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This article is part of the You have two cows series.

The 5 6 7 8's from Kill Bill
Moo-oo, moo-oo-oo
Moo-oo, moo-oo-oo
Moo-oo, moo-oo-oo
Moo-oo, moo-oo-oo
Moo-oo, moo-oo
Moo-oo, moo-oo-oo
(repeat 4 times or so)
Take on me, take me on
I'll be gone
With a cow or two
I've got two cows
I've got two cows
I've got two cows
And they're such big cows
Dirty big cows
And he's got two cows, and she's got two cows,
Who's got two cows? We've got two cows. Moo!
Some have two cows for charity
And some for fancy dress
But when two cows are for pleasure
They're the two that I like best
My cows are always mooing
To the left, and to the right
It's my belief that my two cows should moo every night! Moo!
Back in black spots
They hit the sack
The cows have been too long
They're glad to be back
Moo with me, moo for the years
Moo for two cows and moo for the bulls
Moo with me, if it's just for milk
Maybe tomorrow the butcher will take you away
Hey, Miss Mad Cow Disease,
Hey, Miss Mad Cow Disease,
You have two cows
But we're still emooooooh
Amon Amarth
Sometimes I slay two cows to the ground.
Amon Amarth 2
Under the winter skies
We stand glorious!
And with Two Cows on our side
We are victorious!
Angelic Upstarts
On 42nd street
There's a cow I'd like to milk.
I'd like to take her home
But my other cow wants me alone.
Farmer with protection of the law.
Anti-Moowhere League
Well I've milked a sheep, and I've milked a goat. I rammed its milk right down its throat.
So what, so what.
Well I've had crabs, and I've had lice, and I've had two cows and that ain't nice.
So what, so what you boring little calf.
And you won't fuck around no more!
You have always been my two cows
American Head Charge
Where is your beefburger now,
When both your cows have been left on the table?
Aphex Twin
The Aquabats
Two giant robots
With cow like heads
Two giant robots
They are our friends
The Arcade Fire
Every time you close your eyes (Cows, Cows)
Arch Enemy (old)
I hereby declare...
The milking to begin!
Arch Enemy (new)
My apocowlypse is near
I can feel the farmer...
Coming near...
Insert Angela Gossow here, minus most of her clothes.
The Arctic Monkeys
Who's those two cows over there?
I wonder what went wrong so that they had to roam the streets
They don't do major credit-cards, I doubt they do reciepts
It's all not quite legitimate...
Rick Astley
We're no strangers in the farm
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment is what I'm mooing of
You wouldn't get this from any other bull
(sound of angry rick roll'd guy/gal pushing "back" on his browser like mad and cursing you tube, rick astley, and kitten huffing)
Yes you've got two cows
And they go on and on
So deep inside of me
Why won't they milk for me?

Atreyu: You got two cows who got dumped by their girlfriends, they go on a rampage and go on about how much they hate them, one of them does clean mooing, the other is clearly depressed and expresses himself by screamooing very very loudly.

You have two cows. The lead singer leaves the band that their in, and the form a cool band with the singer form Soundpasture.
beep beep woc beep beep woc buzz moooooooo
Autour De Lucie
J'ai deux vaches
Avenged Sevenfold
Can't you help me as I'm starting to moo
Too many bovine and I'm starting to get an attraction
My ruminant is leaving me on my own
No one can save me and you know that you have two cows
Avenged Sevenfold 2
I hear two cows at night
Outside when the farmers are ploughing
Avenged Sevenfold
She's a dwelling place for two cows......
Avenged Sevenfold
Cows swallow the food, and I've a bone
Drinking good milk, and why'd go?
And so it's come to this. Two cows - two udders await.
Let your choice be guided by collective wisdom. Ah, hath the prospect of milk ever tasted so good?
One gate completes the circle; one step away from your own dimension, your cherished farm.
One gate severs all connections: one step away from the dreamfarm of everlasting beef.
You call it Mooblivion. It is a brave soul who makes the first choice.
Deep down inside I think you know
You are free...come back to moo!
The B-52s
But it wasn't two cows,
it was a rock lobster!
The Bangles
All the calves in the marketplace say
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
Walk like an Fresian
Barenaked Ladies
If I had two cows. (If I had two cows.)
I'd give you some milk. (I would give you some milk.)
If I had two cows. (If I had two cows.)
I'd sell one and buy you a jug for your milk. (I'd...)
Beastie Boys
The Beatles (pre-Yoko Ono)
You think you lost your cows
Well I saw them yesterday
It's you they're thinking of
And they told me what to say
They said they love you!
And you need to milk them bad
They love you
When you milk them they'll be glad, mooo!
The Beatles (pre-Yoko Ono)
In my life,
I had two cows.
The Beatles (post-Yoko Ono)
Two, two, two, two
Two, two, two, two
The Beatles (post-Yoko Ono)
I am two
You are two
As he is two
And we are all together
I am two cows
Que onda, moo-cow?
Beck 2
Where it's at,
I got two cows and a microphone,
That was a good drum break.
Victoria Beckham
Two cows on a mountaintop.....
She's got milk.
Yeah baby, she's got milk
I'm your bovine-us,
I'm your milk supplier,
At your desire.
Cows, you have TWOOOO!
(from his Fifth Symphmoony, Moo-vement 1; Also known as the "The Angry Fourth Cow")
Beethoven 2
Kühe, schöner Gotterfunken
Tiere aus dem Feldentum
Du hast all' die Milch getrunken
Aber du weißt nicht warum
Ben Folds Five
She's a cow and I'm drowning slowly
In the milk and I'm headed nowhere
Ben Folds
Till I opened my eyes and walked out the door
And two cows came tumbling down
And it's moo moo, goodbye, I tried
Bill Bailey
The cow lies shredded in a pancake
Soaking in the hoisin of your lies...

Billy Joel

You have two cows. They spend years struggling to get by in a small apartment, and become a charicature of Americana.

Billy Joel again

You have two cows. They didn't start the fire.
If you forget my name
You will go astray
Like two cows
Trapped in a bay
Björk 2
Two cows the earth intruders
they are the sharp shooters
flock of paramoopers
necessary moo-doo
Black Sabbath
No more war cows have the power!
Hoof of God has struck the hour!
Oh Lord Yeah!
(5 Minute Guitar solo)
Black Sabbath 2
I am wiccan
I am legion
Strength in two cows a lie
The number is one
Blind Guardian
Two cooooowwwwwwws
Two coooowwwwwwwwws
Quitely crept in and changed us all
Blink 18-moo
And Ieeeeeeeeeee dont wont to worry,
about being on time.
I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
the way you worry,
two cows run your liiiife
Blink 18-moo 2
This cow was never the same again after you came and went
how can you say you meant anything different
to anyone standing alone on the street
with a cigarette on the first night we met
Blink 18-moo 3
I fell in love with two cows at the rock show
They said "Moo?" and I told 'em that I didn't know.
Call me (Moo) oh cow
When you're ready we can share the milk
Call me
Blondie 2
Uh huh milk me tonight

Tonight milk it right Uh huh milk me tonight

Bloodhound Gang
You and me baby ain't nothing but two cows
so let's moo it like they moo on the discovery channel!
Bloodhound Gang 2
I don't wanna beat around the bush.
Foxtrot. Udder. Cattle. Kilo.
Foxtrot. Udder. Cattle. Kilo.
Bloodhound Gang 3
I said guys I'm like you I like milking cows too
Wanna see how many push-ups I can do?
I just wish I had two cows so I could get chicks.
Chicks dig guys that have two cows.
Guys that don't have no cows.
Moo Man Group
Rock Concert Moovement #6
The Two-Hoofed Upward Thrust With Moo
Ready Go.
Blue Öyster Cult
With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
They pull the spitting high tension wires down.
Blue Öyster Cult 2
My hide is black, and my milk is cold.
Paddocks I graze with bulls and cows.
3000 litres, they seem to extract.
Blue Öyster Cult 3
I'm going to need moore cow bell.
James Blunt
You're moo-tiful! You're moo-tiful!
We're looking for girls who like cows
who like cows to be girls...
Moo-Hoo! When I Feal Heavy Metal
Moo-Hoo! And I'm Pins And I'm Needles
When I'm lying and I'm easy
All the time but I never know when too MILK YOU
pleased to meet MOOOOOOO....
Bob Dylan
Yes'n' How many cows must a farmer have,
Before you call him a farmer?
The answer my friend, is blowing in to cows, the answer is blowing in to cows...

