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Okay...what the hell is the point of this?

Verse One (How to write a song)[edit]

Oh, when you write a song you should make sure that it rhymes

And you should not mention anything about the mimes

Write some verses and the chorus, doesn't matter if it's crap

If you make it catchy, girls will be sitting in your lap.

Going down the motorway doing 64
my granny done a big one
and blew off the door:
the engine could't take it,
the wheels fell apart,
all beacause of grannie
and her supersonic fart.

Verse Two (The verse that no one knows how to sing)[edit]

Da di chickens la la and pasta saves the day

Something something Cuba hacking lemons all the way

Mary blahblah pencil and I forgot this part

Gibbon dada mmmhhmm Oprah yaya fart

Chorus (Again)[edit]

Everyone should love this song

If you do just sing along,

Pound your chest like you're King Kong!

I think Sisqo stole my thong!

I am bent.

Instrumental Break[edit]

  • Electric guitar solo
  • Full orchestral accompaniment
  • Backup vocals oohing and aahing
  • More cowbell
  • More Banjo

Bridge (over troubled waters)[edit]

A bridge.

Chorus (Sick of this yet?)[edit]

Everyone should love this song

If you do just sing along,

Pound your chest like your King Kong!

What are you doing to my thong?

Silly Songs[edit]

  • 99 bottles of pop-1971
  • Adam and Eve, Get Burnt?-2006
  • Ar, We, Hes,
  • Baby Beluga
  • Baby Bumblebee-1981
  • Banana Phone
  • Do Your Ears Hang Low
  • Down by the Bay-1981
  • Eliss. ty me.
  • Farmer in the dell
  • Hair and Hair.
  • Hush little alien
  • I Had A Little Chicken
  • John Jacob Jingleheimer
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo-1980
  • Micheal Finnegian-1981
  • Nananananananananana
  • Nobody likes me
  • Nobody says Hooray
  • Nobody says no!
  • One Bottle O'Pop-1980
  • Risseldy Rosseldy
  • What's in my shoe


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