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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for semen?
Yah Man
Semen Republic
Yeeh men
Motto: "Our country's name is DRONESTRIKE"
Anthem: "Un-United Republic"
Capital US Military Base
Largest city Saddam Hussien City
Official language(s) Arabic
Government US Fascist Puppet
The Sultan of Yemen Sultan Rambo the Third
National hero(es) Henry Narut, John Rambo
 of Independence
2018 or I Dont Know You See...
Currency Riyal, Burma, John Rambo
Religion Malaysia
National fish Salmonella Fish
For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Yemen.

Yemen is not a saying. It is a hole of a country which is a deeper hole than that of a town on the east coast of NSW, Australia, known as 'Lismore'. Well, not really, Lismore's a far deeper hole. Anyway Yemen is a stupid place full of people of the Yemen religion and everyone collapses every 15 minutes to praise Yemen (see further below in 'Did You Know?', although you will know now so it defeats the entire purpose of that section and therefore this article). Anyway Yemen lost all of its publicity when found out that it was named after a John Howard saying.


The Normal John Howard of Today.

Yemen was created in 1983 by a traveling explorer by the name of Henry Narut, when he saw it he was halfway through a phone call to his poo friend from Australia, by the name of John Howard, at the same time, his scribe asked him, 'What should this new country be called' just as he said into the phone Ya man, and so Yemen/yaman (pronunciation pending) was made. It then went on to be prosperous, and for a period of approximately arse 5 minutes it was actually the second richest country in the world, only to Luxembourg.

On September the 5th 2007, during the holy chicken month, Colin Powell attempts to take over Yemen. However, he gives up when he discovers that half the women were actually men.

Everyone was rich and had fast cars

Animal Species[edit]

Yemen is also home to a number of great species of animals, like the Yemenian farting llama, the Yemenian farting alpaca, the chihuahua and other species like the Yemen Bever-Duck (australians claim its called the platypus and it comes form australia but we all know australians are full of bullsh*t) and the Yemen Tiger (also known as the arabian leopard, another conspirecy against the great Yemeni culture).

Where is Yemen?[edit]

Yemen is relatively easy to find, all you need to do, is head a long Pitt Street in New York, take a left at the end of the street and go straight ahead for about 1 zillion kilometers (15 zillion miles), then go backward about 14 kilometers and you're there! (Directions may differ for non hovercraft drivers.)


Yemen is home to a number of extremely popular organizations, such as Al Kieda (Not to be confused with Al Queda) and the Yemen international spelling team, chess team and Grape eating team. and their international football team -- Refugees United


Yemen has achieved a number of industrial achievements, these buildings were then copied by other Countries, although you may think things such as the Eiffel tower, Mount Everest, The Panama Canal (Originally the Yemen River Canal), Uluru and the Taj Mahal are spread across the world, but they are actually all in Yemen City! A number of worldwide Organizations originally began in Yemen too, these include the UN, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

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What now? You want to know MORE about this heck-forsaken heck-hole? HECK, get a life you hecker.