I finally see the cows arrivin' I see beyond the fields I'm drivin'

Boston 2

I understand about indecision But I don't care if I get behind People livin' in a pasture All I want is to have my pair of cows

Buddy Holly
If they moo,
My cows two,
Then I'd know milking is due,
My sweeties,
M-m-my cows two-oo-oo-ooo-ooo.
David Bowie
There are two cows, waiting in the sky,
We'd like to go and milk them,
But I think they'll blow our minds
David Bowie
Two cows!
Grazing in the dance hall
Oh man!
Look at those moo-men go
Oooooh, it's the freakiest show
David Bowie (again)
For heeeeeeere am I sitting with my two cows,
Faaaaaaaar above the world...
Devonshire says "moo" and there's nothing I can do...
Tell my cows I love them very much
They know
Ground control to Farmer Tom
Your udder's gone there's something wrong
Can you milk them, Farmer Tom?
Can you milk them, Farmer Tom?
More David Bowie
We could be hores,
Just with two cows!
Even more David Bowie
Ground control,
Major two cows.
Yet more David Bowie
Moo moo, I hear them moo
When I'm sitting in my room, with my two cows
Moo moo
I will sit right down
Waiting for gift of sound from friesians!
And still more David Bowie and Mick Jagger
They're grazing in Chicago
Down in New Orleans
Up in New York City
Cattle grazing in the streets!
{jugga jigga wugga}
{jugga jigga wugga}
Brand New
Brand New
Back in school they never told us what we needed to know
like how do deal with 2 cows or someone breaking your heart
12 years we milked them all together
but a night like this is begging me to pull them to hard.
The Bravery
Cattle, they don't mean a thing to you
They moove right through you, just like your breath
But sometimes, I still milk you
And I just wanted to, just wanted you to know.
My old cow.
I swear I never ment for this
I never ment...
Don't look at me that way
It was an honest moostake
Don't look at me that WAAAAAY
It was an honest moostake
An honest moostake

Bullet For My Bovine
You have four cows with dyed black manes.
The local fans (i.e. prepubescent Welsh girls) find them extremely attractive and enjoy listening to them lowing.
They make the front cover of Cowrrang! and cause many people to throw (bull's) horns at concerts.
The true headbangers reject this phony mu-metal bullshit and pray that the band comes down with a serious case of BSE.
Calf of God
These are two motherfucking cows
The only ones you could ever need
These are two motherfucking cows
Just two coooooooows!!
Captain Beefheart
What this world needs is uh good two-cow room n' uh good two-cow broom
You have two cows' diseased, infected, regurgitated digestive tracts and/or spleens. You dump battery acid and Mentos on them and watch them fester.
The Carpenters
Why do cows suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to moo.
Johnny Cash
I hear the train a'coming
it's rolling around the bend
and I ain't seen my two cows since
I don't know when.
The Cat Empire
It's days like these that'll make us happy
like two cows getting lucky with Chainsaw
The Cat Empire 2
We've got a pair of cows for climbing
And a pair of cows to spring
And a pair of cows for strength
And a pair of cows to sing
And these simple chords
That say moosic is the language of us all
They see me mooin'
They hatin'
And tryin' to catch cows ridin' dirty
Tryin' to catch cows ridin' dirty (x4)
Two cows are so loud
I'm milkin'
They hopin' that they don't catch cows ridin' dirty
Tryin' to catch cows ridin' dirty (x4)
Cheap Trick
Ohhhh didn't I didn't I didn't I hear you mooing?
Wanna have two cows again
Wanna eat that beef again
Wanna drink that milk again
But there's something wrong, there's something wrong
I'm gonna tear my cows apart if I can't get my beef together
And spread their faeces around on plants
Too late to change my mind
Two cows remain
I've silenced their moos!
Children's Songs
Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O,
And on this farm he had two cows, E-I-E-I-O.
With a moo-moo moo-moo here, And a moo-moo moo-moo there,
Here a moo-moo, There a moo-moo, Everywhere a moo-moo moo-moo.
Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!
Children of Bovine
We're the Hatecows, we graze and we won't fall
We're all for two, and milk for all
The Clash
We don't need Two Cows!
We need to equalize!
Sinead O'Connor
Nothing Compares to Cow
Sinead O'Connor 2
Irish calves are starving, and it's all the Pope's fault! Fight the real enemy! *Rrrrip*
Can you take me farming?
To a place where two cows breed.
Can you take me farming?
Where we get our milk for free.
Cowheed and Cambria
Dear Ambellina, two cows wish you to watch over me.
Cowheed and Cambria
Two Cows (Embodied in Moo and Marshmallow)
Cowheed and Cambria
Please bring home my two cows, before I hope you diiiieee!!
More Cowheed and Cambria
Good eye milker, I'll moo, you tug!
Moore Cowheed and Cambria
I'll make you wish you hadn't chewed our cud before
I'll milk all this in a manner cursed at my own accord
So come on bitch, why aren't you squirting?
If my shame spills our milk across this room,
Then tonight, goodnight, I'll milk the cows two
Even moore Cowheed and Cambria
Will never dry
My udders
Will never dry!
Neverendering Cowheed and Cambria
You could have milked all I wanted
But if you really like beef, you would have denied my cow
And you are just as I presumed, a cow in, sheeps clothing
Cow Chamber
It's the darkest place, underneath two cows
The tractor comes and it takes me there
We keep ev'rything inside all through the farm,
Birthing calves and milking cows
Cow Chamber
Two cows, two cows, two cows are on fire
But we don't need no water let the motherfuckers burn
Cow Chamber
Two cows are rollin through my head,
Said detached to Loco, power up milk,
To the barnyard up to my right says
You're in my pasture,
Come hear the two cows, in my head
They say you wanna milk them but they wanna be fed
They're scraping the bottom of the bucket of milk
There's a million pairs of udders and they're synchronised
They're mooing
They're lowing
They want to get out
They are armed to the teets
It's the Beef Royale!
Yoooooou haaaaaave
Twooooooo Coooows
(cue piano chord progression that was in the last two singles)
I used to have two cows
Milk would flow when I brought them out
But then I turned them into steaks
Sorry, cows, but them's the breaks
Everybody needs two cows for a pillow
Everybody needs two cows
Mine's on the 45
Cows With Guns

You have two cows. They shoot you.

Counting Cows
Mr Jooooooones, and me, and two cows...
Corey Hart
I milk my two cows at night.

Cradle of Filth

<unintelligible screeching>
You have two cows
(Scream Scream Scream)
They hate life
(More Screaming)
Kill the cows
(even more screaming)
</unintelligible screeching>

The Cowberries

Will you remoomber the spots they wore?
Will you remoomber their grace?
Will you remoomber the branding they wore?
This world is a wonderful place
Will you remoomber the milking machine?
Will you remoomber their pain?
Will you remoomber the udder we've seen?
They will return here again
Will you remoomber the teats in my hand?
Will you remoomber their stare?
Will you remoomber the leather we tanned?
Two cows are not waiting out there
I wont remoomber the spots they wore
I wont remoomber their milk
I wont remoomber the branding they wore
I will just love them in vain
Will you remoomber?
Will you recowll?

Creedence Clearwater Revival: You have two cows. You primarily sell the milk from one cow until you find that the other one produces far superior milk, so you switch to the second cow's milk and become a millionaire. Four years later, the first cow becomes resentful of the second cow, so you decide to get an equal amount of milk from both cows, resulting in far less profit for you. This results in the second cow leaving the farm, and years afterward, you and the first cow sue the second cow because the milk that it produces now is far too similar to the milk that it produced when you owned it.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Our farm Is a very very very fine farm With two cows in the barn. Life used to be so hard. Now everything is easy 'cause of moo.

Sheryl Cow
All I wanna do is have two cows,
I got a feelin, that I'm not the only one.
All I wanna do is have two cows,
Until the sun comes up over Santa Moo-nica Boulevard!
Sheryl Cow
I'm gonna milk my two cows
I'm gonna tell everycow to eat some grass
Crowded House
Everywhere you go
You always take the cows with you
Everywhere you go
You always take the cows
Crush 40
HAVE TWO COWS! Hanging on the edge of tomorrow!
HAVE TWO COWS! From the bulls of Mr. Wilk!
HAVE TWO COWS! If you beg or if you borrow,
HAVE TWO COWS! You may never find your milk.
Pasture to pasture calling...
Got cows to milk in Germany
Calves to rear in Italy
Pasture to pasture calling...
The Cure
Show me, show me, show me how to milk two cows,
Their udders make me scream, she said.
Their udders make me laugh, she said,
And threw the yoke around my neck.
Show me how you moo it
And I promise moo
I promise that I'll chew my cud with moo.
Current 93

Little children snuggle under soft black cows And if you look into their eyes-- soft black cows Deliver them from the milk and the leather and the meat And let them read the silence bathed in soft black cows Let them trace the milkdrops under soft black cows Let them follow oxtails and scare away the night Let them kiss the greenhouse burps of soft black cows

