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In the world of fake encyclopedias, there has always been one great rivalry: Wikipedia vs. Uncyclopedia. Each has pursued its goal of being a great fake encyclopedia by different methods. Uncyclopedia by wit, satire, vindictive dictatorial admins, and users with no life; Wikipedia by "facts," "research," committees, and rules-lawyering dicks who revert you when they don't think you are right. Up until now the great duel has been carried out amidst the chaos of the internet, where every page is in flux, and people can't spel wurth a dam. Both have remained fake encyclopedias... until now.

In an ambitious move, Wikipedia has taken the step of actually trying to ensure a core of quality articles; articles which it might eventually use to invade the land of print that was conquered long ago by Guttenburg. They've already posted a list of the articles they consider to be vital here, publicly. That was their first mistake. Because I say, "anything they can do, we can do better!"

(Above stolen from UN:VITAL)

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