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GOVERNMENT WARNING: According to the Surgeon General, the use of underscore impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

The_ underscore,_ AKA_ ,_ was_ invented_ by_ Henry_ Mill,_ originally_ named_ Enry_ Mill,_ who_ is_ famous_ for_ inventing_ the_ hyphen,_ caps_ lock,_ the_ left_ square_ bracket_ (his_ rival,_ William_ Austin_ Burt,_ got_ to_ inventing_ the_ right_ square_ bracket_ before_ Henry_ had_ a_ chance_ to_ do_ so)_ the_ letter_ H,_ and_ aquarium_ gravel._ He_ is_ also_ notorious_ for_ writing_ long,_ run-on_ sentences_ on_ his_ typewriter._ The_ underscore_ was_ supposedly_ invented_ for_ underlining_ words,_ before_ the_ invention_ of_ the_ "underline"_ button,_ but_ secretly_ was_ used_ in_ a_ secret_ organization_ known_ only_ as_ "The_ Secret_ Organization"_ (TSO),_ but_ was_ nicknamed_ the_ "_ Organization"_ because_ the_ character_ was_ a_ common_ symbol_ of_ the_ TSO.


One_ day,_ Enry_ Mill_ (later_ known_ as_ Henry_ Mill,_ after_ the_ invention_ of_ the_ letter_ H)_ was_ eating_ an_ apple_ in_ his_ friend's,_ Isaac_ Newton,_ backyard_ orchard,_ when_ suddenly_ an_ apple_ fell_ from_ the_ sky,_ or_ most_ likely,_ a_ tree,_ and_ hit_ his_ best_ friend_ on_ the_ head,_ putting_ him_ in_ a_ state_ of_ comatose._ With_ a_ sudden_ burst_ of_ inspiration,_ Enry_ Mill_ decided_ to_ invent_ something_ that_ would_ enable_ him_ to_ underline_ otherwise_ ununderlinable_ words,_ and_ thus_ he_ created_ the_ underscore,_ ._ Isaac_ Newton,_ however,_ went_ on_ to_ invent_ the_ completely_ useless,_ redundant,_ and_ obvious,_ Law_ of_ Gravity.


Back_ when_ Enry_ Mill_ and_ Isaac_ Newton_ lived_ (back_ in_ the_ year_ 666),_ there_ was_ the_ Great_ Computer_ Famine,_ which_ caused_ a_ scarcity_ in_ computers._ Because_ of_ this,_ Enry_ Mill_ only_ had_ access_ to_ a_ typewriter._ Typewriters,_ as_ everyone_ knows,_ don't_ have_ underline_ buttons,_ rendering_ underlining_ impossible_ without_ a_ ruler_ and_ a_ Sharpie._ Therefore,_ Enry_ Mill_ used_ his_ new_ character,_ ,_ to_ underline_ words._ This_ turned_ out_ to_ be_ a_ tedious_ work,_ and_ was_ eventually_ forgotten,_ especially_ after_ the_ Computer_ Famine_ was_ over_ and_ everyone_ used_ the_ underline_ button_ again._ However,_ due_ to_ the_ 's_ link_ in_ The_ Secret_ Organization,_ it_ was_ popularized_ for_ uses_ other_ then_ underlining,_ and_ was_ continued_ on_ to_ modern_ day_ computer_ keyboards.

The_ Secret_ Organization[edit]

The_ Secret_ Organization_ AKA_ The_ Organization_ was_ formed_ by_ Enry's_ rival,_ named_ William_ Austin_ Burt._ He_ formed_ the_ Organization_ in_ order_ to_ claim_ the_ invention_ of_ ._ He_ basically_ figured_ that_ if_ he_ told_ the_ lie_ long_ enough,_ and_ made_ the_ popular,_ and_ gave_ himself_ credit_ for_ it,_ that_ eventually_ everyone_ would_ believe_ him_ and_ he_ would_ be_ the_ famous_ inventor._ However,_ things_ didn't_ quite_ turn_ out_ as_ he_ planned._ See_ below,_ under_ William_ Austin_ Burt.

The_ Organization_ used_ the_ as_ their_ symbol,_ and_ even_ put_ it_ on_ their_ super_ secret_ flag,_ which_ they_ flew_ over_ their_ secret_ base_ every_ time_ they_ held_ a_ meeting._

The_ Organization's_ Flag

_ They_ met_ in_ the_ back_ of_ William's_ van,_ which_ is_ where_ William_ lived,_ and_ called_ it_ their_ secret_ base._ William's_ van_ was_ a_ black_ 666_ Morris_ Oxford_ van.

Because_ of_ the_ Secret_ Organization's_ efforts,_ the_ is_ still_ used_ on_ computer_ keyboards_ today,_ although_ rumor_ has_ it_ that_ the_ government_ is_ trying_ to_ get_ the_ banned_ because_ of_ it's_ links_ to_ secret_ organizations,_ conspiracies,_ and_ the_ such._ According_ to_ experts,_ the_ will_ probably_ share_ the_ same_ fate_ as_ the_ phrase_ "Under_ God"_ on_ American_ Pledges,_ songs,_ and_ money.