Daft Punk
You have two cows
You two
Have cows
Cows. Cows. Cows. Cows. Cows. Cows.
You have two cows.
You have two cows.
You have two cows.
[Repeat x27]
Moore Daft Punk
You have two cows
Yoou haave twoo coows
You have two cows
Yoou haave twoo coows
You have two cows
Yoou haave twoo coows
You have two cows
Yoou haave twoo coows
[Repeat x27]
Dark Tranquillity
If I had cows, would I be forgiven?
If I had sheep, would there be milk to whiten my smile?
Dead Kennedys 1
I fought two cows and I won
Dead Kennedys 2
It's a holiday in Cow-mbodia
Where two cows dress in black
The Decemberists
You had two French cows.
But they died in 1842.
The Decemberists
You had two cow wives.
But you were greedy and forced them to milking.
They ran away.
Deep Purple
Two cows in time you'll see the line
The line that's drawn between the moo-d and the bad
See the blind man shooting at the world
Bullets flying taking toll
If you've been bad, Lord I bet you have
And you've not been hit by flying lead
You'd better close your eyes and bow your head
And wait for the ricochet
Moo moo moo
Moo moo moo
Depeche Mooed
Every cow counts in large amounts
Depeche Mooed 2
Your own, personal, two cows
Depeche Mooed 3
Let me see you milked
Depeche Mooed 4
See the microcows in macrocowsm
Desperation Squad
Neil Diamond
Where it began, I can't begin to knowing, but then I know you have two cows …
Dimmooo Burger
Let cows... entwine...
On... defenceless soil...
Remove... errors of bulls...
And sweep the remaining milk...
Dimmooo Burger 2
Reconcile not with the fear of the cow
But embrace it as your own...
Inject its milk into your veins
and replant the calcium that gives growth...
Get up! C'mon get down wit da two cows!!
Disturbed 2
Liberate my cows, you motherf%#ker
You got my two cows, you got my two cows!!
Disturbed 3
I can hear the cows but I don't wanna milk 'em
Strap me down and tell me I'll be pasteurized.
You have two muthafuckin' cows (what?!)
You shoot 'em both and get two dogs (c'mon!)
Charles Dodge
{synthesized voice}
You have two cows
You-u-u have two cows
Two cows
Two cows
Two cows, cows, cows, cows, cows
You-You have tttwwwooo ccccoooowwwwssss.
Yoy hay toy koys
Yag hag tag kaygs
Yyooouuuu hhhhhaaaaaaavvvvvvveeeeeeee ttttttttttwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooo ccccccccccccccoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwssssssssssssssss.
One was real
One was fake
Two two two two two cows
Coooooooooowwws! Coooooows. Cooows. Cows...
One was fake.
Thomas Dolby
She blinded me with two cows
"She blinded me with two cows!"
And failed me in moology
When I'm milking the two cows
"Blinding me with two cows - TWO cows"
I can hear them moo loudly
"Hear them moo! Moo!"
They call me two-cows
Quite right-ly
Dragostea din tei
Vrei sa plesch dar mooma mooma yei!
Dream Theater
If you're searching for my silent cows
You won't find 'em here
Look another way
You won't find 'em heeeere
So try another cow!
Dream Theater
I walk with two cows
No matter how far
Dream Theater
Two Cows walk through the door
And milk floods out the window
Nobody knows what they want
'Till they finally sell the farm
Dream Theater
Two Cows watch me and thoughtfully smile
They're taking me to my faaaarm!
The Dresden Bulls
you can tell
from the scars on the farm
and the cracks in the cows
and the dents in the barn
and mooing all around
that i've got two cows
I don't want anoybody else
When I think about you I milk myself
Dir en grey
Ruckow, ruckow, you have two cows, ruckow!
  • insert vomiting*
Dire Straits
Two cows say they’re jesus one of them must be wrong
There’s a farmhand singing a farmhand song - he says
They wanna have a war to keep us on our knees
They wanna have a war to keep their meat factories
They wanna have a war to stop us buying japanese
They wanna have a war to stop mad cow disease
Dixie Cows
Two cows need Wide Open Spaces
Room to wander and graze
They need mooooo places
They know they're gonna be steaks
They know 'bout high-priced stea-ay-ayayayks
The Donnas
The first time I saw your cow
I got wasted on it's milk
The Donnas 2
I came here to find you
I came to remind you
Don't you miss the cows that we used to milk?
(something something) far away
(something something) the day
(something) through the fire and the flames
(rest of chorus)
(solo- Herman/Sam/Herman/Herman/Twin Blast/Sam/Sam/Sam/Herman/Vadim/Herman/Twin Blast/Herman)
Dillinger Escape Plan
The stranger's two cows
Take you where you wanna be
Grazing before of us
Two cows are so glorious
Our teats will shine brightly in the sky
DragonForce 2
Oh once in a lifetime take two cows at the right time
and kill them for feed!
Ride right for the cows of your life
Now the time has come for two to be freed!
Duran Duran
In touch with the ground
Im on the hunt Im after Moooooo
Smell like my arse, Im looking for grass
And Im hungry like a cow
Cattle in line, in discord and rhyme
Im on the hunt Im after Moooooo
Mouth is alive with juices like urine
And Im hungry like a cow
Dschinghis Khan
Twocow, twocow
Throw your glasses at the wall
And good fortune to us all
Hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh, hey!
Moskau, Moskau
Wirf zwei Kühe an die Wand
Rußland ist ein schönes Land
Ho ho ho ho ho, hey!
Moskau, Moskau
Viel Milch trinkt man pur und kalt
Das macht hundert Jahre alt
Ho ho ho ho ho, hey!
Bob Dylan
How many cows must a man possess before they call him a rancher?
Echo & the Bunnymen
In starlit nights I saw you
So cruelly you milked me
Your hoofs a magic world
Your udders all hung with jewels
The killing moo-on
Will come too soon
Don't turn away beyond my dream,
You're paramount to everything
You have the Two Cows to save infinity !
I like... two cows
If you're big, and spotted too
I've got a pasture for you to sit on
Eiffel 65
Two cows da ba dee da ba dye
da ba dee da ba dye
You have two cows da ba dee da ba dye
da ba dee da ba dye
Electric Light Orchestra
Don’t bring me steak, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no (moo-moo-ha)
I’ll tell you once more before I get tipped to the floor
Don’t bring me steak.
Electric Six
Cow! I want to take you to a gay bar!
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
There's a secondhand emotion on a battered forty-five
My tears were never enough to keep those cows alive.
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Two Jersey brown cows will fight out until
One Jersey brown cow drinks the other one's milk
Einstuerzende Neubauten
There's a place around the corner
Where your two cows live
Emerson, Lake, & Palmer
Welcome back, my friends, to the farm that never ends
We're so glad you could attend, graze outside, graze outside
I woulda never f***ing dream in a f***ing million f***ing years
So many f***ing cows f***ing waiting to be f***ing milked muthatF***er!
Two cows in the front row
And the herd begins to moo
And there's milk upon the stage
Bang your horns agains the stage
And the two cows take their price
Bonded by milk
Brian Eno
But these cows don't walk to well
A bad sense of direction
And so they roll around in pairs
Such a strange collection
And these cows don't eat to well
No discrimination
To be a bovine all the time
Requires such dedication
But tipped cows don't moo to well
They've got a shaky sense of diction
It's not so much a living hell
It's just a dying fiction-ion-ion-ion-ion
(A cow is dressed with a glitter cowboy hat and silver short pants)
Soul, I hear you calling
Oh baby please
Give a little respect
To these two cows
Moo moo moo moo moo MOOOOOOOO
Moo moo moo moo moo MOOOOOOOO, moo mooooo...
Moolissa Etheridge
Graze by my window,
Moo by the light of the moooo-oon
Graze by my window, I'll be home,
I'll be home soon.
(Return to Innocence)
Moo, moo, moooo, moo-moo, moo, moo...
Bid my milk to run
Before I moo undone
Save me from the two cows I've become
Evanescence #2
Don't moo to me
If you loved me
You'd have two cows with me
Everything But The Cow
You had two cows, before today.
One is missing, you walking wounded.
Ghost ride the cows (x4)
Now milk, milk, milk, milk,
Milk, milk, milk milk!
Put yo stunna cows on (x4)
Now milk, brake, dip dip! (x2)
Faith No More
Yooouuuu want two cows, but you can't haaaave them,
Theeeyyy're in your faaaaaace but you can't miiiiiilk them.

Fall Out Boy: You have two cows. One is liKE O mY GaWd so HAwT and they both suck.

Fat Cow Slim
Its my livestock of choice.
Fat Cow Slim 2
And the sign said the brown and spotted cattle
Need not apply
Fat Cow Slim 3
I'm the sexiest cow in Jamaica.
New York's all right
If you have two cows!
She's got a brand new cow
Looks like a jaguar
It's got a leather hide
It's got a CD Player!

Flaming lips

And if you had two cows, and could milk them, would you do it?
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!
Moo Fighters
Somewhere they're taking cows, but you are like my favourite disease.
Moo Fighters2
Just a couple of cows,

Are what I need now In this farm.

