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Prachanda's Republic of Nepal
Royal Estate Vegetable in between 2 big stones
NepaliBlackFlag.jpg Coat of arms of Nepal.png
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Buddha was born in Nepal"
Anthem: "Kutu ma Kutu"
Capital Kaagmandu
Largest city Katmandu
Official language(s) Nepali
Government Monarchy Changes Every Day
Prime Minister, President, Führer, King of horse pubes etc. मा.कु.ने., सेरे , Dead गिरिजा, etc.
Currency Respules of O 2
Religion Hedonism, you can make your own religion with 5+ members
Population mostly outside of Nepal and Party Comrades
Area 650 km2 from satellite view. (354,453 km2 flattened out.)
Population density 2.1 per peak square foot

Nepal is a country situated in the northern part of the Asian subcontinent. This subcontinent has subcountries, which are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Bhutan. Nepal lies at the top of all these countries on a globe. Nepalese as such are known for their bravery, their love of Bryan Adams, and the Buddha.


One dark and stormy night, young Gondwana II, Grandson of Panagea The Great, son of Super-continent Gondwana, a full blooded 21 years, now a man, riding his steed through unexplored parts of the woods of Tethys, further and further, deeper and deeper, rain whipping both: him and his steed's haunches, saw the shadow of a damsel flutter in the distance -- her robe fully drenched and her body's contours hopelessly exposed. She was the voluptuous Eurasia. Young Gondwana II hadn't seen a full grown woman before. Overcome with lust, Gondwana II lost sense of time and plate.

Nepal's old flag, notice the text saying "nipple"
NASA Seasat image of Nepal, circa 20 Mil B.C. Nepal was the highest point under the Tethys Oceanus

Gondwana II chased Eurasia. He spurred his mare to get close to the fleeting figure of the hapless damsel running away from him; dismounted hurriedly, disrobed, disrobed Eurasia (she did not protest), stepped six paces back, lowered his head and crashed headlong into her. Eurasia bunched in throes of tectonic ecstasy. Nepal, the highest point under Gondwana II stirred and shot skywards, rising at an alarming pace, the ripples powerful enough to create a million tsunamis in the woods of Tethys and beyond, to become the highest point above the sea and it stayed there, in that perpetual pose of the grandest erection of all times: as a monument and testament to the earth shattering clash of the two great tectonic plates, Gondwana II and damsel Eurasia. This is how Nepal's fate was once sealed. This is how Nepal was once born. .

After so many years, Nepal still remains perched on top of the topmost while being relentlessly pushed upwards (though at a much lesser speed, for great passion subsides only with great time and the passion behind the story of Gondwana II and Eurasia still simmers under the very earth we walk on -- consummation of the greatest love of these two greatest continents has begun but hasn't yet concluded).


People follow many religions. They feed a stone made statue who is very hungry and poor who needs food and money. They give money, rice, milk etc to that statue. And the statue feels very happy to eat. He eats all the delicious food, buys a motorcycle with the money he has collected and goes on a date to godawari with his girlfriend.

Meanwhile there is a human being who is hungry and starving and in need of money in the same temple where the stone statue god lives. But no one gives a rat's ass about him. But its okay. Cause he is merely a human being. And that stone is a god. And god needs to eat so that he can give blessing and save the world. Cause superman and batman aren't doing their job. So god has to do it himself. And he needs to recharge his power.


Dal Bhat[edit]

Dal bhat

"Dal bhat power 24 hr " is the motto of every Nepali people. It is the national food of Nepal. Any other meal is just not good enough. Bhat is bhat. No matter if you eat pizza or burger. No matter if your stomach is full. You have to eat bhat twice a day. Otherwise you are not Nepali. Having table manners will decrease the taste of dal bhat. Dont eat it with a spoon. Use you hands. Both if necessary. It is best served with kukhurako masu and jhol. Mix it well with your hand and eat like an animal.


MO:mo, the unofficial national food of Nepal

Mo:mo is the unofficial national food of Nepal. Originated from China, but Nepali people eat it more than the Chinese. Meat is covered in maida ko ball and served while dipping in golveda and bhatmas ko achar. It is the favorite lunch of all Nepali. An average Nepali can eat upto 50 mo:mos. But it cost Rs.70 minimum per plate (10 pieces) so they eat less. It can cost upto 600 - 700 in big hotels. So better eat in some small shops in gallis of Nepal.


Making Good Use Of Bulb.
View from K2 peak.

