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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Brooklyn?
Israel Flag.JPG עמק יזרעאל Israel Flag.JPG
The Schmenklic Empire of Jewistan
Daemon Israel.JPG Jew box image.PNG
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "If I told you, Mossad would have to kill you"
Anthem: Iron Lion Zion

"Hava Nargila," sung to the tune of South Park

El El Israel
US Israel.png
Capital Queens
Largest city Palestine?
Official language(s) (in order of importance) Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish, Russian, Aramaic & Fundamentalism
Government Israeli
Prime Minister Imelda Marcos
‑ King Moses
‑ Counselors -Barbara Streisand
 -Fran Drescher
National newspaper puppy with a kipah on his head
National party Kadima (Means "Straight")
Eurovision Song Contest winner Miri Ben-Ari, the Thrash metal saxophonist
National hero(es) the man who invented humus Arik Sharon, Mickey Marcus, Ariel Sharon the Zohan
 of Independence
Currency Falafel balls/Koosh balls and latkas
Religion Euro, Shekel & Dollar, also known as Judaism
Area 5,800 m² - 189,000 km²
The best selling book about Israel in the eyes of Jewbacca. Jewbacca.jpg
Hours of
Sundays through Fridays - 9 AM to 11 PM, Saturdays - CLOSED
Internet TLD .ju

“Where there is sorrow there is holy ground.”

~ Oscar Wilde

Jewtopia or otherwise known by its official name, The Schmenklic Empire of Jewistan (Hebrew: ישראל, Yiddish: יאעסרעאעעייל, English: The Kike Reich. American: Foreign Aid Black Hole, Arabic: Palestine) is the only gay nightclub in the Middle East, run by Vin Diesel. It is commonly referred to as "the friendliest place on Earth" and is well known for the army-techno outfit of its bouncers. It is in fact so popular that a number of entrances are required to co-ordinate the club-goers. The dress code, through a stroke of trendy genius, comprises of sandals and a Yamulka as the only requirement. These are known as checkpoints, and the queues are especially long on the side of the Philistines, few of whom are admitted to the established arts venue.

A 1980s spin-off of Fabric in London, it has attracted Poles, Russians and Germans especially among other party-goers. It is the sister-club of Golder's Green in North London, England, and Brooklyn in New York. A favorite theme night is Demolition!!!, where groups of industrial Kibbutz owners drive Caterpillar tractors. Another favorite night is Blow-UP!!, where members fill condoms with helium, and float them over all the middle east, just to piss them off. Israel is often described by Actors as the promised land Israel was big for drag racing in the 1960s, when the manager was the world-renowned drag racer Mother Teresa.


It is difficult to talk about Israel without running into controversy. Indeed, the topic is so sensitive that any attempt to ascertain the facts about it could easily make the situation over there worse than it already is. For this reason, what follows is deliberately erroneous, poorly put together and badly sppellled. All in the name of peace, you understand? It's a country where even the disputes it is involved in are currently being disputed by it's people (who all sound angry American-ish mixed with a bit of evil Dutch. No REALLY they do! Listen to one on the news, honest!). What can be said with certainty, however, is that Israel might be a thing. Or it might not be. It's all a matter of perspective.

But the fact that's made Israel world widely known is that through the time, so many people, scientists, bean men, singers, labors, Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Turks, Anglo-Saxons, Frenches, Russians, Baha'ullah, Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Buddha, Prophet Jesus, Prophet Moses, and, reportedly, Elvis Presley (Hebrew: אליהו לוחץ-לו) in 2002 have enjoyed falafel with hummus there.



Israel is first mentioned in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, version 2.08beta, within a list of places where light seemingly travels slower than rumors.

It is also mentioned in the Bible, but Christians refuse to believe so. If you were to show a mention of Israel in the Bible to a Christian, you are likely to get a response along the lines of, "Israel? Where? I ain't seein' no Israel, dawg. It's probably the Matrix." The Pope was shown the passage and proceeded to electrocute it with his fingers and force-strangle a nun.

Ancient Israel

Originally, it was a website, Jewdar, where Jews could chat to other Jews about Jew issues, maybe meet up after work and take it from there. For many centuries, this was a thriving Internet community and it came up with a whole range of in-jokes, ranging from cutting off the end of your knob to shrugging. Notable members included Moses, Woody Allen, Jesus, and Kyle from South Park. It was at this site that Jews all over the world decided that their international currency would be glass pearls, as it still is, making it the top one priority of the Israeli secret police to stop the production of fake glass pearls. These are made in great tunnel networks by underpaid Palestinians and are made of hollow plastic.