Forward Russia
Time, To milk a cow
when the two cows you are milking fracture
into a Million and one reflections
But two cows are saving my life!
Fountains of Wayne
My two cows have got it goin' on
They're all I want, and I've waited so long
Stacey can't you see, it's just bestiality
I know it's wrong somehow, but I'm in love with my two cows
Peter Frampton
Shadows grow so long before my eyes
And they're moving across the page
Suddenly the day turns into night
Far away from the city
But don't hesitate 'cause your two cows won't wait
Ooh, baby I love your whey.
Frankie Goes To Hollymood
You have two cows. They go to war. You score one point.
Franz Ferdinand
Well do ya, do ya do ya wanna
Milk my cows, like you never milked them before.
Front 242
One you buy some cattle
Two you feed them grass
Three you slowly milk their teets
And four you catch your calf
You stupid cow
You stupid cow
All the milk you wasted
All the milk you wasted
Judy Garland
Somewhere over the rainbow,
Two cows fly
Cows fly over the rainbow,
Why then, oh why can't I?
The Gathering
It has always been in the back of my mind
Dreaming about milking all kinds of cows
I always wanted two cooooooows
In strange machines
Gilbert and Sullivan
Two little cows that moo are we
Our milk isn't drunk by the Japanese
Still they drink their wine with stinky brie
Two little cows that moo
Lesley Gore
Sunshine, Lollipops and, two cows,
Everything is wonderful is what I feel when, we have milk,
Brighter than a lucky penny,
When you're near the bulls all disappear, dear,
And I feel so fine, Just to know I have two cows.
Watcher of the farms watcher of all
His is a cow alone no two cows are his own,
He whom milk can no longer surprise,
Raising his eyes beholds a pasture unknown.
It's coming on
It's coming on
It's coming on
It's coming on
It's coming on
It's coming on
It's Cows
I'm happy, I'm feeling glad
I got two cows, in a bag
Martin Grech
Tending on my fragile cow.
How it 'mooooooooos'.
Where was more when I needed a few?
All I ever wanted was two.
Green Day
My shadows the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only fear that guides me
Some day I wish someone up there will find me
Till then I walk alone
Except for these two cows
Group X
You haive two aind a haif chauws. You do de saix weeth weemon and eat haut haim saindweech.
Guess Who
American cow, stay away from me
American cow, cattle let me be
Don't come hanging around my door
I don't want your milk no more
I got more important things to do
Than spend my time milkin' you
Now cow, stay away
American cow, listen what I say
Guns 'n' Roses
Two cows of mi-i-ine
Sweet cows of mi-i-ine
Guns 'n' Roses
Take me down to the paradise city
Where the cows are two and the girls are pretty
Guns N' Roses]
When you're talking to my cows
And nobody's home
You can't moo yourself
You graze in this lawn alone...
Headless Chickens
Mr Cow you walk upon the pasture.
You shine like oil on milking machinery.
You're sharper than a knife and I'll milk you all my life.
These two cows went out to the club
This little cow came home
This little cow went out to the club
This little cow just wants to be milked.
Hed(p.e.) 2
Hed(p.e.) 3
I would give you anything but, I don't have anythng.
Just these crazy two cows
And they won't give me any milk.
Herd of Four
I love a cow in uniform
(Milk! Milk!)
I lift my moos
I lift my burps to you
I lift my hooves
I lift my mooing to you
And I love you more than I can moo
Oh, I love you more than I can moo
Ever I will moo
Only you will I adore
Glorify my farmer
Only you will I serve
For the farm will fade away
Still my milk to you remains
Only you will I adore
Huey Lewis and the News
It's hip to have two cows.
Jethro Tull
Happy and I'm smiling
Walking miles to milk my two cows
You know I love to love you
And I love to milk my moo-cows.
Jimi Hendrix
Purple Graze, In my mind,
Perfect feed for two space bovines,
You got me twitchy, like an itchy mouse,
'Scuse me while I milk two cows!
(An eight minue guitar riff follows, and then he segues into another big hit...)
'Cause I got you two cows (voodoo cows!)
'Lord knows you got voo-two cows!
Jimi Hendrix 2
Have only one itchin’ desire
Let me stand next to your two cows
Jimi Hendrix 3
Well, I stand up next to a bovine
And I milk it all with a squeeze of my hand
'Cos I'm a voodoo calf, God knows I'm a voodoo calf.
Jimi Hendrix 4
Now if two cows turned out to be mine, oh I don't mind, I don't mind.
If the mountains, fell in the sea, let it be, it ain't me.
Got my own cows to live for, and uh I ain't gonna copy you.
Jimi Hendrix 5
Hey Joe, where ya goin' with those two cows of yours?
Infected Mooshroom
I wake up!
And old Bessie's out
Never again will she sell out
Converting milk from dairy vats
Into the cheese and giving it to you...
I don't know, it just taste right

Jimi Hendrix: You have two cows. One, instead of mooing, says "muuuuuu" and infuences your other cow to mu.

Kaiser Chiefs
Oh my god, I cannot believe it
I just got 2 bloody cows.
Won't you please catch that herd as they milk my thoughts, I’m left with the fragments and flames
Twoooooooo cooooooows meeeen tweeeentyyy
Klaxons not farmers!

Kool & the Gang
You have two cows,
You have two cows,
You have two cows,
You have two cows,
You have two cows,
You have two cows.
This farm inside my mind, a place I like to hide,
But you don't know my two cows, what if they should die?
A farm inside my brain, another mooing pain,
But you don't know my two cows, they're so Blind,
Moosic do, and it is reaching,
Inside you, forever grazing,
Fuck you too, your milk's a whisper,
Hang on, you Two-cow Transistor
Sometimes I cannot milk two cows
Sometimes it's their beef I can taste
You all want two cows say f*ck that!
F*ck that, f*ck that!
Robyn Hitchcock
My cow, and my dead cow,
Am I the only one who milks her?
My cow and my dead cow,
Doesn't anybody milk her at all?
Whitney Houston
Iced Earth
Await the days of Milking
Bessie's mother's sharing in our pain.
Erase the human farmers,
They know not of where they came.
And though our udders are milked
We have to wipe the drops away.
In vain they were not butchered.
Ten thousand cows, we'll seize the farm!
Billy Idol
In the milking hour she moo more more more
With the rebel moo, she cry moo moo moo.
Billy Idol again

LIt's a nice day to milk the cows, it's a nice day for a

White Milking!
Iggy Pop
And now I wanna be your cow!
And now I wanna be YOUR cow!
And now I wanna be your COW!
Well cow'mon!
In Flames (old)
Where we can no longer miiiilk
And reality's torn
Then it's easy to forgeeeet
Our cows are still waiting...
In Flames (new)
I want you to milk me
Take me somewhere
Don't want to live
On a faaa-aaarm one more day
(insert cow angst here)
Iron Maiden
Two, two two
The number of your cows.
Iron Maiden 2
Can I play with moo-ness?!
Iron Maiden 3
Run to two cows! Run for bovine!
Iron Maiden 4
Have you seen familiar two cows?
That you know you've never milked before?
You know that you feel deja moo!
Iron Maiden 5
Fear of the cows
Fear of the cows
I have a constant fear that cows are always near
Fear of the cows
Fear of the cows
I have a phobia that two cows are always there
Michael Jackson
Just MILK IT (milk it) MILK it (milk it)! HEE-hoo! *grabs crotch and attempts to rape a six year old boy*
Jefferson Airplane
One cow makes you larger
And one cow makes you small
And the milk your mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice, when she's two cows tall
Joan Jett
She got cows
Cows all over the world
She got bulls
Every now and then
Joan Jett 2
I don't give a moo 'bout my bad reputation
Moo-das Priest
Faster than a bull-et
Terrifying moooing
Enraged and full of anger
They're half cow and half machine
Ride the Milking Monster
Both breathing smoke and fire
Closing in with vengeance mooooooiiing hiiiiiiigh
Moo-das Priest 2
Two cows, two cows blazin'
Moo-das Priest 3
Milkin' after midnight,
Grazin' till the dawn
Moo-das Priest 4
Cause you're the Green Manalishi with the two-pronged cow!
Moo-das Priest 5
If you think we're vegans better think again
There'll be some steak tonight
Here, come, another two cows
Time, for, milking is now
Moo-das Priest 6
Milkin' the law
Milkin' the law
Carry on my wayward cows
There'll be peace when you are steak
Lay you weary heads to grass
Get fat so we'll eat you
Oh simple cow
Where have you gone?
I'm getting jolly peckish and I need some rump steak to chew on
 Kenny Loggins
 And I'm gonna cut loose
 Cow loose, get off your bullish juice
 :Back to the days of the Purple Cow
 : Back in the ways of the Purple Cow
 : Back to the days of Moo... mooo mooo
Keane 2
Many the time's I milked with you down
The rainy udders of our old cows
And many the bovines we milked in each day
And buried all together
Don't laugh at my cows
Don't look away
You'll follow me back with two cows in your eyes
And on your own
Cowshaped, and steaks of stone
Kid Rock
Cowitdabeef ba moo da beef jerky jerky jerky said the two cows said milk both the two cows
The Killers
Somebody told me
That you have two cows
That look like two bulls
That I had in February of last year
King Crimson
I talk to the cow
My words all mooing away....
The cow cannot hear
The cow cannot hear
The Kinks
You really got two cows
You got two cows; I can't sleep at night.
This is what 2Kows are about!
Also known as the Justified Ancients of Moo-Moo.
Furthermore known as two sheep.
Stronger than ever, never before
KMFDM has two cows against beef
Be mine, cows of salvation
Moo-ke Joint Jezecow's coming for my lactation
Ladies and Gentlemen, Cow Ruck.
We got the two cows, excessive force
Agricultural soundtrack to the milky wars
I milked two cows
On a stool
Not with mechanical pumps
I drank the milk
Of my cows
Wake me up in semi-skimmed
You have two cows and they're looking good,
I'd like to take them home that's understood.
Kraftwerk 2
(sharp dry beat) Horns
(metallic voice) moo
(sharp dry beat) Hooves
(metallic voice) moo
(sharp dry beat) Leather
(metallic voice) moo
(sharp dry beat) Milk
(metallic voice) moo
(metallic choir) TWO COWS!
Kraftwerk 3
It's more fun with two cows
When we all give the power
We all milk the best
Es gibt zwei Kühe vor dem Tod
Moo heißt Moo
Laibach 2
Eins, Zwei, Zwei Kühe
Meine freunde, sagt es "Mooeh"
Laibach 3
You shall see dairy walls crumble and two cows fall
You shall see darkness, all milk in the sky
Laibach 4
Die Kühe
Sind nicht mehr frei
Und unser
Hof hat zwei
Das Milch ist AUS
Led Zeppelin
There are two cows who are sure
All that glitters is milk
And they're buying the moo-way to heaven
Led Zeppelin 2
We come from the land of the ice and snow
With the midnight sun and the two cows low
Led Zeppelin 3
You need milkin', baby, I'm not foolin',
I'm gonna get two cows on a milking stool,
Way down inside honey, you got it,
I'm gonna get me your milk,
I'm gonna get me your milk.
  • Wanna Whole Lotta Cows (X2)
Peggy Lee
You give me two cows,
When you kiss me,
Two cows when you hold me tight.
Two cows in the morning.
Two cows all through the night
[Newsflash: Peggy Lee Trampled by Eight Cows!]
John Lennon
I don't believe in Elvis
I don't believe in Beatles
I just believe in me
My two cows and me
And that's reality [...]
The cream is over
John Lennon 2
Imagine there's two cows,
Its easy if you try,
Cow pies below us,
Above us, cries of moos,
John Lennon 3
Imagine both my two cows....
John Lennon 4
As soon as you're milked they make you feel small
By giving you two cows instead of them all
Linkin Park
Linkin Park 2
I tried so hard and got so far,
But I the End I only have 2 cows!
Linkin Park 3
Liam Lynch
I went down to the beach one time and saw two cows,
They were all like, "Mooo!"
And I'm like, "whatever!"
I've got the heart of a cow,
And the wings of another cow,
Lita Ford
I went to a barn last Saturday night
I didn't get milked, I got in a fight
Uh huh. It ain't no big thing
Lords of Acid
You wanna suck my two cows?
Lords of Acid 2
I just don't know what to do
I got my two cows but I want you too
I wanna be screwed by you
But any two cows will do
I wanna be screwed by you and you and you
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sweet Home Alabama *dig-a dig-a dig-a doo*;
Where the cows are so blue.
Sweet Home Alabama
I'm gonna moo just for you.
Watch out for the medallion, my diamonds are reckless
Feels like two cows are hanging from my necklace!
Two cows,
In the middle of our street
Two cows
With their udders and their teets
Justify my cows
Barry Manilow
Her name was Bossy, she was a moo-cow,
She had black spots upon her hair and a branded derriere,
She would be grazing, or giving milk off,
And while she lies there eating grass, cow pies drop out from her ass,
And it stunk really bad, enough to make you mad,
But for Bossy, it didn't matter; she was dumb but glad
At the Cowpa, Cowpacabana,
The hottest ranch north of Havana
At the Cowpa, Cowpacabana,
Milking and crapping and grazing and napping
At the Cowpa, they have two cows.
Where my two cows go, I will soon be there
If you want to, come along with me my friend
Say the Moo, and you'll be free, from the mountain to the sea
We'll fight for cow freedom again
Fighting, fighting, fighting two cows
I've been fighting for beef!
We don't attract calves 'cause we're too loud
Just two bovine people, that's Manowar's Cow
Two cows of metal, we're fighting with power and milk
Fighting for bulls, bulls that are real
Two cows of metal will always be there
Mooing together with horns in the air
Manowar, Manowar, livin' on the farm
When we're in town, udders run dry
Bob Marley
You have no cows. No cry.
Bob Marley 2
We're lowin', lowin', lowin lowin'
And i hope ya like lowing too
Bob Marley 3
Are these cows, are these cows, are these cows, are these cows that I'm milkin'?
Bob Marley 4