At its sky highest, Nepal stands 8,500 m above sea level (asl), while it's so called "lowest" sits at 1,400 m asl (which probably is also pretty high). It's capital, Kathmandu, sits (or "stands" for the rest of humanity) at an altitude of 1,500 m asl.

Nepal is located between China in the North, and India in all other direction, all the so called gods and good dead peoples above us and some evil doers below us.

The highest mountains in the world are located in Nepal. The world's highest mountain peak, Swirling Union Jackson (height 8,500.1 m asl), is located in Nepal in the lane right next to the left of Hotel Mt. Dew: behind the public urinals. It is a major tourist attraction and supports Nepal's tourism industry at that height. The second tallest mountain in the world, Flag of Nepal (height 8,500.01m) is also in Nepal and located atop the main dome of The Royal Palace in Nepal's capital. The third highest mountain peak in the world, Flag of UN -- also in Nepal -- is perennially under snow and not visible. The fourth highest mountain peak, Flag of New Zealand went missing or lost it's position to K2 in 1953. Geologists are undecided if the Abominable Snowman chewed it down or if the banshee winds of Arctic Nepal blew it away. Around the time Pluto fell from it's pole position as the last planet of the Solar System, circa 1953 AC, K2 ascended the pole to be come to be regarded as the the fourth highest flag of the solar poles (both poles, north and south, considered jointly).

Persistence of Mammary
Surrealist painter Dali's depiction of the great clash of Gondwana with Eurasia. Nepal is seen jutting out of the sea.

In shape, Nepal resembles an interlocked chain of mountains from the sky. However it's nothing like that on the ground. On ground it's full of casinos, fresh & hot french breads, bagels, unshaven hippy men, au naturale hippy women with wiry armpit-hair spilling out, King's Palace, King's Palace Cafe, King's Palace Hotel, King Breweries, Thamel square, Hotel Mt. Dew, Hotel Mt. Do, Hotel Dew 5 Star, Hotel Dews Royal, Mac Donalds, Coca Cola, Pizzahuts, Gurkhas, khukuris (daggers), donuts, litter, and some peaks and valleys. That some peaks and valleys are not peculiar to just the natural terrain of Nepal but are shared equally by the womenfolk of Nepal should not come as a surprise to readers (and tourists alike). Nepal is full of the ethereal, the magical, the sublime and the surprising.

Prachanda is the second most important tourist attraction of Nepal. This is a controversy since the beaches overlooking the Pacific ocean in Nepal have been voted as one of the most astounding natural beauty seen in the world.

There have been many things Nepal has contributed to the world such as the introduction of the herb Grass, commonly refered to as "Weed" by the rest of the human species. As the great American Writer William Faulkner wrote about "Weed" after visiting Nepal:

A gentleman can live through anything... with "weed". - William Faulkner, 2001: A Space Odyssey

This plant is burnt and the smoked inhaled for unknown purposes by almost 99.6% of the world population, 99.5 % of these being poeple from South Eastern parts of Asia, thus the small eyes. The "misuse" of this herb has been reported to be the main reason for the economic crisis in Nepal since too much of the hard earned money of the people is being spent on top grade Eye drops.

Nepal borders the land of holy cows on the south side and the land of healthy yaks on the other (that may or may not be in China). It is separated from the Land of Gollums by just a 21 km long chicken's neck.


Nepal is so poor that half goes without oxygen everyday

Nepal is going to be one of the richest countries in Asia in few years, going to be. Nepal has the highest regards for humanity- the reason why Nepal chose to eliminate monetary transactions and base its economy on human trade. The main export of Nepal are Nepalis. The main imports are Tibetan refugees, Bhutanese refugees, discarded or obsolete radicals (social, political, religious) who could not create a definite base in much of Asia with all their money such as the Bahai, Christian missionaries, Maoist rebels, LGBTI activists etc. However, the largest export of Nepal has been the mercenary army called Gurkhas who are exported to Britain, India, Singapore, Brunei etc. Michael Moore once said "How the hell can I make movies about the War on Terror from British side when all the Brits being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq (pronounced "aai-ryaa-que" if you are on the correct side of war and "ee-raa-k" if you are on the side of terror) are Nepalese exports?".

Nepal also happens to be the important link in the "Cab cycle". The people from Middle East and South East Asia drive cabs and trucks in the West. This led to a cab driver recession in those nations which was filled up by Nepalese drivers. The drivers in Nepal are replaced by those from the west. However, as there are very few cabs in Nepal and as there are more general strikes than days in calendar, these western cab drivers, instead of driving cabs, have to walk all over the nation and with the discrimination that they face based on the color of their skin (esp. after 9/11), they prefer being called trekkers and not cab drivers.


