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The Command Key
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Command Line?

The Command key on Mac OS does stuff that the Ctrl key wishes it could do. Well, on Macs, anyway, because on them the Ctrl key just makes squiggly symbols.


Partial list of Command combinations discovered by Al Gore as of 1921.
Command + A Drop 500 apples on yourself.
Command + B Weaken the gravity between stars and planets.
Command + C Cause a massacre.
Command + D Get somebody else drunk.
Command + E Opens the whole personal profile database in FBI.
Command + F Starts a session of chess.
Command + G Command an army consisting of all goats in the world.
Command + H Send yourself to heaven.
Command + I Push down a tree.
Command + J Bring a medieval knight into your own office/living room/whatever.
Command + K Creates a wormhole.
Command + L Introduce, misplaced, commas, to, a, famous, book.
Command + M Cause a Sad Mac, regardless of the version of Mac OS.
Command + N Remove everything in the world by introducing a big slice of banana cream pie.
Command + O Reverse of Command + N. In rare situation it can clear everything you've done before.
Command + P Print a banknote for use.
Command + Q Shrink anything in sight.
Command + R Reverse effects of all the previous commands.
Command + S Shrink anything and make it float.
Command + T Get yourself a glass of turtle urine.
Command + U Fire a pea at anything.
Command + V Stamp an object picked up by Command + X.
Command + W Burn an object picked up with Command + X.
Command + X Pick up an object.
Command + Y Poke someone in the eyes.
Command + Z Force someone to go to sleep.
Command + Esc Escape any boring meeting.
Command + Spacebar Al Gore just said: "Do it!"
Command + F1 Fire one cow
Command + F2 Fire two cows
Command + F3 Fire three cows
Command + F4 Shut down your boss's Command button.
Command + F5 Shut down your neighbor's Command button.
Command + F6 Shut down your grandpa's Command button.
Command + F7 Shut down your Command button.
Command + F8 Summon the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.
Command + F9 Summon the ghosts of Mike's grandparents.
Command + F10 Divide by zeroY32%$@@@@@@@[Division by Zero occurred in #3421af80. Please reboot server to continue]
Command + F11 Do something not listed here.
Command + F12 Send yourself to the moon.
Command + Tab Shove some text to the right farther than any ordinary tab key has ever shoved before.
Command + Caps lock change any text to lowercase letters without much effort.
Command + Shift Shift gears.
Command + Enter Enter a door of some sort.
Command + ~ Attack people with banana cream pie.
Command + 1 Summon one missile.
Command + 2 Summon two missiles.
Command + 3 Summon three missiles.
Command + 4 Summon four missiles.
Command + 5 Summon five missiles.
Command + 6 Summon six missiles.
Command + 7 Summon seven missiles.
Command + 8 Summon eight missiles.
Command + 9 Summon nine missiles.
Command + 0 Summon a pigeon.
Command + $ Contrary to popular beleif, this does not make you rich.
Command + & Blink everything out of existence.
Command + - Pave a sidewalk.
Command + = Make 2 + 2 = 0.
Command + Backspace Delete a cow from existence.
Command + { Summon a left-winger.
Command + } Summon a right-winger.
Command + ; Prevent prostate cancer.
Command + . Stop time.
Command + Windows Does not do anything more incredible than the combo itself
Command + Command Command anything and everything.
Command + Alt Allow someone else to command things with you after pressing Command + Command.
Command + Send yourself to the sun.
Command + Bring yourself back from the sun.
Command + ←Go over there.
Command + Go over there.→
Command + Ctrl Change your OS from Mac to Windows and vice versa

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