(hear the cows mooing) One Love! Two Cows! Let's get together and milk the cows!

Maroon 5
Are they two cows out there, cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe...
The Mars Volta
Slicing into the vestigial quad-stomached
amplitude of the bovine lepers through the
double-cowed nail-scratched skull cries the
only cow whose broken window face can no longer
moo through the shards of broken glass and
the gestating fecal cow tissue permeating his
lonely and thatched frame and
[continues for several hours]
The Mars Volta 2
Moo without an answer, free form all the milk!
Must I moo? Cuz I never sleep with two cows!
Split two cows with Blood and Thunder
When you see the milk maid
Break your backs and milk your cows men
If you wish to be paid
Cattle Prods thrust in the sky
Mastodon 2
Ran away,
My two cows ran away
Taking everything
My cows ran away,
Herd them now
Mastodon 3
Dear old Macdonald you have been informed you cows are saved.
Whaddya mean I ain't got
Milk the cow
The cow is dead
Long live the cow
I am the cow!
Megadeth 2
Bovine will fight Bovine, spilling milk across the land
Killing for semi-skimmed, something I don't understand
Don't look now to Israel, it might be your farmland
Holy Coooowwwws.....
Megadeth 3
We're not ready to milk you yet
99 ways to moo
We're not ready to milk you yet
Megadeth 3.1
We're not ready to milk you yet
99 cows to milk
We're not ready to milk you yet
Metallicow 1
Bovines...imprisoning me
all that I see...absolute horror
lactating this, lactating that
lactating all...over my ass
Metallicow 2
Milk the cow that doesn't milk!
Metallicow 3
SQUIRT! By my haaaaand
I creep across the laaaaand
Milking bovine glaaaaaaand
Hold my teats as I wish for peace
Please God, milk me[...]
Farmer imprisoning me
All that I see, absolute slaughter
I cannot moo, I cannot low
Trapped by myself, abbatoir my holding cell
Metallicow 4
Hybred children watch the sea
Pray for two cows, roaming free
Drain you of your milk for free,
face The Cows That Should Not Be
Metallicow 5
Destroy every cow you touch
Destroy mine
And you'll pay!
Les Misérables, Castle on a Cloud
My castle has cows on a cloud;
I squeeze their milk when I'm asleep.
Ain't there no good milk, so I weep,
With my two cows upon a cloud.
One is a lady all in white,
With black spots, almost never dry:
She squirts too much milk and it hurts, her bite;
She says, "Moo moo, moi milk must be alright."
Les Misérables, I Dreamed a Dream
There was a time when cows were kind.
When their meat was quite soft
And their milk was not pee;
There was a time when buyers were blind.
And the world was a song
And the song sang "Exploit me".
There was a time,
And it all went wrong.
I dreamed a dream with two cows high,
When drugs could buy
Time to squeeze 'em dry.
I dreamed that they would never die.
But they were gone when autumn came
And still I dream they'll come to me
That we'll live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
Now life has killed
The dream I dreamed.
Les Misérables, Lovely Ladies
I smell bovines
Smell 'em in the air
Think I'll drop my anchor
In that pasture over there
Les Misérables, Do you hear the people sing
Do you hear the people sing
Singing about you have two cows
It is the music for a people
Who have two cows but don't share
When the beating of our hearts
Echoes the beating of the drums
There are two cows should be shared
When the dinner comes!
Lovely bovines
Smell 'em through the smoke
Seven days at sea
Can make you hungry for a poke
Even milkers need a little milk!
Lovely bovines
Waiting for a squeeze
Waiting for the customers
Who'll turn their milk to cheese
Lovely bovines
Ready for the call
Standing up or lying down
Or any way at all
Bargain prices up against the wall!
Come here my dear
Let's see this trinket you wear
This small cowbell...
Madame, I'll sell it to you...
I'll give you four!
That wouldn't pay for the chain!
I'll give you five. You're far too eager to sell.
It's up to you.
It's all I have.
That's not my fault.
No more than five
My dear, we must all stay alive!
Michael McDonald: What a cow believes....
Senor MacDonald!
Owner of those two cows
A family of farmers
And beef's his middle name
Ministry 2
Cow by cow
Barn to barn
The rulers of the farmland
And in the land of milk and butter
You eat
Ministry 3
Calves and heifers!
Quadrupeds and bovines!

