewl, d00ds! Stop being s0 ghey, adn get teh armiez out of there!

Strz&Strpz: omg, H1ppee, don't be ghey, let me bom da crap out of those idiots! Fine, our armiez just don't pwn them, ok?

\/C: OMG Strz&Strpz, you n00b, that was 2 EZ L0L!

Strz&Strpz: I put my 2 million tr00pz in the way, and you can't get to Han01

Sy_gone: LOLOLOLOL!!!111 Try to get me now, Han01!!!!111

Han01 r0XX0rz: Shut up! USA, u r so ghey....

\/C: That's it, dai, Sy_gone!

The Tetris Offensive[edit]

*\/C stricks Sy_gone*

*25 damage to Sy_gone*

Sy_gone: that sUx0rz, now yur gonna get it! Strz&Strpz, git off ur laZ azz, and pwn them evol commiez!!!111

Strz&Strpz: k

*Strz&Strpz and Sy_gone attack \/C and Han01 r0xx0rz*

*10 damage to Han01 r0xx0rz*

*5 damage to \/C*

End of USA's Involvement (1972)[edit]

h4ppy H1ppy: Not kewl d00dz! Git teh tr00pz out uv there!

Strz&Strpz: h377 n0!!!!111oneoneelevenshiftone

*h4ppy H1ppy: has caused 5 damage to Strz&Strpz*

Strz&Strpz: fine, be a h0m0.

Strz&Strpz: yo, han01. peace? you stay out of the south we get of of this room, and you give us back our POWs.

Han01_r0XX0rz: FINE :D

Sy_gone: wtf? Strz&Strpz, get yo azz bak heer!

Strz&Strpz: h377 n0! I wuz gettin bord of this stupid gheym, neway.

*PM from USA to Sy_gone: if han01 tries any shit we'll be back.*

Sy_gone: Awesome, thanks for standing by us!

*Ameriklans are no longer idle.*

Ameriklans: hey, i thought you said we were getting out of nam?

Strz&Strpz: um, well, the thing about that is. . . bye bye!!

*Strz&Strpz has left the game. Changed rooms to #Watergate*

Sy_gone: Strz&Strpz, yoru ghey!

Han01 r0xx0rz: :p

\/C: L0L0L0L0L0L0L hahahahahahahahahah!!1111

Sy_gone: aw, shyt!

The Fall of Sy_gone (1975)[edit]

*\/C and Han01 r0xx0rz attack Sy_gone*

*20 damage to Sy_gone*

*25 damage to Sy_gone*

Sy_gone: this ist teh ghey.....

*\/C killz Sy_gone*

*Han01_r0XX0rz takes Sy_gones contr0lz*

Sy_gone: WTF NOW I C0MMi3!?!

*Sy_gone changes name to H0_Cheemin_Sity*