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Welcome to historic Ipswich City Centre! You are reminded that, as in any large city, tourists should not flash any amount of cash or an open wallet or purse bec–... oh, dear, we're in for it now, aren't we?

Ipswich is Australia's "Crown Jewel City".[1] Located in Queensland in the centre of a deep crater, it is famed for its beautiful architecture[2], world famous artists[3] and its cultured citizens[4]. It is surely the holiest city in Australia.[5]


The area now known as Ipswich was first discovered[6] and settled in 1066 by William the Conqueror's first cousin, Jason Donovan, an explorer.[7] He was a man with a mission, looking to outdo his ancestor William Cox who not only discovered the Blue Mountains but roadbuilding as well. Recently discovered diary entries reveal Donovan's first thoughts of the area as "a land of milk and honey with plenty a stream to catch the catfish and plenty a field to shoot the roo. Surely amidst these peaceful vales shall I raise the most perfect village of Ipshite". Some historians think that the area's name otherwise comes from an aboriginal native phrase.[8]

Donovan himself hand picked the first settlers[9] and set very high standards of education and decorum.[10] Only the finest minds were allowed into the new colony and within only a few short years it became widely acknowledged as the centre of the Renaissance.[11]

During the 17th Century the city began to boom with immigrants from all across the world[12] coming to enjoy its bountiful gardens and beautiful women.[13] The large amount of people in such a packed environment led to the city slowly sinking deeper and deeper into the ground. By 1842, Ipswich, a name which means "city on a pretty sweet hill",[14] had now sunk so far that all trees began to die due to lack of sunlight.[15] Because Ipswich was such a beautiful city before "the fall", the houses in the city were very expensive. Many people were homeless, with only 2% owning a house.[16] The continuous sinking had led to a lack of indoor plumbing.[17]

The city has not changed much since the 1850s.[18] Things changed in a major way in 1947 when Charles Winfield, owner of Winfield cigarettes, purchased all the stores in Ipswich and began to sell "Winnie Blues" as a substitute for Macdonalds. This led to the entire population of Ipswich switching to Winnie Blues.[19]

When visiting Ipswich you should always wear a safety helmet and bring a torch because the descent is so deep and dangerous. Also be prepared as Ipswichians will greet new visitors in the most friendly fashion imaginable.[20]


Two bogans spot a nearly full stubby on a table that's been left unattended for over two minutes. Woe to anyone in the way when they make their move.

There are over two million people living in Ipswich.[21] Most of them reside in the gigantic airbase that currently is the sole reason for the cities existence.[22] The balance live in the many high-rises and modern apartments which dot the city's skyline, or have a second house in Brisbane and live there.[23]

Ipswichians are a diverse group.[24] There is a thriving Latin quarter[25] as well as a warmly welcomed Asian community[26] The festival season, which stretches from spring to autumn, is the time when each of the different communities celebrate their diversity.[27] Their colorful ceremonies[28] are a sight to behold and are a must-see for tourists.[29]

Most of the residents of Ipswich work[citation needed] at the airbase or attend[citation needed] one of the five great universities within the city. Four of these universities were in the top ten educational institutes in the world last year (2015).[30] They stand as equals among the most famous halls of learning.[31]. Graduates of these universities are among the most highly paid employees in the known world.[32]

There are three major groups who live in Ipswich:
Bogans. These are the descendants of the earliest residents of Ipswich[33]. Their ancestors arrived here with promises of the most beautiful and intelligent people there had ever been. After six generations of inbreeding, the residents devolved into Homo boganus, which translates to "man with beer and mullet". Bogans can now be seen hanging around the Ipswich city square eating at McDonald's, smoking Winnie Blues and drinking VB.[34] They are easily spooked by the presence of homosexuals and ethnic minorities and are often found in packs which migrate via buses and trains. These folk are also very superstitious. They will often cover their beers with their hands when not drinking it to prevent bad spirits from making their beer go flat or worse, non-alcoholic.

Air Force personnel. They are usually assigned there under orders from the highest authority.[35] Unless they are a pilot and have to live within 10 minutes of base, all military folk live in Brisvegas.[36] Pilots and crews fly at all hours, in all kinds of weather, every day of the year.[37] Practise drills are usually carried out without weapons.[38]

Uni students. The university students that are seen throughout Ipswich belong to the "school is boring" club. These people did poorly at school and instead of going to QUT or Griffith they wished to go to a real university. Since UQ at St. Lucia is harder to get into then a nun's bed,[39] they had to settle for Ipswich. Most of the students here smoke weed 24/7[40] to avoid dealing with the fact that they go to Ipswich. Most of the students here pass and do better than their brothers at St. Lucia because all the girls in the town are moles and are therefore not distractions.[41] There is nothing for entertainment but a library at the campus. This allows male students to focus their raging libidos and contempt for society into a white hot ball of nerdy power that helps them pass every subject. Once lectures are over students leave for home in what is called by many naturalists "the great exodus".[42] All the students run to their cars after their lectures, rolling up their windows and cranking up their stereos.[43] They flee Ipswich in order to escape the toxic air, consisting of one part Winfield Blues 25s, two parts radiation, and one part jet fuel.[44]


The wealthiest people in town are publicans. With ninety pubs and a dozen sleazy nightclubs all located on the same street, many wonder how these establishments can all co-exist within a stones throw of each other. Thanks to a booming unemployment rate and an average age of 74, the citizens can really support their main local industry. However, this makes it very difficult to find an available pokie machine or bar stool on any given weekday.[45]

Its hospital is the best in the nation in every category[46] except proctology.[47]

It is also the place where Mr. Kipling famously put five tarts in a box in December 2006, and Bernard Matthews was suspected of slaughtering yet more birds.[48]

Winner of the 2016 Melbourne Cup with Frankie Dettori up, oboeist Sozier Ma takes a break during "OboeFest 2017". The polymath is also head of the theoretical physics department at Kings College.


Residents of the 'Switch pass time by playing the pokies, going to the speedway, having glass fights in pubs, and watching television.[49] The Ipswich Kookaburras football club are well known in Australia.[50] Horse racing remains popular despite the 2010 closing of the local racetrack.[51] Many Ipswichians are keen fishermen.[52]


Ipswich is the home of the oboe.[53] It is a rare home that doesn't have an oboe.[54] Classical music[citation needed] has a great audience in Ipswich and most weekends are filled with concerts or recitals in the Civic Centre.[55] Chamber music is a particular favourite, with audience participation a unique feature.[56] Ipswich has eighteen radio stations dedicated to Vivaldi alone, although this number is set to climb after the town recently won the right to have the composer's remains re-interred in the local cemetery.[57] He will be buried next to modernist British composer John Tavener[58] and Australia's most decorated percussionist/keyboardist.[59]


Nietzsche once wrote "Ipswich has no god but that which loves knowledge".[60] This has since forever associated the city with the great thinkers. A custom peculiar only to Ipswich sees every citizen spending Friday night in deep conversation with his neighbour debating the topics of the week. The winners of this first debate then proceed to debate against other winners in their local streets until a suburb winner is decided. The suburban winners then battle it out on the Sunday afternoon, usually in front of a packed auditorium for the right to be named "Mass Debater of the Week".

The winner of this title has complete diplomatic immunity for the entire week or until he is next defeated in debate. Those citizens use their immunity to criticise governing bodies like the UN or the Federal Government.[61]


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