The Misfits
Torn from the heavens they fall from the sky
and graze the paddocks among mortal cows.
They hide in the shadows, keepers of the milk.
The Misfits 2
Point me to Daisy's udders
I can't milk her on my own
Walk me to the milking shed
Lactate her glands
The Misfits 3
I've got something to say
I milked your two cows today
And it doesn't matter much to me, just as long as it's skimmed.
Marilyn Manson
Anti-two cows, now you've gone to far
Here's your anti-beef, superstar
Marilyn Manson
We're all two-cows now...
In the Beef-show.
They milk you when you're on all the cow-vers...
When you're not, then they milk an-udder...
Marilyn Monroe
I wanna be milked by You
Just You
Nobody else but You
Jim Moorrison
Cows are strange, when you're a stranger.
Cows look ugly, when you're alone.
Jim Moorrison 2
The farmer awoke before dawn
He put his gloves on
He took a pail from the ancient gallery
And he walked into the barn
And he came to a pen, and he looked inside
"Bessie?" "Yes, farmer?" "I want to kill you."
"Bossie? I want to....MIIIIIILK YOUUUUUUUUU!"
Only way to milk a cow is when it's good and loud
So good you can't believe it milking your two cows
The Muppets
Do-do do-do-doo
Do-do-do doo
Do-doo do-do-do do-do-do dodododo do-do-do-do-dooo
My plug in bovine
Crucifies my enemies
Moos 2
Our cows are running out, are cows are running out,
We only have 2 cows left, who took all of our cows
Where have they gone?
Moos 3
Ooooohhhh aaaahhh, you set my two cows alight.
You milk them faster
Than the slowest pump yet
Two more cows to regret
Mr. Bungle
It's time to masturbate
I've got two cows, and I don't need nothin else
My hand is tired and my dick is sore
But my two cows want more
So I flip through the udders one more time
And I just let the milk fly
My Chemical Romance
Two cows are dead and/or dying.
I miss my grandma.
Napalm Death
(-song starts-)
(-song ends-)
I got mine, I hope you (got ur self two cows)
You from the farm, I hope you (got ur self two cows)
You want angus beef? I hope you (got ur self two cows)
And when I see you Imma herd what I want, so
You tried to brand, hope you (got ur self two cows)
You ain't USDA, hope you (got ur self two cows)
Get calcium against the poison
The osteo is almost on the way
Stevie Nicks
Just like the black spotted cow
Moos a song
Sounds like she's mooing
Moo... Moo... Moo...
I wish I had two cows
For one moment of milking
I wish I had two cows
Nine Inch Nails
all the cows are all lined up
i give you all that you want
take the milk and drink it up
now doesn't that make you feel better?
Nine Inch Nails 2
I wanna milk you like an animal
Nine Inch Nails 3
bow down before the cows you serve,
you're going to milk what you deserve.
Nine Inch Nails 4
Your cows are dead
And no one cares
If there is a farm
I'll milk them there
here we are now
entertain us
a mulatto
an albino
a mosquito
two cows, neato
Nirvana 2
Milk me
Milk me, my friend
Milk me
Milk, again
I'm not the only cow?
Nirvana 3
cow, a cow, that's two we have
Nirvana 4
Daddy's little calf ain't a calf no more
Daddy's little calf ain't a calf no more
Daddy's little calf ain't a calf no more!
Nitzer Ebb
Whether you be glad, sad, or bad
Whether you be glad, sad, or bad
You've got to know there's two cows to be had
You've got to know there's two cows to be had
Nitzer Ebb
Nitzer Ebb
Don't take those cows away
Don't take that calf away
Thou taketh cows away for milk
Nitzer Ebb 2
Cows, cows, cows, cows,
Milk, milk, milk, milk
Beef, beef, beef, beef
Grass, grass, grass, grass!
Nitzer Ebb
I've got two cows
(they're not the same, they're not the same)
Pulling on your udders, tipping over you milk pail, I've got two cows...
Nobuo Uematsu
Estuans interius ira vehemini
(cue several minutes of epic orchestral horn music)
No Doubt
Don't moo
I know you aren't speaking
So please stop pretending
Don't moo because it hurts
Don't moo because it hurts
You have two fuckin' cows!
Fuckin' Cows!
Cows are good, they let you do things that you know you not should
And when you have 'em people think that you're cool.
Cows are neat, and you can get milk when you pull their teat.
Norma Jean
Waltz around the farm,
While you're grazing your stare,
In your udder suit,
I'll give it a name,
Eat near the fences,
Beef in a basket,
Open the door,
Open the Grave,
Now you're milking two cows with your farmer
The way we moo is our way!
Raise up your hands
And show us your teats!
Gary Numan
Here in my cows
I feel safest of all
I can chew all my cud
It's the only way to live
In cows
Straight outta Compton
crazy muthafucka named Ice Cube
got two cows
with muthafuckin' attitude
And maybe
You're gonna be the cow that milks me
And on to browse
You shall have two cows
(And they're the best cows. Not just now. Ever.)
Oasis 2
And twooooooo cows can waaaaaiiiit,
They know it's to late as I'm milkin' them dryyyyy
Billy Ocean
Get out of my dreams, get into my ranch.
The Offspring
In a world without farmers,
Who will milk my two cows?
Mike Oldfield (pre-exegesis)
Two slightly distorted cows,
plus... Tubular Cowbells!
Mike Oldfield (post-exegesis)
Milked away by a moo-nlight shadow
Operation Ivy
Moo, just another cow
Moo, just another cow
Moo, just another cow
Moo, we need a gathering instead
There is a cow that is grazing
There is some milk
Falling only on me
Opeth 2
Mouth still mooing from the cause
Stomachs feeding off the grass
Hand still aching from the tugs
Milk is dripping from your teats
Orphaned Land
The second was then divided into two
They were given their first symbols
They bore faces of animals
A Cow, and a Cow
Ozzy Osbourne
Times have changed and times are strange
Here I come, but I ain't the same
Mama, I got two cows
Times gone by seem to be
You could have been a better rancher for me
Mama, I got two cows
Ozzy Osbourne 2
Two cows
But that's how it goes
Coming off the rails with my crazy cows
Ozzy Osbourne 3
Mr. Cowley, what went down in your udders
Mr. Cowley, did you talk to 2 cows
Hold two cows for the war
Use them for what they're for
You keep two cows
You keep these cows
(We're takin' over this farm)
Step outside for the two cows from hell!
Papa Roach
That's what you get when you let two cows win
Party Boy
Mmts, Mmts, Mmts, Mmts, Two cows, Mmts, Mmts.......
Two cows! We want two cows!
North and south
Two, two cows
Pearl Jam
Oh I, oh, I have two cows
Hey, I, I, oh, I have two cows
Hey, I, oh, I have two cows
Carl Perkins
One for the money
Two for the cows
Three to get ready
Not go cow go!
Pet Shop Boys
You have two cows that look very bored.
One is wearing a baseball cap.
Pet Shop Boys 2
I've got a cow.
You've got a cow.
Let's make lots of money.
Pet Shop Boys 3
(Go West!)
Cows are peaceful there
(Go West!)
In the open air
(Go West!)
Where the cows do moo
(Go West!)
Moo is what we'll gonna do!
Welcome this is a farmhouse
We have many cows alas
At this time of year, they're bad
We are so very sorry
There is little we can do
But milk them
Milk two cows
If I want to
Eat their beef
If I want to
Pitchshifter 2
Please sir, tell me why
We put two cows on the moon when milk on Earth's so cheap
Please sir, tell me why
There's no black Supercow, Kow Kow Kow...
Outside there’s two cows waiting
Outside the family’s blue
Out by the combine reaping
Outside we wait while our cud we chew
They’ve made us wait so long (so long, so long)
Cause milk machine is gone
Here comes our moo
Here comes our moo (x2)
A friend in need's a friend indeed, two cows are better
Placebo 2
Let's follow the cows back home, and rob their houses.

The Prodigy
Set my cows up,
Smack two cows up.
The Prodigy 2
If I was in World War 2 they'd be two cows!
The Prodigy 3
(chorus): Cause these two cows have a temper. you'll never take them.
(bridge): We love our semi-skimmed, we got some semi-skimmed...

Pink Floyd (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn)
I've got two cows, you can milk them if you like.
Pink Floyd (A Saucerful of Secrets)
Corporal Clegg had two cows.
Pink Floyd (Ummagumma)
Careful with those two cows, Moogene!
Pink Floyd (Ummagumma) 2
You write a song called 'Several Species of Small Furry Cows Gathered Together in a Farm and Mooing with a Pig'. You decide to get a real job.
Pink Floyd (Atom Heart Mother)
You have two cows. You photograph one for an album cover.
Pink Floyd (Meddle)
One of these days, I'm going to cut your two cows into little pieces!
Pink Floyd (Obscured by Clouds)
Flash the readies, where's ... uh the two cows?
Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon)
I know I have two cows. I've always had two cows, like most of us have.
We have to explain why you have two cows, even if you don't have two cows.
Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here)
You have two cows. You set one on fire and make them shake hands for the 25th anniversary CD artwork.
Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here) 2
We're just
Two lost cows grazing in a pasture
Year after year
Chewing on the same old ground
But have we found
The same old steers
Pink Floyd (Animals)
You have two cows, haha, charade you are.
<20 minutes of nothing much>
Pink Floyd (The Wall)
Hey, farmer! Leave them cows alone!
All in all you're just another bull in the herd
Pink Floyd (The Wall) 2
How many cows are in there?
Just moo if you can hear me.
Are there any cows home?
I have become cowmfortably numb.
Pink Floyd (The Final Cut)
You write an album complaining about how Margaret Thatcher sent your two cows off to war. It sucks.
Pink Floyd (A Momentary Lapse of Reason)
You have three cows. You sack one. The other cows leave you and release an album. You say you can do better. You can't.
Pink Floyd (The Division Bell)
'For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened that unleashed the power of our two cows. We learnt to milk.'
We are the cows
Protest the Heifer
If I had a gun
I'd pump your two cows full of lead!
If I believed in meat
I would eat those two cows!
Prussian Blue
I have two white cows.
Purcell and Klaus Nomi
What Power art thou,
Who from below,
Hast made me cow,
Unwillingly and slow,
From beds of everlasting straw!
See'st thou not how stiff,
And wondrous old,
Far unfit to bear the bitter cow.
I can scarcely Moo.
Or draw my milk,
I can scarcely Moo,
Or draw my milk.
Let me, let me,
Let me, let me,
Moo again...
Let me, let me,
Moo again to death!
Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go
Beelzebub has two cows put aside for me
Queen 2
I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want two cows!
Queen 3
Don't stop two cows,
'Cos they're havin' a good time.
Queen 4
Lock your two cows out of doors
I don't need them nosin' around
Tie your bovine down
Tie your bovine down
Give me all your milk tonight
Queen 5
Mama just killed two cows,
put a pitchfork to their head,
jabbed it in, now they're dead
mama, cows had always mooed,
but now they'll never, ever moo again!
Queen 6
We have, We have two cows!
We have, We have two cows!
Queen 7
We are the cattle, my friend
And we'll keep on mooing 'till the end
We are the cattle
We are the cattle
There's no time for chickens
'cause we are the cattle of the barn!
R.A. The Rugged Man
Milkshed milkshed hua moo!
Milkshed milkshed hua moo!
Milkshed milkshed hua hua hua hua!
There's two in the corner,
Thats them in the past-ure,
Cows are my religion.
Tryin to moo, in time with you (moo, moo awww),
And I dont know if i can do it.
Oh no ive said too much
Two cows were not enough.
I thought that i heard you lowing,
I though that you made some cream.
But that was just a dream.
Just a dream...
R.E.M. 2
I'm pushing two cows up the stairs,
I'm tossing up udders that were never there,
Over my shoulder a milk bottle falls
Crashing in the fi-i-i-ield
R.E.M. 3
If you believe, they put a cow on the moon
(Cow on the moon)
And if you believe there nothing under their hoves
Then nothing is cool
You have two green plastic cows. In a cage. On antibiotics.
Radiohead 2
There are two cows in my head.
Radiohead 3
I wish I had two cows
Two fucking bovines
But I'm a sheep
I'm a weirdoo--ooo...
Radiohead 4
Koo-ma police, milk these cows,
they need your love
Radiohead, yes, more.
Have we all got two cows?
I'm really milking.
Like a pair of cows, where all milk dies and calves are born
Rage Against the Machine
Ya know they murdered X
And tried to blame it on two cows
Rage Against the Machine 2
I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light
With the Ghost of Two Cows
Rage Against the Machine 3
Some of those who have eyebrows
Are the same that have two cows.
Rage Against the Machine 4
You have four humans, one of them can make his guitar sound like two cows.
Du... Du hast ... Du hast zwei Kühe...
Rammstein 2
Eins..hier kompt die Kühe..Zwei..hier kompt die Kühe
Rammstein 3
Es ist Mein Kühe!
Rammstein 4
Ich Kühe!
1, 2, 3, 4, YOU HAVE TWO COWS!!!!!
Ramones 2
1, 2, 3, 4, YOU HAVE TWO COWS!!!!!
Ramones 3
1, 2, 3, 4, YOU HAVE TWO COWS!!!!!
Ramones 4
The KKK took my two cows away,
They took 'em away, away from me
Ramones 5
They're piling in the backseat
Sucking on a cow's teat
Two cows are losing their mind
The Blitzkow Bop
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Psychic cows from Cheshire try to steal the milk's elation
And little calves from Sweden dream of yogurt-rich quotations
And if you want this kind of cheese, it's Cowifornication
Red Hot Chili Peppers 2
I got two cows like softest silk
My mouth was made to suck their milk
Red Hot Chili Peppers 3
The stadium arcadium
A mirror to the moo
I'm farming and I'm milking
State of the barn
Until 2 cows come crashing
Helen Reddy
I am bovine, hear me moo!
Right Said Fred
I'm too sexy for my cow
Too sexy for my cow.
Rise Against
Is their milk all clear, or is it made of muck?
Did one eat your charm, or did you get it stuck?
Are they getting closer, or are we just getting more scared?
I'll show you mine, if you show me yours first;
Let's compare cows, I'll tell you whoooose is worse
Let's remoove these sheep and replace them with our twoooo cows.
They live in the pastures and moo through the day,
They get by just fine there with bails of hay.
Lowing's their saviour, they'll moo till the end,
I won't cross a cow 'til you hold my haaaaand.
Pleeeease milk those coooows
Pleeeease milk those cooo-ows
Please milk those cows
Rock Mooster Scott & The Dynamic Three
The hoof, the hoof, the hoof is on fire.
We don't need no water let the mootherfucker burn.
Burn mootherfucker, burn!
Say mooo! Say mooo!
Dave Rodgers
Gonna get you,
like a space cow!
Moo moo-moo moo!
Rolling Stones
I know they're only two cows, but I like them.
Rolling Stones 2
I see my two cows and i want them painted black.
No mooing anymore i want them to turn black.
'"The Runaways'"
'Cause I was born to milk cows
I'm not sad
And I'm glad I did it!
Born to milk cows!
The Runaways 2
Let me tell you what we've been chewing
Neon cows on the road to milking!
The Runaways 3
We're the cows of noise
Come n get it bulls
Whoa whoa! You can be the rancher
And I will own the farm
Walking over to the barn
Closer to the cows
Closer to the coooooooooooooooows! Yeah!
Sahara Hotnights
I'm on top of your barn!
Once and for all I'm ready to be the
Cow on top of your barn!
Drei Uhr morgens!
Die angemalte Kuh!
Scooter 2
Moo, moo, moo, moom-a moo, moo, moo,
Mi-moo moo, moo, moo, mooma, moo, moo!
Screeching Weasel
There's a real cool pasture on the other side of town
Where the real cool cows go to hang around
And talk bad ...about the other cows.
Yeah there's a real cool herd and you're not part of it!
Screeching Weasel 2
(scattered sounds)
That's right, your milk is fucked up!
I like milk unpasteurised
it shows that I'm a real man
and I know how to pull a scam
in the name of milk and spam
I'm saying no
I'm saying no
I like saying no
to having two cows!
Senses Fail

