Falklands War (video game)

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War: ICOArgentina.png vs. ICOUnited Kingdom.png

Prelude to Battle[edit]

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay has entered the game*

*ArGi3bArGi3 has entered the game*

*Southern_Sandwhichez! has entered the game*

*Georgie_from_da_south! has entered the game*

Georgie_from_da_south!: asl? bit lonely here lolz

*Faultlands has entered the game*

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: lol this server is empty.

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: 0.82 patch is lagging, new weapons tho.

ArGi3bArGi3: ur laggin cause the server is based here f00l

ArGi3bArGi3: my weponz are better anyways. stfu youkay.

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: shutit. I wasn't speaking to u.

ArGi3bArGi3: my weponz r betta

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: lol, i'd pwn j00.

*ArGi3bArGi3 invades Georgie_from_da_south!*

Georgie_from_da_south!: where r u team?

Southern_Sandwhichez!: over here lolz

ArGi3bArGi3: haha

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: watch it m8, that's near the faultlands - theyre mine.

ArGi3bArGi3: nah, stfu youkay.

ArGi3bArGi3: lol, I can see the faultlands from here.

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: yeh, you better just look at them.

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: my destroyer have respawned, ur in for it now.

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay caps Georgie_from_da_south!*

ArGi3bArGi3: LOL, better run, my 3 warships are commin' to get j00.

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: bollox.

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay has lost the outpost!*

*ArGi3bArGi3 caps Georgie_from_da_south!*

Southern_Sandwhichez!: wtf is going on?

*Southern_Sandwhichez! is now idle!*

*PeruPwnsJ00! has entered the game*

*Swizzla69 has entered the game*

*ArGi3bArGiE initiates a kick vote against E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay*

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: eh?

ArGi3bArGi3: you were basecamping.

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: no, faultlands belong to me, n00b.

ArGi3bArGi3: nah, u entered my area, i ban ur a$$

*voting was unsuccessful - more votes required!*

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: lol, unlucky

Swizzla69: hey

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: hi

PeruPwnsJ00!: hi

ArGi3bArGi3: come on my side, not with that basecamper twat.

Swizzla69: now now, lets play nicely guys :)

ArGi3bArGi3: but he is basecamping to fux.

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: it's loserz like you that ruin this game, argiebargie.

PeruPwnsJ00!: lol I can load up fraps and do some stunts, w00t.

*Server_Admin has entered the game*

*S_T_A_T_E_S - AMERIKA has entered the game*

S_T_A_T_E_S - AMERIKA: hey

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: hello

S_T_A_T_E_S - AMERIKA: YouKay, wanna join my clan?

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: nah, i'm i'm already in 1 m8

ArGi3bArGi3: stfu youkay

S_T_A_T_E_S - AMERIKA: k np

ArGi3bArGi3: dont make me get server admin.

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: lol, ok then.

Server Admin: both of u, grow up.

PeruPwnsJ00!: yer, i'm with you on that one.

PeruPwnsJ00!: restart server plz?

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: no

ArGi3bArGi3: no

*Franc3 has entered the game*

Franc3: hi

ArGi3bArGi3: weponz plz.

Franc3: nah, got a better deal.

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: lol, too right.

Alee to Stanley's Shed![edit]

*ArGi3bArGi3 attacks Faultlands 10 Morale Damage to E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay! + 5 Morale Damage to Faultlands!*

Faultlands: bollox to your rules, no way i'm gonna' driv3 on that side of the road m8, u fr34kz


*ArGi3bArGi3 teamkills PeruPwnsJ00!*

PeruPwnsJ00!: n00b lol

ArGi3bArGi3: soz

PeruPwnsJ00!: brb dinner

*PeruPwnsJ00! is now idle!*

*ArGi3bArGi3 caps Bollocks Brook Barracks!*

*ArGi3bArGi3 caps Proper Posh House!*

*ArGi3bArGi3 caps Stanley's Shed!*

*Faultlands have been captured!*

*Swizzla69 is now idle!*


Server Admin: caps abuse, stop it argi3

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: right, sod u argi3

Faultlands: :(

ArGi3bArGi3: haha more warships have respawned, all 4 me.

Faultlands: arghhhh! your laggin' the server to fux dude!

ArGi3bArGi3: rofl itz ur sh1tty s3rv3r, what ya expect?

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: we're willing to negotiate

ArGi3bArGi3: ok

S_T_A_T_E_S - AMERIKA: gdgd


S_T_A_T_E_S - AMERIKA: man, ur gh3y, hav some money youkay

Server_Admin: youkay, back off.

Server_Admin: ah fux it.

*S_T_A_T_E_S - AMERIKA is now idle!*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay caps Southern_Sandwhichez!*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay gets a flag neutrality point!*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay has captured Southern_Sandwhichez!*

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: haha

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay attacks ArGi3bArGi3! 30 Damage to ArGi3bArGi3!*

ArGi3bArGi3: stop baserapin stanleys shed ffs!

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: k

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay attacks ArGi3bArGi3! 10 Damage to ArGi3bArGi3!*

ArGi3bArGi3: wtf stop baserapin the field too!

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: lol no

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay attacks Argi3 Shippies! 210 Damage to ArGi3bArGi3!*

ArGi3bArGi3: camping twat

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: serves you right m8.

