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Gay stripper or handyman? Either way he is the perfect example that will help you find out what the average man looks like on steroids.

Steroids, as everyone knows, are drugs that you can inject yourself with to appear more like a man, in all respects including the size of your genitalia, which suffer from the most extreme growth. Although steroid use began as a way of stopping men from looking like faggots, it was soon found by teenage boys that it could be extended to, ideas and inanimate objects. As time passed it seemed that anything awesome was in actual fact on steroids.

Origins of Steroids[edit]

This former Miss Olympia was told not to worry about getting too big.
A one dog sled team training to fight polar bears for the Idatarod.

Steroids were first invented by ancient Greek Olympic athletes who would eat the testicles of animals to get pumped before the big game, amazons would than ate the testicles of the blue ribbon beef cake winners. However it wasn't until 1849 that Dr. Adolph Berthold discovered the importance of testicles by harvesting and transplanting several onto a Cockerel, resulting in histories first monster hentai.

In 1931 another German named Adolph, chemist Adolf Butenandt found a way to extract and purify the hormone androstenone isolating it from liquid gold to create an alchemical elixer. Together with chemist Leopold Ruzicka the two created synthetic testosterone and were awarded the Nobel prize in 1939, only to have their Nobel prize taken back after testing confirmed they had been doping with nootropics, giving them an unfair advantage in science.

After another German named Adolf lost a bet on the results of the 36 Olympics, they canceled the 1940 Tokyo games due to heavy bomb rain. By the 1940's Olympic athletes rediscovered steroids, and soon the US and USSR started a decades long steroid arms race for the beefiest athlete arms. When they were banned in 1988 and Athletes had to switch back to eating the testicles of animals to give them the extra edge. Athletes are still limited to having only 2 testicles ever since Bruce Jenner won the decathlon gold with 10.

On Steroids in Popular Culture[edit]

One of the famous instances of steroids in popular culture was Anabolic Andy. An infamous page move vandal on wikipedia, he would change the names of articles to end with 'on Steroids'. Andy's work was often spotted by admins as being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, just looking for trouble.

Popular Culture On Steroids[edit]

“Why did the swarm of chickens murder everyone on the 4 lane motorway?”

~ The begginning of a joke on steroids

“Because they were on steroids.”

~ The answer to the above joke on steroids

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