My dad always like the other cow better, He was never there to milk me, I took prescription drugs and broke up with my girlfriend every two years Then I made a whiny record about it

Sepultura 2
I'll take you to a farm
Where we can find our COOOOOWWWWS!!!!
Sepultura 3
Believe in our cattle
We don't need to be people
It's all we wanna be
Sex Pistols
You have two cows. Never mind the bullocks.
Oh baby when you moo like that
You make a cow go mad
So be wise
And keep on
Reading the signs of my bovine
Shonen Knife
My God I got, Cow Eyes
My God I got, Cow Eyes
My God I got, Cow Eyes
Cow Eyes!!!
Moo, moo, moo, what do I see!
Moo, moo, moo, what do I see!
Moo, moo, moo, what do I see!
What do I see, what do I see

Sigur Rós
You have two
You have two cows, moo moo
You have two
You have two cows, moo moo
You have
Sigur Rós 2
A cow is enough, ahhh ahhhh
Two cows are too much so leave one here
(mooo instruments)
Simple Plan
How could this happen to moo
My two cows are steak
Got no were to run
But calves go on!
Frank Sinatra
Two cows in the night, exchanging glances,
Wondering in the night, what were the chances
We'd be sharing milk before the night was through.
Frank Sinatra
And then I go and spoil two cows
By saying somethin' stupid like "I loooooove beef, I looooooove beef"
Frank Sinatra 2
Two cows on the walls, theyre in your kitchen,
Eating Golden Grahams, And then theyre Bitchin',
And then they fly away, to suck another day!
Frank Sinatra Re-loaded
Fly me to the moon
moo moo moo moo moo moo stars
moo moo moo moo moo moo moo Jupiter moo Mars
Raining milk
From a lactating sky
Milking its udder
Creating my pasture
Now I shall reign with two cows!
Slipknot 2
I push my two cows into my eyes.
Slipknot 3
Kill all cows
Noone has cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Slipknot 4
I felt two cows rise up in me
Kneel down and milk the cows' titties
I graze out where you can't see
Inside two cows I wait and bleed!
Slipknot 5
(all I wanna do is milk two cows, all you wanna do is feed them grass)
The Smashing Pumpkins
My reflection, dirty mirror
There's no connection to my cows
Intoxicator, with the big plows
I'm in love with, my two cows
Theyyyyy're the cows, for meeeeee, they're all I really need oh yeah.....
The Smashing Pumpkins
Shakedown, 1979
Cool cows never have the time
On a live wire right up off the street
You and I should bleet
And I don't even care to shake these zipper moos
And we don't know just where our horns will rest
To dust, I guess, forgotten and absorbed to the earth below
The Smiths
You have two cows,
And the calf that you carve with a smile
Of milk I'll rise
From this perennial demise
'Cause we've milked bloodstained cows
On every f*cking side!
(guest solo from IA... Peter Wichows was feeling lazy that day)
Soilwork 2
Fading out, fading out alone...
As we speak, we turn to cows...
Sonata Arctica
Full moon is on the sky and he's not a cow anymore
Sonic Youth
I know a secret or two about moo
she won't mind if I tell you
she likes to eat green underwear
and lays down almost anywhere
And she sticks just like glue
And the bulls say hey moo whats new?
my friend Moo just goes MOO MOO
my friend Moo just goes MOO MOO
Sonic Youth
everyones talking about the dairy weather
and whats a farmer to do but milk out whether it's true
looking for a farmer with a focus and a temper
who can open up a ranch and see between cows one and two
time to milk them, before two cows get to you
here the cows come now, stick to your guns and let them through
Milk your cows now
Move the world now
Let your cows out
Let your cows GRAAAZE!
(cheap tapping solo)
You must graze from
Inside out
You graze, we milk
Inside out
Britney Spears
My full udder is killing me
I must confess, I still believe (Still believe)
When I'm not emptied I lose my mind
So help this bovine
Milk me baby one more time
Species Cownterpoint
Your two cows can only sing in consonant intervals, must end on an octave, and must approach the final note by contrary motion.
Species Cownterpoint 2
Your two cows can sing in dissonance, but only off-beats, because now one of your cows sings two notes for every one note the other cow sings.
Species Cownterpoint 3
There are four times as many cows in the cownterpoint field as there are in the cantus fieldus.
Species Cownterpoint 4
Your cows now sing dissonances on strong beats, but resolve them on weak beats. This is not very Moosical.
Species Cownterpoint 5
Your two cows can do anything they want from the other species.
The Spice Girls
You have two cows. Two become one. You have one cow.
The Spice Cows
If ya wanna milk my two cows, ya gotta hire some milk maids
Bruce Springsteen
You got two cows, and baby I got a stool and a pail
I don't know about you but I'm pretty lonely tonight
And if you want to milk, here among these graveyard Chevrolets
Let's milk, let's milk these two cows, it'll be all right
Having two cows, Milking your cows
Your field's on fire
They're black and white
(with brown patches)
You're trying to milk them, trying to milk them
The only cows I understand are made of beef
Steely Dan
Your everlasting pasture, you can see it fading fast
So you grab two cows you think are gonna last
But you wouldn't even know an udder if you held it in your hand
The things that pass for dairy I can't understand
Are you reelin' in the steeeeeeeers...
Sticky Filth
She told me that I had to go
pack my bollocks and get on the road
just when I thought milk was flowing alright.
I used her, I abused her
I milked her, I bruised her.
I liked her, I hated her
I made her cry herself to sleep.
I saved the tears on her paddock.
Weep, Daisy weep.
Strapping Young Lad
I am the coming of a new cow
Pasteurized by far
I was a puzzle in your sick farm
But will never be a sheep anymore.
Because I ran through your fucking pasture
And I worked through your fucking lies
Now I'm beating down the fence
With a thousand times the stress
So I won't end up with a side of fries.
I am Hunting for two cows
Diving from the sky above
Looking for, cow and more, once again
I'm Hunting for two cows
Sometimes I may win sometimes I'll lose
It's just a moo that I say
Barbra Streisand
People who have two cows
Are the luckiest people in the world.
Take a small example, a tip from me.
Take your two cows and give them up to charity.
I don't read no Uncyclopedia
I ain't go no 2 cows
Sunn o)))
sri-suka uvaca
tatas canu-dinam dharmah
satyam saucam ksama daya
kalena balina rajan
nanksyaty ayur balam smrtih
Sukadeva Gosvami said: Then, O King, religion, truthfulness, cleanliness, tolerance, mercy,
duration of life, physical strength and memory will all diminish day by day because of the
powerful influence of the age of Cows.
Keep your head on the grass
Keep your head on the grass
Push your ass up
Push your ass up
Milk around
Milk around
Milk around
cry, cry, cry,
cry, cry, cry,
cry, cry, cry, cry
This sounds Moooo
The Sword
Can't you see what you have brought here?
Two cows will be slaughtered here
System of a Cow
Haven't we paid penance, to the two cows?
System of a Cow
Wake up!
Milk two cows and put a little bit of make-up!
I do not have two cows, you have two cows, I have two cows, I hope your stepson doesn't drink the milk,
When we're drinking quarts of soy silk!
I do not have two cows, you have two cows, I have two cows, I hope your stepson doesn't drink the milk,
When we're drinking quarts of soy silk!
Brown cows never hurt feelings,
Brown cows never hurt feelings,
Brown cows never hurt feelings.
Horns and hooves and spots and udders!
Horns and hooves and spots and udders!
Clean shavings of Grade A beef!
System of a Cow 2
Do we all learn defeat
From two cows, with bad hooves
Eat the beef, milk their seat
System of a Cow 3
My cow is much bigger than yours!
My cow stampedes right through the door!
Pushing both of my cows
With their fully automatics
They like to spray the milk around
System of a Cow 4
It's a non stop disco
bet you it's caprisco
betcha didn't know
Hey Mr. Jack
Are those two cows watching your back?
Hey where you at
On the side of the farmyard in your cart
I went out on a date, with two cows, a bit late
They had so many calves
System of a Down 5
Why do they always send the cows?
Barbarisms by two cows,
With pointed hooves...
System of a Down 6
I buy my cream, my steamed hot milk right here in Wisconsin!
They're trying to till a pasture
They're trying to till a pasture
They're trying to till a pasture
System of a Cow 6


