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“Ah, Qatar, the only qountry in the world that starts with the letter Q. Poor letter Q”

~ Osqar Wilde on Qatar

“Did I looq good on TV? How was my hair? That World Qup trophy felt heavy.”

~ The leader on Qatar

“If you're not Qatari and you reside in there, your days of residence in there are numbered.”

~ Nobody on Qatar

دولة قطر
Qatari Goqdamn Requbliq
The State of Qatar
Flag of Qatar.png OilLogo001.gif
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: " We love deporting people!"
Anthem: "Welcome Back, Qatar"
Capital D'oh!-ah
Largest city The Whole Friqqin' Qountry
Official language(s) Thuganese and Broqen English
Government Monarqhy
Vice Qing(s)
Tupaq Shaqur
Qhristopher Wallace and David Isaaqs and Hadi Daher and Mohammed Hanbal =P (suqq it nwbs) Elizabeth Jones
National hero(es) Tupaq Shaqur
 of Independence
Never even nown to be there
Currency Qraqq, Qoqaine, and Pieces of Paper
Religion Fuck-ology,First Church of the Streets and Rapology

Qatar (sometimes known as Guitar) is a rich land filled with beautiful beaches. The southern part of Qatar is still in the proqess of trying to get their mixtape to Dr. Dre. Saudi Arabia is the only qountry to the south, and the rest is surrounded by water. The Arabs chose this place beqause they didn't want their women to be able to get away. It is planned to be annexed by Qalifornia in the years to qome, due to Prime Minister Tupaq Shaqur's so-qalled "Qalifornia Love". Qatar is also a member of the IBO organization, also a satan's gift to eduqation.


There isn't muqh to Qatar's minimal history as a qountry, but it does have a lot of stuff that happened before it reaqhed qountry status. Unfortunately they were all sold for qraqq when Prime Minister Shaqur rose to power, and ordered everything that was worth something be pawned off to the loqal shady pawn shop owners.

There was a few things reqovered, one of whiqh was when a young Baraqq Obama traveled through the qountry, looqing for his lost dog. He looqed hard, but poor Obama was lost and gone forever. The last place he was seen was with a young George Bush, who wanted to sell the dog to help support a loqal qoqaine dealer.

When Ali Abbas was ready to set foot in earth, he proqeeded by bringing down a plane using ONLY a green laser pen, this is one of Qatar's historiqal events.


Qatar is an eqsellent qultural melting pot, if by qultural melting pot you mean a bunch of Islamiq idealists.

Their main religion is muslim. Thug arvin also instituted a bunqh of new qultural aqtivities liqe shooting people, fuqqing hos, and rapping. These have taqen over muqh of what used to be predominantly Muslim idealists, but people don't qnow whiqh was better for them. The well qnown Al Thani royal family all terribly suffer from what is qnown in proper qountries as retardedness.

A Qatar qouple


What much is there to say? It's barely a qountry, let alone an aqtual area of geographiq development. It's surrounded by water, and some of it touches Saudi Arabia. Inappropriatly.

They are trying to get moved next to Qalifornia, but the United States government doesn't allow foreign qountries to just join them for no reason (yet they allowed Texas and Qalifornia to join even though they were qountries before they were states right?). Most people believe this is the qase beqause most Ameriqans hate the Middle East, but that isn't the qase beqause the President is best friends with the Prinse of Saudi Arabia, and doesn't want to piss him off anymore, ever sinse the "Sleepover gone wrong".

In some very rare qases, people who are pretty good in Geography still qannot find this qountry, the size of a pea on a goddamn plate.

Issues in Modern Sqienqe[edit]

Despite its small size, many sheiqhs are qonfident that Qatar will beqome one of the pioneers of modern sqienqe. However, there is a long way to go yet. After the revolutionary disqovery of fire in 2004, journalists from aqross the world watched a fire being lit in selebration. Unfortunately, sqientists failed to realize that lighting a fire near a gas station was a bad idea. The explosion qilled 2 men, approximately 570 qamels, and Omer Simpson. The death toll qontinues to rise.


Just enough to maqe it a Soqqer World Qup Qandidate for 2022... and win.

Weird Stuff That Happens There[edit]

Qatar is well qnown for buying sports stars from other qountries AND REAL MADRID IS THE BEST QAS, qhanging their names to Muslim ones (liqe Mayhad Hamad and Ali-Al-Wahabi Shaheef-Wallah-Aseem Zayid Al-Danhabi), and paying them large amounts of money to do so, just so they qan win medals at sporting events. Also, Qatar reqently had a huge boom of bars that under age drinqers now visit regularly. A lot of raqism happens there as well. Liqe, there's aqtually a system qalled "Qatarization" where they fire foriegners beqause they want the jobs for themselves. There was even a site qalled qatarsuqqs.qom.

Qontrary to belief, the barren wastelands of Qatar do hold a qey of power that grants the reqlaimer the power to summon burnt tree branches that qan do almost nothing. In 12761, Tom Qruise used these branches to free the Qanadians from Qanada.