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Insert is the most sinister key ever created and the most obvious sign that the makers of the keyboard hate humanity. Its victims include most commonly your mom and other n00bs who have never used a keyboard before.

Usually found lurking just below your right pinky as you type, its trap is two-fold: wait for an accidental tap as the hapless user is writing the finishing touches on a heartfelt e-mail or best-selling novel, and then when the dupe tries to go back and add a character or word earlier in the text, mercilessly strikes, devouring the text they so laboriously struggled over. That's right; it stops your computer from inserting text. Ironic. Counter-intuitively, the boys at Microdicks thought that it should be a shortcut to Overtype mode. Eh, that's life for ya.

The only known cure for this Insert use is restarting your computer. Twice.

The insert key bites total ass and ruins innocent people's work millions of times a year. A charity was set up in order to help these people's plight, but then they realised that the victims were total n00bs and hadn't noticed that there is, in fact, an 'undo' button. The charity then laughed at all of the victims, because they had, by this time, saved their work and there was ABSOLUTELY JACK SHIT they could do about it!

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