*ArGi3bArGi3 attacks HMS Shippies! 50 Damage to E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay!*

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: h4x

ArGi3bArGi3: lol nah

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: stop using buggy weponz u tit

Server Admin: can you tone the language down plz.

*ArGi3bArGi3 attacks HMS Shippies! 200 Damage to E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay!*

*PeruPwnsJ00! is now active!*

PeruPwnsJ00!: lol they havn't sunk completely argi3

ArGi3bArGi3: lol buggy map

ArGi3bArGi3: join my side

PeruPwnsJ00!: k

Logistical Merriment[edit]

*cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE has entered the game*

cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE: wassup

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: lo m8, join my side, teams aren't balanced

cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE: k

*ArGi3bArGi3 attacks E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay! 20 Damage to E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay!*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay attacks ArGi3bArGi3! 40 Damage to ArGi3bArGi3!*

ArGi3bArGi3: spawncampin gh3b0y

*Pucaras troopsies have died!*

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: haha, kamakazi n00bs

PeruPwnsJ00!: stfu, i had fraps open, it lags u know

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay caps The Field*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay gets a flag neutrality point!*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay has captured The Field*

ArGi3bArGi3: ooh u r a bad boy arn't you getting da field! lolz

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay attacks ArGi3bArGi3! 25 Damage to ArGi3bArGi3!*

ArGi3bArGi3: connection problems 4 me!

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: lol, whatever

*HaPpYcRuIsElInErS have entered the game*

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: allright hapycruiseliners ;)

HaPpYcRuIsElInErS: hey hey

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: refit yourself with weapons plz

HaPpYcRuIsElInErS: k

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: where are they chillie?

*cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE swaps to axis*

cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE: C4

ArGi3bArGi3: cheatin twat

*cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE swaps to allies*

cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE: lol

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: :P

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay caps Stanley's Shed*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay gets a flag neutrality point!*

ArGiEbArGiE: not so fast

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay has lost the outpost!*

*ArGi3bArGi3 attacks E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay! 6 Damage to E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay!*

*ArGi3bArGi3 attacks E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay! 4 Damage to E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay!*

*ArGi3bArGi3 attacks E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay! 7 Damage to E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay!*

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: stfu nade spammer

ArGi3bArGi3: haha, u suk

ArGi3bArGi3: these missiles for the win!

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: wat were you thinkin franc3, giving the weponz to that spam wh0r3

Franc3: :S

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay caps The Mountains*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay gets a flag neutrality point!*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay has captured The Mountains*

ArGi3bArGi3: n00bs capping da mountainz lol

PeruPwnsJ00!: lolz

ArGi3bArGi3: crap, snipers!

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay attacks ArGi3bArGi3! 2 Damage to ArGi3bArGi3!*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay attacks PeruPwnsJ00!! 5 Damage to PeruPwnsJ00!!*

PeruPwnsJ00!: h4x again

cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE: they're goin' for back flag

ArGi3bArGi3: chillie is using r4d4r h4x

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay attacks ArGi3bArGi3! 68 Damage to ArGi3bArGi3!*

ArGi3bArGi3: dam u!!11!111one!!1!1!!!eleven!11!!! harriers r cheep!!1!!1oen!!!!

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: nah, we're just l33t ;)

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: ch33rs chillie

cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE: kk

The Asinine Ally of Argentina[edit]

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay caps Stanley's Shed*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay gets a flag neutrality point!*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay has captured Stanley's Shed *

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: w00t

PeruPwnsJ00!: where to go argi3?

ArGi3bArGi3: bak 2 sandwhichez, gotta retreat

PeruPwnsJ00!: nah, stay

ArGi3bArGi3: gettin sniped, go

PeruPwnsJ00!: k

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: lol n00bs

*ArGi3bArGi3 caps Southern_Sandwhichez!*

*ArGi3bArGi3 gets a flag neutrality point!*

*E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay attacks ArGiEbArGiE! 20 Damage to ArGiEbArGiE!*

*ArGi3bArGi3 has lost the outpost!*

Faultlands: hav they gone yet, youkay and chillie?

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: yer


PeruPwnsJ00!: lolol, swirving it, will look good for game movie im makin!


*Allies win!*

ArGi3bArGi3: camp3r h0m0 stfu all!

ArGi3bArGi3: my team were useless

PeruPwnsJ00!: FU!

ArGi3bArGi3: fux this and u!

*ArGi3bArGi3 has quit the game*

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: what a n00b lol

cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE: haha

*PeruPwnsJ00! has quit the game*

cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE: cya youkay

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: bye m8

*cHiLlIeInAhOtPlAcE has quit the game*

Southern_Sandwhichez!: i'm outta here bye

Georgie_from_da_south!: me 2

*Southern_Sandwhichez! has quit the game*

*Swizzla69 is now active!*

Swizzla69: well, i'm glad you solved it peacefully XD

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: scroll up through console lol

Swizzla69: maybe not >:|

*Swizzla69 has quit the game*

*S_T_A_T_E_S - AMERIKA is now active!*

S_T_A_T_E_S - AMERIKA: lolol, argi3bargi3 was an ub3r nutt3r

E_M_P_I_R_E - YouKay: lol yer

*Faultlands has quit the game (the island's connection has timed out)*



*NEXT GAME: Cold War*

*motherussia has entered the game*