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The term Home Key has many meanings but, in these "Bob" forsaken times, it is most commonly referred to in it's computer programming sense where it may also be referred to as the "Dorothy Key" (named so after the lead character in the famous stage play the Lizard Of Aus).

It's commonly called upon by computer programmers after they've dived in and started editing a large piece of code they know nothing about. After many edits, they realize they've made a colossal cock up because they deleted all the stuff that made the program work (for instance "upgrading" large bits of prehistoric COBOL is always asking for trouble).

At this point the programmer will bash their heads against the wall, crying "Where's the Home Key... won't somebody press it for me!" because in programmers folklore the "Home Key" is a magically endowed part of the keyboard which, when pressed, will whisk them back to the point in time before they thought it was a good idea to have 4 pints at lunch before returning to the office and rewriting the main accounting package.