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` is the smallest unit of measure available. Nothing is more useless than a ` . Not even the dot (.) or the left parenthesis (() . The dot has a definite weight, and sits comfortably at the end of the text. ` instead, wanders lightly from letter to letter without a real job. Sometimes it sits on vowels, making everybody angry because people mistake it for an àccent. See ? It did it again !!!

The french are usually blamed for ` , since it is usually found on fr`ench texts. However it was proved by scientists in white coats that although ` thrives on french texts, it was originated probably in Mesopotamia.


The only way to get rid of the ` is to hit them with a nail and a hammer every time you see them on your screen. The sound produced scares ` away.

What are you`waitin`for ?


Go`get`a ````` hammer ! ````

« voilà! » <---- French words are attracting the `````````s!

T`h`i`s character sucks. Look at it. It's weak. Screw the '.' sucks.

Not t`o be confused with[edit]

´, `'s evil brother.

` also h`as another 2 weàknesses!!!!!!!

  • weàkness 1! Mr. T
  • weàkness 2! M.C. Hammer

Uses in mo`dern l`fe[edit]

The ` can be use`d to call the omn`i poten`t conso`le in `Euro`pean `coun`tries. Prob`abl`y why Eu`ope`ans don`t have ` tidle (Fr`ench cons`ir``acy`?).