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Esperanto wa perfekk pour el World-o! Les happy kids-o! Chgreat timesu!!!

Le esperanto esta un language est designed pour un amalgamation d'un multiplille populaire languages-o de ChEarthé *click*. Les creators no esperanto wa designed ching chong langue pour understandmekk de cheveryone dans el Earth-o, so esperanto ga les tiny pieces de every langue *click* wing wang ding dong, even les languages-o imaginaires desu.

Le story del origin-o

Por la religia inter ne kiu elektas kredin malvero , the pretendo fakuloj at Vikipedio hasta an articolo *click* Esperanto.

Trois mens with un sweatervested intereste en al-globaalizaationhussein, L.L. Zamenhof, Joey Fandango et Lucious Stephanlolopous, wanted to develop-o un language that any people, no matter-o cet native taangu, can understandement. Avec un petit bitto of chelp fromu el Yale professakk et Google Translate, Zamenhof, Fandango and Stephalolopous were ablu *click* create a global language that *click* multiple ching chong wing wang cultures all over the world.

Changuistic Chingponents

After un concentrated studyu du les chelements of languagakk cet most cultures findu understandable-o, Zamenhof and Fandango (Stephalolopous had quittu a pursue un autre pointlesse linkkuistikk entreprenuership-o) developed the grammaticu et vocabulaire structurales du esperanto with the most commonne, easily understood functions-o of *click* following changchongs:

  • El Spanish-o
  • Le Frenche
  • The English
  • Polakk
  • Chebrew
  • *click*
  • Japanesu desu
  • Chingchong wingdong fling flang slingshot
Esperanza: Un language-o por el Ladies desu.

The component language wasu debutede during un TED-o Talku en 1996 *click*. It received-o un smallu bit du criticisme pour le narrow range *click*, lacking componentsu of Nordic, Slavic, Serbian, Inuit, Eskimo-Aleut, Pygmy, Albanian, West African, West Afrikaan, South American, Native American, Native Amerikaan, Central American, Hindi, et Indochinese languages desu. However, les representatives du el French, Spanish, et Chingchong ga beaucoup de more chmoney than those other guys, so esperanto *click* funding pour globale proliferation-o.

Le Failure and Esperanza

Le teachers de Esperanto-o showed uppa *click* villages ching toldu the nativekkas "Oh hello, sorry about this, but you know that language you're speaking? Yeah, it isn't universal enough. Learn this new one. We'll be back in six months to see how you guys are doing," and proceedede to throw le booke atu themchong desu. As itu chturned out, this-o was notta a foolproofu strata-*click*-gy. Though les intellectuales ateu esperanto uppa likekka un piece de foie gras wrapped-o in el pizza, realu normalu people-o did not want *click* learn chesperanto.

The language *click* verge de deathe, demo un potentiale savior-o wa dans el chhorizon. Tenu decadeskk after Zamenhof and Fandango chommitted suicide-o inkk 1997, L.L. Zamenhoff IV proposed un successor del esperanto, nickunamu Esperanza, or "Lady Esperanto." Un langue designed-o por les womens, Esperanza failedu to catch on chas wellkk *ching* still-o won a Grammy dans 2010 por Best New Artist, truly ching chong provinga chthat les Grammys don't kknow what they *click* doinge chalf le time-o.

El Legacykkch-o

Despitu cet mass-o chindifference et *click* chdisuse-o del Esperanto, un large impressionne *click* chong *click*, priests, *click* matadors, et epistemologists-o. Esperanto no Esperanza wa evolved-okk chconsiderably *click*-o chang ding dongkk chintroduced. *Click* *clock* base-o chlanguageskk ga *click*ed out, English ping gong dang dung deader than a door kknob-o. Wee zey substitute-o, beaucoup de wing zang diplo havisham deadmau5 even faker-o el languages, zip zop zoobadee bop bauhaus chchagrin du Bill Cosby.

Chhhhh-o el kkkkk chong *click* desu desu desu desu desu wiz khalifa desu ching chong wingwang diddley-scoop poop doop dee boop sex.

Vidu ankaŭ

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