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Operation X
Damn! that picture is like so funny!
Directed by Operation X
Written by Mo Mowlam
Starring Operation X as himself
Produced by Operation X inc.
Distributed by Operation X ltd
Release date 2003
Runtime 1hour 13 mins
Language Muslim
Budget Like well loads, paid like six hundred bucks
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Operation X was first discovered during an archelogical dig in 1007 when the leading archeologist, the Pied Piper tripped over a mains extension lead, leading to a small country, later to be realised it was large and then later to be named Poland in which all the contents of Operation X were revealed. There has been stark controversy over the real meaning of Operation X, with conspiracy theories stretching from "Hitler and Operation X", "Hitler's mum and Operation X - The true story" to "Yeah well, your mum mate. Oh, and Operation X"

Operation X revealed secret plans to destroy Sauron (the evil wizard of the east, or was it west?) and to spread many cancers around his kingdom which included the regions of Asia, China, Japan, Tokyo and Mitsubishi. The plan included several cunning schemes, thought up by your mum to invest heavily heavily into the manufacture of Chinaman for a steady income to fund the large amounts of robots needed to advance into the designated kingdoms of which Glen had his "Eye of all Eyes" watching over.

The truth behind Operation X[edit]

If you think the above is a load of jugglers then you would be right. Of course all these secret plans didn't exist as it was soon discovered that Peter Jackson, and JR Tolken were both lying about the true story of Lord of the Rings. They lied to us all, and thats why we hate them. The true motif behind Operation X lay in the cleverly clever code inside the actual text, all that left was a enigma, a key of which still hasn't been cracked today.


Mrs "Operation" X was one clever nun

The code left many clues, "What was that brown smudge", "Maybe he shat himself while writing it?", "How come his writing is so much like a computer?". But, gave no answers. The document still remains un-craxored today.

Examples of the code[edit]

These are samples of the code of which are all found in the Operation X documents, preserved in the Museum for Operational Documents located in southern Slough.


The Conclusion[edit]

Operation X, was soon forgotten by the later 1760's when the medieval bum bandit reigned. In 1926, Michael Portillo re-invented Operation X as a means to hide secret government information from the British. He was discovered 12.3 days later and was 'accidently' beheaded when invited to a Guillotene Party. Sadly he died 4 years later, leaving the legacy of Operation X "The code of puer genios" never to be discovered again.

Again discovered in 2001, the code is now operational in many government facilities worldwide.

Yours Sincerely

Operation X

Common MSN conversations about Operation X[edit]

"These Conversations cured my long lost need for Chinaboys"

Glen the Wizard says:

But I thought Operation X was the code?

Operation X says:

Don't be stupid. Stupid face.

China says:

Wing Wong, Ching Chong....Noodles!

China says:

wtf u doin? answer me!

The Conspiracy Fearories of Operation D M to the X[edit]

There are widespread variations on the several conspiracies revolving about Operation X. Most involve ethnic minorites, thought up by Eissac "nissan" Newton to split up humans and hopefull in tern the atom.

"Rap" Eminem

Operation X as we know it in the modern day market[edit]

Operation x was from the popular game "Metal Gear Solid" and was therefore not stumbled up as once thaught by the legendry pied piper aka kiddy fiddler, What the pied piper did find is widely publicated in childrens books world wide. And this of course was his Big Bass Drum , he went up and down the land playing his big bass drum and woo'ing small children into caves.

Operation X and the Jews[edit]

Operation X was the jewish movement in World War 2 to get more Satellite TV in the polish ghetto's.

Operation X and the Chineese[edit]

Operation X or in chineese "Wopa-wation, Wing Wong Noodles" was really to defend the great wall of china and wall of hastings against the scottish. The chineese sent wild beats into the intruders camp, until they were so 'Disco'ed out' that they lay down some funky breakdancing, which in turn crumbled the wall, allowed the intruders into China and slaying all their farmyard animals, farms, and cool Mexican-like hats.

Operation X and the enthralling illusion of nothing[edit]

Where is it?

Operation X uses[edit]

  To whom it may concern,
     Operation X cannot particapte in today's P.E lesson as he has injured his big toe 
                    Yours Sincerely 
                         Operation X

Operation X in schools[edit]

Opperation X is used in schools by teachers who smell of coffee and is referred to the fat kids who allways use lame excuses to get out of doing Physical Education .

