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<bzzt> The following page has been brought to you by the New World Order.

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for New World Order?
The once Face Fuhrer Hitler shocked the world by joining the nWo and becoming the Heel, Hollywood Hitler

The nWo in its many incarations[edit]

  • nWo original (aka Worthers Originals)
  • nWo Red&Black (aka Poof Pac)
  • nWo Black&White (aka nWo Bollywood) - led by Bollywood Rogan-Josh (Hogan's Indian cousin)
  • nWo green, pink and orange
  • nWo baige, claret and vermillion
  • nWo Pink & Fluffy - led by the Gayest Icon in Professional Wrestling (BattyStar)

The new World order organization order odor of wrestling brother, was started sometime in the 20th century by Hulk Hogan and his Mexican cleaning maid and gardener; Kevin Nash and Scott Hall (respectively).

Hulk Hogan decided he had done too much good for the world and this would unbalance the cosmos (he was correct). So he created an evil cult whose purpose was to destroy the World. This would lead to the founding of what historians now know as the nWo. Also, thats what it said on the t-shirts.

You can call this, the new World order of wrestling brother ![edit]

Early to Earlier 90's[edit]

"WTF?! Which one of you wrote on my belt, brother?!"

From approximately 1996 to 1993-98; the nWo of wrestling brother ran wild all over the wrestling world. During this time, Hogan popularized his method of knocking out his enemies by hitting them in the back of the head with a spray paint can; then carving [nWo] on their bare backs with a rusty screwdriver.

Hogan, ditching his classic yellow and red, donned black and was struck by lightning several times, which left its mark on his newly spray painted black Lycra leggings, and legally changed his name from 'Hulk Hogan' to 'Hollywood Hogan' in front of the High Supreme Court of Mexico. Hogan felt this made him several million times more effective at anything, ever. Upon being confronted by an angry pregnant mother with her five year old son (who idolized Hogan) in tow, Hogan punched an elephant to death and promptly body slammed the corpse on top of them, and proceeded to carve 'nWo 4 life' on the dead elephants back.

In 1999, Dave Chappelle announced his joining the nWo.

“And this ROPE is also now part of the nWo brother

~ Hulk Hogan on nWo while Scott Hall applies sunscreen to his shoulder

He would often also run over the mutilated opponents with a semi-truck, yelling, "Let's do this nWo style for life brother". The other nWo members would just stand around pointing at him like a duck and pretending their hands were little dogs kissing each other. This was to make fun of Kevin Nash' notorious nWo Puppy Pack.

Sometime in the 21st century the nWo of wrestling brother was reformed by Hollywood Rozario, Mirr Nash and Macho Man Jerry Savage in some shitty town in Pennsylvania. Their primary goal is to run wild on butt pirates such as Tranny Pacifico. They have recently been declared enemies of democracy by You.

They even took over youtube and re-named it nWotube and Nintendo and called it NintendWo.

Sometime after WCW disbanded, n.W.o was brought back by that crappy dude with the bad temper in WWE who promptly ruined it's image by having Hollywood Hogan walk around naked and having Kevin Nash and Scott Hall open a vacuum cleaner company within the company; thoughts were this would go down well but it turns out the company had enough people that sucked anyway.


The Warriors even joined the n.W.o.

As the nWo continued to do everything nWo style for life brother, it attracted a lot of members all of whom were members who joined and became members by joining and they joined becoming members and their membership included them being members and their joining, too. [1]

The most notable of them being:

New World Order (nWo)[edit]

nWo Wolfpac[edit]


  1. Also, anyone who reads this agrees to a binding contract and officially becomes a member of the nWo as well.