William_ Austin_ Burt[edit]

William_ Austin_ Burt_ was_ Enry_ Mill's_ arch_ rival,_ the_ head_ of_ the_ Secret_ Organization,_ and_ the_ inventor_ of_ the_ right_ square_ bracket_ (])._ He_ eventually_ credited_ himself_ with_ the_ invention_ of_ the_ ,_ after_ failing_ to_ popularize_ the_ usefulness_ of_ an_ overscore._ He_ was_ sued_ by_ the_ Enry_ Mill_ Association_ for_ Special_ Typewriter_ Characters,_ the_ EMASTC,_ later_ known_ as_ the_ HMASTC._ Enry_ Mill_ eventually_ lost_ the_ lawsuit,_ even_ though_ he_ was_ the_ rightful_ owner_ of_ the_ underscore._ William_ Burt_ was_ from_ then_ on_ known_ as_ the_ infamous_ inventor_ of_ the_ underscore,_ and_ was_ arrested_ by_ the_ government_ for_ holding_ a_ secret_ organization_ without_ government_ consent_ and_ holding_ likely_ illegal_ activities_ during_ secret_ meetings_ which_ could_ include_ the_ producing_ of_ unnecessary_ run-on_ sentences,_ various_ insults_ concerning_ George_ W._ Bush_ and_ your_ mom,_ and_ various_ copyleft_ infringements._ William_ spent_ two_ lifetime_ sentences_ in_ a_ pillow_ filled_ room._ He_ managed_ to_ avoid_ the_ second_ lifetime_ sentence_ by_ dying_ sometime_ during_ the_ first,_ and_ therefore_ avoiding_ more_ then_ half_ of_ his_ jail_ time._ (See_ Jail_ Avoidance_ By_ Death,_ JABD,_ a_ serious_ crime_ that_ is_ worthy_ of_ the_ Death_ Sentence.)

The_ Letter_ H[edit]

After_ his_ name_ was_ so_ often_ mispronounced,_ being_ called_ [een-ry],_ [ahn-ry],_ [een-ery],_ and_ [yur-mum]_ while_ his_ name_ is_ more_ correctly_ pronounced_ [en-ry],_ Enry_ Mill_ invented_ the_ letter_ H._ This_ letter_ became_ a_ popular_ letter,_ due_ to_ the_ fact_ that_ it_ could_ be_ used_ as_ a_ consonant_ (see_ Henry)_ and_ a_ vowel_ (see_ Hour),_ like_ the_ letter_ Y_ (Yuppie,_ Puppy)_ and_ the_ letter_ U_ (Under,_ United).


As_ mentioned_ above,_ the_ character_ is_ currently_ outlawed_ in_ the_ US,_ therefore_ making_ this_ page_ technically_ illegal_ to_ both_ write_ and_ view._ Luckily,_ the_ author_ of_ this_ article_ is_ not_ a_ resident_ of_ the_ US,_ and_ is_ writing_ this_ article_ from_ its_ secret_ base_ in_ the_ country_ known_ only_ as_ "_ "._ Although_ it_ would_ seem_ that_ the_ Organization_ and_ the_ Republic_ of_ would_ have_ some_ kind_ of_ link,_ there_ is_ none,_ and_ they_ are_ entirely_ unrelated,_ and_ therefore_ the_ US_ government_ should_ leave_ the_ Republic_ of_ alone_ and_ NOT_ send_ a_ tactical_ team_ to_ incapacitate_ the_ leaders_ of_ the_ Organization_ and/or_ the_ author_ of_ this_ article._ Thank_ you._ Also_ see_ run-on_ sentences.

Run-on_ Sentences[edit]

Henry_ Mill_ was_ famous_ for_ his_ entirely_ too_ long_ run-on_ sentences_ which_ he_ wrote_ on_ his_ typewriter,_ before_ he_ finally_ got_ a_ computer_ with_ Windows_ XP,_ and_ then_ used_ Microsoft_ Word_ to_ write_ his_ run-on_ sentencess._ It_ should_ be_ noted_ that_ when_ I_ say_ "famous"_ I_ mean_ infamous_ and_ notorious,_ being_ that_ Henry_ was_ generally_ disliked_ for_ his_ sentences_ in_ much_ the_ same_ way_ that_ POEPEL_ WOH_ UES_ ALL_ CPAS_ ADN_ HORIBAL_ GRAMAR_ are_ in_ todays_ world,_ while_ using_ the_ internet_ or_ internets. stupid_ n00bs...


  • Although_ Enry_ Mill_ invented_ the_ letter_ H,_ it_ is_ not_ known_ who_ invented_ the_ letter_ E._ Or_ N,_ or_ R,_ or_ Y,_ for_ that_ matter.
  • Your_ mom
  • The_ Republic_ of_ is_ a_ secret_ Republic,_ and_ no_ one_ knows_ where_ it_ is_ geographically._ Some_ believe_ it_ is_ in_ the_ 4th_ dimension,_ while_ others_ think_ it_ is_ part_ of_ the_ USSR.

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