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Ghostbusters III is a highly anticipated 3rd sequel to the 1983 romantic smash hit Ghostbusters I. Rumors had circulated the internet for many years whether or not this was fact or myth that there was actual plans to make this film. The rumors where confirmed to be true after the Mythbusters got so sick and fucking tired of people mistaking them for the Ghostbusters and asking them when they where going to make a 3rd Ghostbusters movie, that they sarcastically started replying; "it will be made in 2012" and this was enough for internet fans to be convinced the film was soon to go into development. Jamie & Adam (the Mythbusters) simply just used the most scientific approach to solve this myth and walked up to Dan Akroyd and said "You gonna make a GB3?" and Dan said, "Yeah". Myth confirmed! Now Jamie and Adam can sleep better at night knowing that people now know the facts that Ghostbusters 3 is underway, and will stop confusing them for the gay porno movie they starred in called "GoatseBusters".



other working sub titles

"We're Just Happy To Be Working Again"

"When There's Something Geriatric, In Your Neighbourhood... Who You Gonna Call?

"Please Revive Our Careers"

"Secret Of The Ooze"

"Grumpy Old Ghosthunters"

"Dude, Wheres My Protonpack?"

There have been many scripts written for the 3rd installment, but Dan Akyrod and Harold Ramis have collaborated to make the final script. The movies plot is circulated around a woman named Pracllub who is now the caretaker of a place called "The Neverland Ranch" where she is dealing with a poltergeist that is touching children inappropriately. When you have a paranormal event like that, "Who You Gonna Call"?.

The Ghostbusters (Vienkman, Spenglar, Winston, Benson & Hedges) then hop in the Ecto Mobile and take a fun & whacky cross country road trip from New York City to California. Most of the movie takes place during their cross country adventures, including a stop off to Salem where they are greeted by an angry Blair Witch whom is not happy with their visit to her territory. They come close to being destroyed by her but Slimer comes to the rescue by violating her anus by surprise while she is bent over digging a hole to bury the filmed evidence of the orgy she made the Ghostbusters partake in unknowingly. The Blair Witch then falls in love with Slimer and the two of them live happily ever after in the ever after allowing the Ghostbusters to continue on their journey.

There is a lot of senior citizen driving gags thrown in on the way, which works well on behalf of the fact that the youngest Ghostbuster now is 73 years old. You can also expect a few hundred pop-culture references to Viagra, Colonoscopy Exams and such lines as; "When I was your age we didn't have MTV, we had to go out to concerts and do drugs".

There is a guaranteed soon to be "classic" scene written for the movie where The Ghostbusters make light comical reference to one of their famous quotes. The scene involves the Ghostbusters urinating on the side of the road and Veinkman is repeatedly singing; "Do not cross the streams" in the voice of Garfield.

It had been speculated that the "development hell" that had kept this movie from being made for so long was the need for a huge ending. Director Ivan Reitman had stated after Ghostbusters II that audiences expect bigger & more exciting endings and feels that is why Ghostbusters II was frowned upon. However the development team for GB3 have decided that they should play a gag on the audience and have a non-climactic but comical ending where the Ghostbusters finally arrive at their destination only to discover Scooby & Shaggy have already solved the case.

Confirmed cast members[edit]

We sure hope these get busted out in the movie

Rumored cast members[edit]

"And stop calling that thing Mr Stay Puft, Ray"
  • Sigorney Weaver - at this moment in time she is undecided if her career is dead enough to need to return for this film. If she turns down the role, other possibilities to play Dana Barot are Susan Surrandon, Julia Roberts or Will Ferrell.
  • Steve Guttenberg - Steve has stated in many articles that he is eager to jump onto this project because he feels his dead in the water career needs reviving too.
  • Will Smith - Will has made many indication he would like to take over the role as the Black Guy. When asked what that characters name was he said, "I dunno" which qualified him as another perfect candidate to play Winston if Ernie Hudson is not available.
  • Anne Farris & Eliza Dushku - It's unconfirmed why these two would need to be in the movie. Some say the rumor of these two being in GB3 is some fantasy about the Ghostbusters recruiting female busters. However this is most likely just a rumor started by some D&D geek with a hard on and perverted sense of sexual frustration.
  • Owen Wilson - Owen was anxious for a part in the movie, but the confirmed cast members said this movie may suck, but we don't want it to suck in that Ben Stiller way of sucking.