However, the site came under threat when a flame war started with members of a user-forum for the popular Nero CD-burning software. This resulted in Jewdar being shut down and replaced with a holding page for nearly 2,000 years.

Israel was made by the cast of Jersey Shore. That was back in 2005. Now, Thor runs the place. He lights it on fire a lot...

Establishment of the State of Israel

Israel's state, according to Palestinean authorities.

After years of oppression and money laundering, the Jews were in desperate need of beachfront condos for their Bubbes, Auntie Mabels, and Uncle Solomons. In 1914, the Zionist Convention decided that the best Jewish vacation spots were in Jerusalem (for the shopping centers,) Haifa (for the beaches) and Ashkelon (for Chaim's Kosher Deli.) These were all conveniently located in the Muslim Ottoman Empire. In order to avoid paying extra tax for their homes, the Jews decided to create their own country there. Unfortunately for them, Britain got it first after WWI.

After WWII, Jews fled their homes to British Palestine to the company of their fellow Jews. The Arab neighbors made the Jews feel right at home by shouting loudly, heiling Hitler, and blowing up synagogues. Ah, just like the old country.

However, the last straw was when the Arabs started playing their music too loudly. The old Jewish residents, unable to have their bedtime at 6:00 sharp, kvetched to the UN to "make them stop that damn racket!"

The United Nations then split the land by letting an official's young daughter draw squiggly lines all over the map. But they knew that Jerusalem still had unsold homes overlooking the Temple Mount and market square for sale. With a few handshakes and a couple of bribes, the UN took control of Jerusalem, its citizens, and those precious, precious townhouses!

Immediately the Jews and Arabs banded together to free Jerusalem from the UN oppression. Upon its capture by Jordan and Israel, the clock struck noon, which meant it was prayer time for all of the Arabs. While they were squatting on their prayer mats facing Mecca, the Jews stole the map of British Palestine and redrew it. After that, the Jews not only controlled half of Jerusalem, but got even more expensive and valuable property in all of Palestine. The rest was left to the Palestinians.

Israel today

An Israeli supermodel. Notice the Yiddish sunglass.

Some scholars believe that the Convention painstakingly worked to invent the ultimate government. After months of befuddlement, an answer suddenly appeared as if by divine epiphany. The new Israel would be governed by a three-branch government, consisting of everyone's mothers-in-law, The Council of Every Guy who Ever Tried to sell you an Insurance Policy, and The Select Council of Telemarketers from the Sabra Home Shopping Network. It was believed this would work better than the previous system of taking a poll of ten Israeli cabdrivers and falafel vendors, since they were considered to be too much a part of the political elite, and not accessible enough to the average citizen. This would include a council who got messages straight from God. Theoretically, as long as the king listened to the prophet, nothing could go wrong-- at all (see: "other Jewish kings" chapter in Jewish History).

Some scholars believe that this hardly ever happened, though. Some scholars believe that the most startling failure of the Jewish kings was in the year 2000 when Queen Ehud ignored a message from the Polish president and instead went out to lunch with Camp David, a friend of Bill Clinton. After one too many Bacardi and cokes, Queen Ehud agreed that the Jews would give Israel back to the Arabs just so long as they would be allowed to hang on to New York.

Palestinian stone throwers confused the Israelis at first, with Israeli's health level dropping as low as 10%. That was until they found the locker hidden in a dark room under the stairs, and in it this BFG10K. Nice.

There is still an unresolved issue about the geographical location of Israel. Two UN bureaus, UEFA and Eurovision, strongly believe that Israel is a western-central European country. There are plans to build a border between Iceland and Israel, just to make the thing more official. A second school of geography advanced by the UN's archnemesis, the United Nations, insists that, since Israel is the only country in the UN not allowed to hold a seat on the UN Security Council, it follows that Israel must not belong to any of the five global geographic regions recognized in the UN, and therefore must not be on the planet Earth. (See UN Global Fatwahs under the reign of the Supreme Being of the Present Known Universe, His Exigency the Wrought Honourable Sir Kofi Annan.)