Nepal yearly exports a lot of sand, pebbles, rubble, minor and major stones, labor (pain), hammers, rappers, apples, human skulls, E. coli bacteria, polluted water, under-age girls, piss and other kinds of industrial downfall to India and the rest of the world. India has tried to stop this import by both trade embargo and high palisades but is not yet successful. In addition Nepal exports thousands of living robots (unskilled manpower) to Middle East,Europe and USA. On the former point they have been discouraged by IMF and on the latter by gravity.

Free Love is now sold from Nepal to the world via mediums such as music, hugs and cotton candy. Following the Nepali philosopher Lakshmi Prasad Koirala, the third's outlook on the concept of creativity- 'You don't have to reinvent the wheel, you've just got to make a shinier one'-, the primary export of the country is wheels. Made in all shapes, sizes and smell. From wheels for the interplanetry British Rail Line- Thomas the Tank Engine- to the chocolate biscuit wheels used in Wagonwheels.

Nepal also sells answers to the 'big' questions in life. E.g. Why can't I see if my eyes are closed? How to tie your shoe laces, and how many legs Chuck Norris really has???? this is dump


Nepal has a rich culture. The greatest national festival is Nepal Bandh (literally Closed Nepal) or general strike. Nepal registered its name in the Guiness Book of world records with over two national strikes per day in 2009. Next largest celebration is load shedding or power cuts. Nepalese people have candle lit dinner in this festival. It is celebrated at least twice a day, everyday, each spell of about 3-9 hours. Nepal is also famous for wrestling, most of which takes place in its parliament (a good example would be during budget 2010).

Nepal's greatest cultural exports are Lattu Hiphop and Dharam Gurung. The Buddha comes a close third. However, Rapoholicbtm Magar and his partner, Robo Kok, aspiring Nepalese rappers are regarded as the undisputed NepHop cultural exports. The favorite pasttime is sitting in "Dai ko chiya" shop and smoking Surya and moaning about the country.

Government and Politics[edit]


'Nepal's distinguished leaders, from left : Prachande, (dead) girja, Ma. Ku. Ne.'

The President of Nepal is Mr.Pipeline. Nepal is a democratic nation. Since Nepal does not have much experience of democracy, the Ministers and the bureaucrats are chosen by the experienced democratic delegates of the European Union. Nepalese ministers and bureaucrats can be sacked any moment by the democratic leaders of European Union, without any trial, by simply threatening to cut off their support to the nation. UNMIN (United Nudist's Masturbating In Nepal) chooses the armed force in Nepal and recruits the rebels into the mainstream army.

Two most powerful personalities of the recent time is Rekha Thapa and Anuja Baniya. Rekha actually made Pranchanda dance right in the middle of the road. If that woman can make Prachanda dance, she can do anything. Whereas for Anuja, she manage to fool whole Nepalese by claiming that she returned 91 lakh rupees to the rightful owner. Everyone believed her and said, "Cooooool, awesome, way to go girl!" Even the President(the winner of goat milking competition) congratulated her but then this story turned out to be the biggest hoax of the year!!! This proves Nepalese believe anything as they are quite naive and innocent when it comes to using the "proper sense".

Another important fact about Rekha Thapa is that she thinks she is the bombshell of Nepalese film industry. Her clothes can easily fit in the match box. She is definitely bold and daring as she manages to wear hot pants and exposing dresses that clearly show her body fats. She is so powerful that she makes her heroes wear hot pants identical to her, her fart is so powerful that when she farts, due to the backdraft people are swept away at colossal speeds. So, when they dance, it looks like two sisters dancing together.


The national sport of Nepal is kapardi. The players start with throwing a bowling ball somewhere between Pokhara and the Chinese border. They "strike" if 5 villages (or more) are swept away before the shred reaches the Indian Border. Members of SAARC[1] are charged 10 toilet paper rolls for participating in this sport; rest all foreigner buggers are charged $10. A newly invented Sport is also the "in" thing in Nepal. Due to the Economy in Nepal, Begging is a sport. It is a sport of skill, tactics, patiences, knowledge and personality. Booker-T did suggest this game should be included in Olympics but Prachanda denied it [Rumour says that Prachanda denied it because the sport was way above is financial and social status].


  1. A geopolitical confederacy of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal that no one really cares about.