Marilyn Manson

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Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson
Background information
Birth name Mary Bingo upon-Lundgren
Born 8 March 1962 (age 51)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Genre(s) Classical, Bebop, Blackpool Rock, Swing, Mushroom Cloud, Doom Rock, Shock Rock, Cock Jockey
Instrument(s) Synclavier, Guitar, Mathematics, Spoons, Accordion
Years active 1991–Present
Label(s) Interscope, Nothing, No-One, Hell, eggNpeas
Associated acts Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Batman, Rob Zombie, Zilch, Oyster Kecks, Lady Gaga, Miners For Justice

Mary Bingo upon-Lundgren (born 8 March, 1962), better known by her stage name Marilyn Manson, is a Lithuanian synclavier teacher, performance artist, miner and musician best known for her cobblers and musical disability. Her name derives from two famous celebrities namely Mary Berry, celebrity TV chef and award winning Mum-Ra impersonator, and Geoffrey "Bingo" Jefferson; amusingly retarded rag-and-bone man of the 1950s.

She is perhaps best-known for her 1992 breakthrough album Devil Dick Voodoo and its number one single Them Orbs, Them Orbs, although her performance art is also widely recognised and has contributed to her notoriety. Her shocking and often frightening appearance is matched by her disturbing behaviour and use of abusive profanity to the general public. Ironically, when the display of these talents are used commercially, backed with the aggressive masculine style of her music, it becomes clear why she’s become the superstar that she is today.

Early life

Marilyn Manson was born into poverty in the back streets of Vilnius. She is the only daughter of famous movie star Dolph In-Lundgren and famous actress and celebrity chef Maggie Smith. She is of Lithuanian and Jewish descent highlighted by her gigantic aquiline conk and filthy gypsy stylings. Manson’s traditional schooling was none existent. A miner from the age of 2, she would spend most of her child-life in complete darkness, frequently covered in bits of tin and surviving on a diet of freeze-dried gravel and cucumber ketchup, with prescribed soft-chew tin sweets for nourishment. When her father eventually died of a headache in the mines, she decided that a career as a musician would better suit her skill-set and formed her first band; Oyster Kecks, in the summer of 1989.


Early Music

It’s generally considered that Manson’s first band Oyster Kecks was a musical disaster. Famous 80s music journalist Enoch Powell once described an early live performance at the Mindaugas Theatre, Vilnius, as a: “a hethanistic display of nigger-loving liberalism, backed with audio cabbage and an act of such faecal-related pomposity, she choked the entire audience with her ridiculous ‘hover-turds’.”

Marilyn Manson (band)

Having been heckled out of Lithuania and threatened with a public hanging, Manson decided to leave her backward homeland and travelled to the United States of America. There, whilst employed as a synclavier teacher and part-time chef in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; she decided to form her second band in the hope that her act and musical style would be better received. In March 1990 she formed the unoriginally self titled; ‘Marilyn Manson’ and began touring local bars, clubs and gay brothels making an immediate impact on the Baton Rouge gay scene.

After a few years of touring the USA and playing disturbing cover versions from Al Green's back catalogue, in 1991 she decided to write her first full length feature album: ‘Weasels Ripped His Cock Off’, which received a score of 7.2/10 in NME from reviewer and all-round bender Mike Ofsted who said “It’s rare to have such a fresh and uninviting sound on the gay scene, Marilyn Manson is a triumph of disgust and disgrace; her hover-turds are mesmerising”.

Actor and Performance Artist

A rare image of Manson performing as Dorothy in a live stage production of The Wizard of Oz.

Marilyn Manson’s short-lived career as an amateur actor and performance artist is checkered with controversy. During her rise to fame, poor review after poor review belittled her acting abilities which only encouraged her to become more and more extreme. Undeterred, she continued to perform even landing a lead role as Fagin in Lewis Carroll’s Lord Of The Flies: “I couldn’t believe I’d managed to get the role over Bob Geldof, he’s a quality actor, a legend, all them TV spots with all them scrawny darkies, I couldn’t do that!”. Unfortunately, Manson’s performance as Fagin was short-lived as it was immediately panned by critics. Claims that the performance was too freakish, even for the trampy thieving bin-man that the character was originally portrayed as, were universally conceded and Manson was sacked.

In a battle to save her acting career she applied for the part of the Dorothy in the live action play The Wizard of Oz. After an impressive showcase of her acting abilities, she snagged the part over Martin Clunes and Daley Thompson to become the new ‘Dorothy’. Tragically, Manson was only afforded one live performance as Dorothy after, in an effort to impress her peers, she resorted to mass defecation on stage before flinging the contents of her bowels at the children in the front rows.

Marilyn Manson was voted as the sexiest Lithuanian in 2009.

Personal life

Manson was engaged to Frank Zappa from 1982 until his death in 1999. He often toured with and supported Manson during the early days but after a freak train accident in 1986, he lost the ability to speak and took early retirement returning back to his former profession as a Pet Food Tester.

In 1999 after Frank Zappa's mysterious death, Manson met Richard Briars at a local bus stop and the couple began a relationship which was tragically cut short by the expected death of Briars in 2000. Since the death of Briars, Manson has become an advocate of celibacy even converting to the ranks of the Vestal Virgins in 2006. Outside of her musical and acting career, Manson is a keen amateur angler and currently holds the record for the biggest pike landed in mainland Europe which officially weighed in at 737lbs.


Amateur wrestler Bret "The Hitman" Hart guises as Marilyn Manson for charity.

The thousands of lawsuits filed against Manson over her career have crippled her financially. The infamous case of poo poisoning disabled children during one of her stage shows in October 1993 was particularly costly. It was estimated to have personally cost Manson over $13 million.

In November 1997, former band member Chuck Fuck (real name Francios Cheggerton) sued Manson to the tune of $134 million after claims that he was treated unfairly during his days in the band. The case was thrown out of court the following month as the judge had "never heard of him" before realising that it was in fact Manson herself posing as Chuck Fuck.

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