Huey Lewis and the News

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“I'd hit that shit.”

~ Oscar Wilde

“I think their undisputed masterpiece is Hip to be Square. A song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics, but they should: because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends, it's also a personal statement about the band itself! Hey Paul!”

~ Patrick Bateman on killing people

“You don't win. You just get better every time you play.”

~ Cleveland, Peter Griffin's neighbor, on Huey Lewis and the News

Huey Lewis And The News was a popular board game for 2-4 people for a brief period during the 1980s.

Invention and rules[edit]

The game was invented by Marty McFly- the incident documented in the film Gremlins and its sequel The Next Karate Kid. The basic rules of the game are fairly complicated and vary from game to game since individual instructions were printed for each set by a random word generator, also created by renouned scientist Marty McFly but the basic goal is to climb 'Jacobs Ladder' to obtain 'The Power Of Love' by first obtaining the 'Heart of Rock and Roll', being 'Stuck With You', to keep on living in a 'Perfect World', and learning that it's 'Hip to Be Square'. Whats 'Jacobs Ladder' is has never been explained and remains a mystery today. Critic and rock formation Steven Seagal proposed that it was an ancient martial arts kick though the majority of the population dismissed this on account of Seagal being a rock formation (rock formations supposedly having little experience of board games, particularly obscure ones such as Huey Lewis and The News) and generally being an all round ass (which Seagal argued was only true 95.333% of the time), and instead widely arguing that it has something to do with Jesus or something.

Rise to fame[edit]

The game was popularised in the reality film Back to the Future in 1985, serving as a major plot point (the game can be seen on a shelf in Doc Browns lab in scene 23 at 20.34). A spin-off television series entitled Michael Jackson, however, failed to take off despite being named after popular pedophile Michael Jackson. Furthermore the game provoked anger both in the Jewish community who claimed it was 'nothing more than a variation on the kill the Jew games of the 1950s' and simultaneously the anti-Jew community who argued that it was not 'anti-Jew enough'. Though it is now relatively obscure, Huey Lewis and The News remains historically significant since it was the first game with no rules or real aims and also is the only game to double as Tupperware container (though numerous sources heavily refute this claim), as such it has retailed on ebay for over $10 since it went out of print in 1440 due to the invention of the printing press.


  • The game briefly formed a musical band for a period during the 1980s though it broke up in 1991 after a consistent failure to chart any singles in the Billboard Hot 100 despite being the only band releasing music from 1985 through 1987 due to fallout from The Cold War.
  • The band Incubus are named after the game.
  • For a brief period the game was used as a negioting tool in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol after it was discovered that Bill Clinton was a fan of the game.
  • The game is still wildly popular in some households.
  • Celebrity players in the 1980s include Tom Cruise, who is not gay, and 'chubby funster' Ricky Gervais who cited the game as the inspiration for The Office
  • The game regularly featured on hard hitting drama series Noel Edmunds House Party during the mid 1990s since Noel was a 50% shareholder in its parent company N'Sync.
  • In the Australian version of this game the 'Jacob's Ladder' is replaced by a large bucket of fish heads.
  • Borat Sagdiyev liked the game so much that he name his favourite long-donged son Huey Lewis.