Jews are world renown actors, entertainers and artists.a great broadway success was the 70s musical "Jiddler in the Poof".


Snail-based internet protocol.

Some scholars believe that things are looking up for Israel both economically and technologically, they argue that a significant and unending oil deposit was found under the glaciers of the Negev desert, and golden nuggets are now officially a part of any dignified hailstone dropped upon the surface. Also, another sign pointing to Israel's economic success is that Israeli scientists managed to harness the power of moving snails carrying CDs as a new source of telecommunications, estimated 20 times faster than DSL. The most compelling argument, however, is that Israel possesses a cleaning material called "Economica".

Some debate the existence of Israel. Palestinians still fail to refer to it as such, but instead identify it as "NeverhasbeenRael." The UN and Israel (as we know it) are attempting to unify Palestine and Israel in order to form a new nation: Keepin'itRael. Iran on the other hand has made known its determination for military action, they currently refer to the nation as "SoonwillnotbeRael"


Some scholars believe that things are less optimistic in terms of foreign diplomacy. It is well known that Israel does not have an army, but it is rumored that ninja chickens are on their way after finally conquering Brazil. George W. Bush stated his forces are preoccupied in the War on Terrorism, back in Fairyland, so the U.S.A. will not be able to help their great ally Israel this time, but a White House insider tells us that some scholars believe that Bush changed his mind after reading the second sentence in this paragraph.

Ongoing trade talks with the Japanese are hoped to lead to an exchange of technology, in which Israel shall get the technology to create and control Godzilla, build gigantic robots, and create and deploy magical girls for reasons of warfare, all in exchange for a really good chicken recipe stored in Solomon's vault under the "Dome of the Rock". Divisions of female I.C.F. (Israeli Chicken-ninja Force) members are already being trained for future use as pilots of gigantic robots or magical girls for when the technology becomes available.


The Israeli armed forces doing their part to save Japan from Godzilla.

The current king, prime minister, president and minister of beef of Israel is Ehud Olmert. The rest of the Israeli politicians (also known as "some scholars") have to do exactly what he says, or he will expose himself to them. The current ruling party is Likud, short for "Lick wood", also known as "Salem, the wood-licking witches that will divide Jerusalem".

In the upcoming elections for the second Knesset, the clear favorites are Likud; yet, one of the following parties could give them some fight:

  • Israeli Labor Party, also known as "Orphaned Land", the party that will multiply Jerusalem.
  • Betzefer, the party that will add Jerusalem.
  • Kadima, also known as Melechesh, the party that will integrate Jerusalem with respect to Tel-Aviv.
  • Bishop of Hexen, the party that will subtract Jerusalem from Jerusalem artichoke and then choke in an artistic manner.
  • Abrahuumic, English translation: More Smiting, Less Peace Party, aim to 'Remove the Palestinian Problem'.


It is quite clear that anyone who opposes Israel is a Nazi. But really it's the Israelis that are Nazis, even though they're Jews, but they're still Nazis. So in conclusion, anyone who supports, does not oppose, does not support, or opposes Israel is a Nazi. Wait, how does that work? I'm confused, what's a Nazi again? Is that Russia? Hold on, where's Russia? It's in the middle east I think. Ben Jammin' Gnat undt Yahoo, the Israeli Prince Regent, has remained silent on the subject, other than to say that "Israel will not be the first to introduce Godwin's Law into the Middle Earth." speaking at the Mordecahi Vanunu Fan Club and Premium Rate Porn Line Convention in Tuvalu.

People usually mistake Israels Happiness-Rays, Health-Machines, Food Packages and Candy Corn Spray for Oppression, Tanks, Bombs and Flamethrowers accordingly. But this is wrong, in reality the Israelis are actually very nice to the Palestinians, really, they hang out with them like, all the time. Palestine gets invited to parties, and barbecues, and, and, and, they sometimes just hang out in the house they share, cause they go waaaaaaay back. Cause Israel and Palestine, they're really bestest friends in the WHOOOOOOOOLE world. This one time, they got soooo wasted, and their gods got pissed, so they had to disappear for a while. This other guy, Ottoman, he took care of their crib while they were in Europe, and then he died, but this other cool guy Britain took it for them, and gave it back to Israel after Israel got kicked out of Europe. Then Palestine got evicted, but they're still cool.

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Vin Diesel, Israel's current modeler, in front of the flag