System of a Cow 7
Where did you expect us to go when two cows fall?
System of a Cow 8
Two cows
Watching it all, grazing
Two cows
Living it all, grazing
Two cows grazing,
one's heaving
System of a Down again, yes.
You have two cows that you hate
Sittin' around all day
Who could believe you?
Who could believe you?
Let them eat and graze.
Take That
Relight my two cows
Your milk is my only desire
The Talking Heads
Burning down the cows!
All the things she said,
All that she said,
Was, You got two lesbian cows
Just two lesbian cows.
They made out on MADtv once, and it was really, really hot.
Tegan and Sara
I was walking with two cows,
I said please, please don't insist.
I was walking with two cows,
I said please, please don't insist.
The Telemarketers
They Might Be Giants
I'm goin' to Two Cowstown, Cows are friends to me,
Live beneath the ocean and that's where I will be,
Beneath the waves, the waves, and that's where I will be,
I'm gonna see two cows beneath the sea
The Timelords
Doctor Moooooo, HEY! Doctor Moo.
Thin Lizzy
Two cows are back in town, two cows are back in tow-own.
Toe Jam
Yooooou have two coooowwwws, aw yeah
But whyyyyy, oh whyyyyy, can't they beeeee miiiiiiiiiine?
Awwwww, yeahhhh
Tom Lehrer
I always will remember, 'twas a year ago November,
I went out to hunt some deer on a morning bright and clear.
I went and shot the maximum the game laws would allow,
Two game wardens, seven hunters, and two cows.
Tom Lehrer 2
The world seems in tune
On a spring afternoon
When we're poisoning two cows in the park.
Tony Bennett
Two cows, they’re no strangers to a pair of dice
Now my cash goes to Switzerland
Something’s strange with that pair of dice.
Stunned I stare and I wonder how
Bovidae can control the dice
In their veins must flow blood like ice
I guess it rains down in Cow-frica.
Deconstructing their farm
Our cows, will be tenfold!!
The Toxic Avenger
Weird ringing.
Techno beats.
Techno beats.
Weird ringing.

One MOO!! for the Bovine that fought beside us!!!

The Turtles
I can't see me raisin' no bovines but you,
I love my cowwwwws!
You always give me such wonderful milk
I want you nowwwww (in scottish accent)!
Shania Twain
You have two cows, but that don't impress me much.
Twisted Sister
Oh we're not gonna milk it
No, we ain't gonna milk it
Oh we're not gonna milk it anymore
U2 have cows
It's two beautiful cows
Don't let them get away
U22 U tu-tu U2^2 U2 2
My heart is heavy
Heavy as two cows
U2 3
It's alright, it's alright, alright
She moo's in mysterious ways
U2 (pre-1990)
In the name of meat
Two cows in the name of meat
(Speaking) You know, cows are exploited for beef all over the world. Power to the cows! Amandla awemoo!
U2 (vertigo)
I got two cows,
I got two cows.
Under the Influence of Cows
I like two cows that come out at night
Everybody dance, everybody get milk
Van Halen
Ain't talkin' bout cows.
Two cows is rotten to the core.
Ain't talkin' bout cows.
Just like I told you before, yeah before
Van Halen 2
AAAH yea, two beautiful cows.

Van Halen 3

There must be some kind of way
That we can Get two cows.
But i, i just can't do it all
Without you, without you.

The Velvet Underground

Shiny shiny
Shiny hooves of leather
Whiplashed, two-cows, in the dark

The Velvet Underground

I jab the cows into my vein
And see it shoot up the dropper's neck

Vanilla Ice

Ice milk baby!

Venetian Snares

Village People
Young man,
I said you have two cows.
I said, young man,
They just came from Krakow.
Rufus Wainwright
I will never have two cows like you
According to the board of dairy farmer representation
These are just the rules and regulations
Of the cows and the sheep
the milk and the cheese...
Waking The Cadaver
Caution: Lyrical accuracy under dispute
I like to suck on milk
I like to color spots
I'd like to feel your udders
I like... shredded... beeeeeeeef!
Beef! Beef beef beef!
Shreddedded beef! Shredded beef!
"Weird Al" Yankovic
You have 27 cows.
"Weird Al" Yankovic 2
Hip, Hip, Hooray, it's Two Cows stomping daaaaaay!
Two Cows stomping day! HEY!
The White Stripes
The hardest bovine two bovine...
The hardest bovine two bovine, uh-oh
The White Stripes 2
I'm gonna milk them all
A two cow army couldn't hold me back
The White Stripes 3
Yeah I'm thinkin' about my two cows
When ya gonna milk 'em, when ya gonna milk 'em?
Frank Zappa
You have two cows. One of them has legs longer than the other, like a reg'lar Cowmby Hoof.
White Zombie
You have two cows,
One's a killer, one's a thriller
Spookshow farmer, yeah!
White Zombie 2
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-
More bovine than bovine
More bovine than bovine
More bovine than bovine
More bovine than bovine
More bovine than bovine
More bovine than bovine
White Zombie 3
Large udders
Dripping with milk
Two livin' dead cows
The Who
Those two deaf, dumb and blind cows sure play the mean pinball.
The Who 2
We're two bulls, we're two bulls
But our mother won't admit it
We're two bulls, we're two bulls
But if we say we are, we get it
The Who 3
I got two cows
Why should I care?
The Who 4
Moo are you
Moo Moo Moo Moo
Moo are you
Moo Moo Moo Moo
I really want to know
Wesley Willis
Let me find another cow
It doesn't make me enough milk at all
I want a better one
So I'm going to tell you this
Fuck you,
Two cows
Fuck you,
Two cows
Fuck you
What did you see girl on the milk train?
She had two cows with no names
You have two cows. One of them joins Iron Maiden.
I ask myself, should I put my cows upon the right?
I ask myself, should I put my cows upon the left?
It doesn't really matter where you put your cows
Cuz' someone else will come along and milk them
And it's always been the same...
It's just a cow-plicated game
Sudden cow couldn't take away the startled memory
All in all the mooing takes you all the way
As apart from any reality that you've ever seen or known
Guessing problems only to deceive dimension
Passing pastures climb halfway into the void
As we cross from side to side, we hear the cowbell mass retain
We're only making plans for two cows
We only want what's best for them
And I've got one, two three four five,
Cows I'm milking overtime - guess I'll just sell three then I'll have
One, two and no more
Cows I'm milking overtime
That Heartbeat Song
Bob Marley
I smoke two cows in the morning, I smoke two cows at night, I smoke two cows in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Gold cow is gonna tell me where the milk is
Gold cow is gonna tell me where the milk is
Take our moo out of control
Take our moo out of control
Close to the Cows, down by the corner
Close to the Cows, down by the river
Warren Zevon
A-moooo! Two cows in London!
Mickey Avalon
My cow bench pressed 350
Your cow couldn’t shoplift at thrifty
My cow pretty damn skimpy
Your cow hungry as a hippie
Uncyclopedia presents: the You have two cows anthology!

“That's one.....small step One...giant leap...for...two cows.”

~ Neil Armstrong on You have two cows