Par Example

Teacher 1 "Was fat Kevin on Operation X today ?"

Fat Kevin

Teacher 2 "Oh yes that little fat sod is a downward spiral to an early death and a miserable lonely life"

Teacher 3 "Did anybody watch Coronation Street last night?...no? oh ok"

Me and Operation X[edit]

“Operation X is the way forward, I have AIDS now, what can it do for you?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Operation X

09:31 Wake up - Take 3 Spoons of Operation X and one bowl of oatmeal

11:06 Begin working at office, take one operation x smothered jacket potato.

13:46 Have lunch break, my work colleague is being bullied by the high executives. My operation X power kicks in. I annihalate every nutter there.

14:98 I leave for home, knowing Operation X has my back.

23:04 My diarrhea has not stopped, I should visit the doctor soon.

29:99 I get a great bargain on a 6 slice toaster.

00:10 I bath with operation x , there is a fine vanila in the air from the 5 for a pound scented candles i picked up. 'note to self put out the trash '

Could we exist without operation X?[edit]

Without Operation X we could not function. The human Digestion system is all thanks to operation x and its magical properties, You can allso find Operation x at most good hardware stores as a common adheasive.

Operation X vs Jackie Chan[edit]

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan was born in Moscow in 1928. He used Operation X as a means to transport vodka and lucozade to neighbouring Serbia and Microsoft. When he was 12 he suffered a terrible blow of the dreaded Operation X flu. This much like Bird flu, but much more China nearly killed Ronnie and he was left terribly disfigured, with a larger than usual head, and long thin eyes. Operation X eventually killed Jackie and his 12 pet geese of which has the disease after contact with Jackie Chan's googlebot.

Operation X 1 : 0 Jackie Chan

The Background to 'Operation X'[edit]

Operation X has been making public apearences since the late 60's . Most famously making a cameo role in the science fiction film 'The Matrix' as 'The Matrix' where those famous words were utterd about him "Operation X is all around us...even now in this very room."

Operation x has since appeared in recent nudity scene involving two scented candels, Jackie Chan and a smashed light bulb ...and as they say 'The rest is history'.

Recently starring in "The Incredibles" as the evil Doctor "Operation" X, Operation X made her debut album based on her life as a wild free-living squatter in the global heirachy of drug dealing around western london.

How to use your Operation X[edit]

1 - Inject fuel into the lower corner fuel dump (Fig 1.4a)
    Some obese users find this hard, please phone 1-800 ZENNED to order a magic big  buttoned operation  x with larger than necessary Corner Fuel Dumps
2 - Reset mains and leverical switches to 0 (Fight 1.4c)
    If your Operation X makes a bleeping sound, then you are doing this correctly
3 - Reset red and yellow main Acid switches
4 - Your Operation X is now ready for use.

Da Opppa-nation Ex[edit]

“Aite niggz, dis is da operwatiun exx to tha fizzle. A jazzie gray production!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Operation X's Drugs

Operation X became the major distributor in 'E' or ecstacmationalator. Street names are such as 'House-Party' and 'Quantanamera'. Growing up as a child, Michael Jordan took Operation X to stimulate the growth in his body and muscles. However it left his skin horrifically burnt, later to be named Negro as in Spanish. Operation X stimulates the growth of other organs such as the eyes and lips and groinal muscles. Michael died in 1985 due to his badly infected wound to his chest when he was attacked by a gang of women demanding their purses back. Of course, Michael denied all charges.

Famous quotes from famous people about Operation X[edit]

A Jew

"How much is it worth"

~ A jew on Operation X

"How much can I sell it for"

~ A black man on Operation X

"Does it set on fire?"

~ A muslim on Operation X

But where did it all begin?[edit]

It is said that Operation X came about when the aztecs were trying to stop the spread of Aids and its cause. They quickly found the cause to be that a strange aztec man called Athlez had had sex with a monkey , Therefore causing a nock on effect when he pissed into the drinking water for the whole aztec Civilization. Operation X was then put into effect and the man was sent to The planet of the Apes where he now owns a small beach side resort .

