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The panda is the logo of the World Wide Fund for Nature, née World Wildlife Fund, or WWF.
The Rock is the logo of World Wrestling Entertainment, née World Wrestling Federation, also-or WWF.

Regrettably, WWF has meant different things at different times. Thus Gentle Reader must specify which topic you are interested in:

  • The World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, is an animal cruelty sports entertainment company dealing in professional animal wrestling arranged by animal lovers. These basement-dwelling gadflies take on the panda, the bear, the elephant, the snake, the shark, and the chihuahua. They hope that stage-fighting will can ensure the survival of these endangered species by being more lucrative than bounty-hunting them to extinction.
  • The World Wrestling Federation, also or WWF, is also an animal cruelty sports entertainment company. But this one features steroided-up homo sapien fighters in the ring. Some of the marquee attractions of this circuit went on to become mayors of small cities in the Southern United States. Others found easier ways of chronic overindulgence in drugs. The vagaries of copyright law forced this racket to change its acronym to WWE and that is where you should look for it.

There are more articles on the WWE than the WWF. Naturally. Here is a list of them:

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