The Killer Bees

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The Blues Buzzsters

“Lets go check out what's buzzing in the locker rooms!”

~ Vince McMahon

“I was born out of their ass.”

~ Sting

The Killer Bees were a short lived WWF professional wrestling tag-team made up of John "The Sting" Belushi and Dan "The Bee's Knees" Ackroyd between 1985 & 1988. The Killer Bee's were originally the front showman of a Chicago based rhythm and blues band, before needing some cash on the side to pay off a $2.43 debt they owed to a loan-shark in Aurora, IL. They began competing in the WWF strictly for the money, under a 3 year contract with Vince McMahon for an astonishing 85¢ per year to wrestle for him. The duo disappeared after their debt was paid off and returned to their band with moderate success.

WWF Career[edit]

The team debuted in 1985, defeating the team of The Charlotte Hornet and Jimmy Snooker Playing Fly. After facing several shit teams, the Killer Bees started a long-running feud with the Fart Foundation (Bret Fart & Jim Nightfart). The Bees also had a running feud with the Funky Blow Flies (Terry, Jack-Off and Hoss Funky). In August 1986, they faced Hoss and Jimmy Jack Off Funk in front of 7 people at The Bumblebee Event in Toronto, a card headlined by Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff in a My Steroids can out-do Your Steroids Match. The team then had a few shots at the tag-team champions The Dream Team, but Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley flew rings around the buzzed duo.

The Killer Bees were a part of a battle royal involving wrestlers and monarchs at WrestleFakia 2, John was eliminated by Andre The Giant and Dan was tossed over the ropes by Killer Queen Elizabeth. The next year they got the spotlight at WrestleFakia III, where they faced Gary Coleman and The Iron Sheik, losing by disqualification when John offered to stick his fist in the referees honey-pot if he didn't buzz off. After WrestleFakia III, the Killer Bees moved on to a feud with WWF newcomers Yogi and Booboo Bear. By this point, the Bee's fame was clearly slipping in terms of their card placement, but where obliged to stay to for-fill there 3 year contract to pay off there $2.43 debt to the mob.

The Killer Bees’ last prominent appearance was at “Wrestle Uncle Fester" in the summer of '88, where they lost to Jake & Elwood Blues. In the fall of 1988, they paid off there debt and retired from professional wrestling. The duo have not been missed since.

Signature Moves[edit]

John challenging The Charlotte Hornet to a re-match at WrestleFakia
  • Bee Stinger - No one remembers what this move actually was, it is harder to find information about this then Michael Jackson watching Sesame Street.
  • Double Flying Drop Kick - Left audiences quietly thinking, "Oh boy, wow!"
  • Stinger Slash - John would drink 12 cans of beer before each match and finish it up by relieving himself on the referee if they lost. He did this most matches.

Life After Wrestling[edit]

Dan and John would return to their band in Chicago to moderate success before John was arrested and sent to prison again for disobeying his probation when he drove his car through a shopping mall on a joyride to save his childhood church. Dan and John planned a come-back to the WWF when John was released in 2000. John died in prison in 1998 in a fight with a fellow inmate over which way the toilet paper should face, to the outside or inside of the wall. Upon John's release date in March of 2000, Dan was informed by the Warden of the prison that John had died, and that he should get a phone to be notified of such things.

Buzzed Out[edit]

In memory of John, Dan would attempt to make a come back for the Killer Bee's in the WWF with a new partner named Johnny B. Goodman, but the duo never reached the heights of the original Killer Bee's after Goodman challenged The Whole Lotta Rosie's (Rosanne Barr & Rosie O'Donnellum} to a bra & panties match for their comeback debut, and no one showed up to the event.

Career Achievements[edit]

  • Paid off their $2.45 debt to the mob.