Lyrics to Operation X by J.R.R Tolkein[edit]

Bardzo lubię pana Operation X
Wysoki chłopak, mundurek, przy pasku pałka. 
Bardzo lubię pana Operation X
Lubię też tego, co w moro chodzi ubrany. 
Przezroczystą Operation X tarczą od ludzi jest ochraniany. 
Bardzo lubię pana Operation X
On ma notes, rozmowy z nim to bardzo fajna sprawa. 
Zawsze Cię wysłucha, jak małe dziecko przez ulice przeprowadzi. 
Jak znaku nie Operation X zauważysz, to na bloczku ci go pokaże. 
Dobry chłopina cały dzień dla kraju Operation X.
Dla kraju, dla porządku Operation X społecznego, on tyra dla mnie i dla Ciebie kolego. 
Rodzinkę z naszych podatków żywi. 
Bardzo go lubię, on dla mnie chce dobrze. 
Operation X pana policjanta, on wie o tym dobrze. 

See Poland for more information, and helpful travelling vocabulary.

Operation X and the X Factor[edit]

Operation X Judge: "I am not amused"

Well if your thinking if this is the same thing?, Yes it is . It is the european form of the infamous 'Operation X' which involves many people making clowns off themselves so they can join there hero's in that ghetto in the sky . Examples of this is the 1984 classic 'Pinocchio' who took part in the X factor famously saying the words "Yes simon ..i have the X factor", eventually he was turned away in the 3rd round . Fans of pinocchio were outraged and started a small riot later to be called "mindless violence" by co-owner of Mars Bar Prince Charles .

X'actly Mr Holmes'[edit]

"But Sherlock, how can we find his, how can I say, 'Operation X'". The piece of evidence that would finish the case once and for all. This featured in the famous film 'Lock, Pipe, and two smoking Operation X's', with the famous line, "But sir, please may I have more Operation X". Eventually working its way to the theatre "Operation X, my dear, fetch me a tea. Oh and don't forget to write Gregory", this popular noun will be in the hearts of theatre-goers and angry british black people, "Man tha guy is operation exxed!".

Common mis-inter-lingual translations of "Operation X"[edit]

When will 'Operation Y' be out?[edit]

Hypno- the deadlist Operation X unit when used correctly
A hymnal

Due for realease in December 07 "Operation Y" will be the well awaited sequel to the renowned Operation X.

The new edition includes 16 new units, including Suicide bomber(1hp, -18x mana regeneration), archeologist (160hp, 6x faster mana regeneration) and batman(9000hp,8x mana regeneration, 45ap)

There will be a whole new gameplay style Hypnosis in which all player have to hypnotiseorize each other using only Hypno units. When a player gains 1000 experience points the Hypno Transbogulates into a Hymnal, which is also used to hypnotise the enenmy units into the form of sleeping.

Preorder today at this website and each new player will receive 1 Wizard Hat, 1 Wizard Robe, and 4 White stars to decorate. You also receive a handy pen, when writing down things on paper(paper not included)

Opeartion Y promisies to be the greatest game of the century, and even the decade. It mixes real strategic wizardry with full on mana regeneration rates, of which any Operation X fan will agree - is a real bonus! It works on your pre-saved data , to transform your puny level 9 graggomolingoblims to maxxed out pimps and super star DJ's.

Operation Y is a must have for any home. If its anything as good as Operation X was, then its gonna be a jew blast!!

Unmissable "The Times"

Who needs a girlfriend?!.."www.GeekTools.com"'

What is this shit? "The Sun"

What this shit? "The Mirror"

What's shit? "The Daily Star"

I think. I think I smell like shit. "Hobo"

Operation X's thoughts[edit]

- I love Serbia

- I love Jew Soup

- I love Poland Soup

- I love Jackie Chan

- I am X

- I am not Y

The truth about 'Operation X'[edit]

Operation X was carried out in 1982 when John F Kennedy was shot in the leg by Jack Ruby, later to be assinated by Lee Harvy Oswald, later to assassinated by a ninja only known as JFK. John F Kennedy required surgery and was sent straight to the NHS queue. At number 202382309111.09 in the queue, John devised a new secret operation, Operation X. This meant assinating all 2 of the NHS leaders including Roman Giertych and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Once the leaders were brutely drowned after promising to gain free Mr Kipling's Apple Pies in a large tub of apple syrup, ironically. Andrew vowed to make this story into a spectacular theatre production. Sadly he died in syrup.

Operation X was completed in 1979 when John F Kennedy became chief of the NHS only to appoint himself 1st in the queue for A&E. Successfully recovering from surgery, the documents for Operation X were burnt, along with John F Kennedy's mother.