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This dude has got no chance

A worm hole is the special route that an ear worm takes when it travels through the human head. Ear worms are kept as pets by children, and one popular game is to let them go in in one ear and out the other ear, traveling via the worm hole.

Astronomers suspect that there exist giant extraterrestrial heads with equally giant ear worms traveling through them, and they try to locate the worm holes of these worms with telescopes.

Ear worms[edit]

A very small DJ that lives in the human ear.

Infection by the Ear Worm is diagnosed when Abba plays in ones head when tired, or a commercial jingle riff will constantly replay until the mix is deemed perfect by the Ear Worm.

The only way to dampen the effect of the Ear Worm is to listen to, or hum, the theme tune to the British sitcom "Terry And June". However, this is a drastic measure as it will lead to not being able to recall ones own PIN number, or name.

The ear worm as a pet[edit]

Paradoxically, the ear worm is kept as a pet by young children of the age of around 8-10. The children have great fun when the worm creeps through their ears, and a popular game is, to let the worm creep into the one ear, and leave via the other ear. Obviously, it will travel its way trough the holes in the head, like the nose hole. The special route the worm takes is called a worm hole.

Other Uses[edit]

Wormholes are also a convenient plot device for moving spaceships huge distances within a person's lifetime. Character continuity would otherwise be difficult due to lethal doses of aging accumulated while traversing space; film and television productions would also be prohibitively lengthy.

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