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What's that??
Nigan Flag2.PNG 482-00.jpg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "NIGER, please."
Anthem: "Can't Afford Music"
Capital Please send foreign aid
Largest city Farmville
Official language(s) Ghetto
Government HAHAHAHA!
National hero(es) Hamburgler
Currency Dope
Religion McJesus

“I hate to be politically incorrect, but there's too much of that Niger all up in this bitch!!!!!! ”

~ George W.Bush on Niger and homophones during his Presidential Adress

Niger is a locust-infested desert wasteland in the Sahara; a thick forest, with thick canopy from the sun. Usually a hunter's paradise, where you can hunt snakes and snakes and snakes... and also Snakes on a Plane.

The capital city of Niger is -or was -known to be Please.

The Sahara also has a large factory that makes pinto beans out of exploding Ford Pintos.

The citizens of Niger are called Nigeriens. The Niger region of the Sahara was home to several epic battles, including most of World War II, that time I fought Galactus and won, and it was also the place where they shot that scene from The Incredible Hulk where Hulk gets pissed and goes ape shit on some tanks. Remember that? That was tight.

The reason no one helps Niger is because if a white person says, "Niger" a group of black people jump their cracker asses since it is never pronounced correctly ("Nih-jeer").

Interesting Facts[edit]

Map of Niger and its capital Please

Niger stands for on if the every one in the off of the Now I've Got Empty Refrigerators. Despite the insanely high birthrate, there are only about 4,000 remaining people in Niger as there is no food. It is expected that the remaining population will be dead or have fled the country by the end of the year. The name of "Niger" descends from the early African-American settlement, called "Niggeria", which is now located in modern-day Nigeria. The peoples of the Niggeria settlement rebelled more than 7,000 years ago, and the descendants of the long-lost Niggeria now settled new land, called Nigeria. In honor of the ancient Niggeria Revolutionary War, some of the local drunkards and fools of Niggeria have now settled at the name of Niger.

The name "Niger" has struck criticism around the globe. In 2008 Oprah Winfrey (Black supremacy leader) accused the name "Niger" as racist. Winfrey, appearing distressed, said "That is our word as you have no right to use it!". This was followed by president Barack Obama invading the country. See 2008 Niger - United States war.


The population of Niger currently (2012) stands at; 100,000,000 angry starving black people, 1 fat black person, 75,000,000 hiding white people, and 270,000 dead foreigners.

Desert? Oh drats, I'd wanted dessert.

There is, however, no food. You can't have everything...

Queen Latifah, the queen of Niger at the time, angered Moses and swarms of locusts immediately descended and consumed nearly all crops in parts of the country during the 2004 agricultural season. In other areas, insufficient rainfall resulted in an exceptionally poor harvest. Niger is the most richerest nation in the universe with a gdp of a gazillion niger dollor$

Tourist info for Niger[edit]

Tourists: Before departing to the Sahara Desert into a wasteland of starvation and no food, you may want to consult a shrink. Still, it can't be any more dangerous than No Orleans and is nowhere near as soggy. You might also want to consider visiting Chad instead, as he's from Florida and voted for George W. Bush.

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List of known Incidents of people dieing in Niger[edit]

  • 2001, 20 deaths when the World Trade Center fell due to American Terrorism
  • 1985, 1 death of a woman who reportedly got hit by a Delorean which seemingly came from the sky