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Home Alone was a movie written, produced, and directed by George Lucas, and was released in theaters in 1990 something. The movie told the tale of a five year old boy named Kevin, who whined and complained about his family. He then took out a Lightsaber and killed them all, and had to then save his house from two grown men who were planning to rob his house.


The movie opens with a typical family preparing for a trip the night before they leave. It is mentioned that they are going to Paris, France. A grown man in a cop costume (who later is the robber) begins bothering Mr. McAllister about unimportant topics like lights and Christmas trees. Kevin, a five year old, then jumps up and down and begins shouting profanities about his family.

Fast forward to the action. Kevin learns of Marv and Harry's plan to rob his house, which they call the "silver tuna. Kevin then sets up booby traps, and hits the robbers before they could take the fancy items.

Kevin also meets Old Man Marley, who hits Marv and Harry with a shovel (I'm surprised they didn't die from that), and they are arrested.


A controversy arose around the idea that a five year old could murder his entire family, and therefore George Lucas changed the movie to have him not kill anybody.

Another controversy that arose says that John Hughes wrote the movie, and Lucas took the credit. This is highly unlikely, however, as George Lucas name appears in the credits.