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“Hug me, I suffer!”

~ Chad Ghostal on getting fired by the Cartoon Network

Chad informing Tad of how he made him cry in his youth.

Chad Ghostal (or as everyone assumes him to be: Space Spectre) is Space Ghost's evil twin brother, and an accomplished singer-songwriter. Getting his start on Space Ghost Coast to Coast, he's appeared everywhere from Sesame Street to The Office, usually under a pseudonym, because he wants to hide the fact that he's a Stark-Raving Dad.

Early years[edit]

Chad Ghostal was born in September 1968, shortly after Space Ghost and Dino Boy got cancelled due to a video of Jan and Jace performing incestuous acts surfaced. Ma Ghostal, unable to pay the child support, left ol' Tad to look after the new baby all by himself.

Of course, this ended up badly, as a hot dog made Chad lose control, and he would go on to do such bad as making Tad cry by twisting some kind of ropes. Eventually, he runned away (as the '60s would put it) to be never seen again.

Chad would later hack public television stations in the '80s, claiming to be "The Phantom Phreak," and proceeding to show a simulation of one's mind after switching to cable TV. Footage of the hijacking is available on YouTube under the title "pbs FREAKOUT."


When Tad took up the mantle of Space Ghost for a second time, he wrote a character based on his estranged brother into the show. Dubbed "Space Spectre," the character looked nothing like Tad, instead donning a white cowl and blue suit. This led viewers astray from the truth: that Chad Ghostal is way better than his square brother.

Eventually, because Tad told the police that he was much more evil than a mantis-abusing jerkass, Chad was sent to Arkham Asylum, but managed to break out (but not before flirting with Poison Ivy and Catwoman.) He called Tad on the widely-successful talk show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, much to his brother's horror. Later, he found his way into the studio and took over operations of the camera, and proceeded to tell Tad his mom never loved him on air (this is usually cut in re-runs.)

Round this same time, Chad would draw his own animal character, named Bill the Bat. Inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog series that was ever-so-popular, Chad pitched a cartoon featuring Bill, his cat girlfriend Claire, and a "dashing, young rat" to the children's television program Sesame Street. The cartoon, featuring Chad's voice under the penname "Scott Getchell," debuted on the November 27, 1995 broadcast, and was promptly forgotten about, only being shown a few more times.

Chad would return to Space Ghost's show, trying to pose as his brother and fake out Moltar and Zorak. Here, Chad met the sexy big tiddy Goth GF Elvira, and the two instantly pawed all over each other, leading the blonde young lady Natasha Evans to be jealous, as she wanted a piece of that evil space spectre pie. Nevertheless, Chad was escorted off the set by his mother, who called him and Tad as they were about to get into a fight on-air.

After Tad mistook a member of some percussion group for him, Chad returned so he could wish his brother a happy anniversary, having used Mr. Tall Pretty Boy BBB Bug Spray (Those things scare Tad) so he could grab more chicks. Of course, Zorak and Moltar were the only ones that were excited.

Later, Chad finally beat up Space Ghost with his bare jazz hands, and hosted the show with Moltar and Zorak a week after Halloween 1997. Kids who were up too late eating leftover candy could connect to Chad on a spiritual level, as he interviewed the Joker's brother Melvin and a past-his-prime band leader "hepcat." Chad was found by the police, but he escaped. But not before singing, leading all the weirdo women in the target demographic to go gaga over the thought of such a thing ever happening. However, he got fired by the Cartoon Network over his attempted murder of Tad, and stole the money he made from his appearances to purchase a high-rise apartment in NYC.

A year later, Chad got a cellular phone with his stolen riches which he used to call Elvira, his agent (who got him a free pass to Radio City Music Hall), and a multitude of women who were in complicated relationships. He also posted on multiple newsgroups that he was "the Devil," which got Lil Nas X horny when he read it in 2021.

In 2000, Chad used his Radio City pass to do some... "exploring." Of course, he was going to look for a place to steal people's money when they weren't watching (or as Black Vulcan would call it, "super-looting.") Instead, he met a giant cockroach named Schwick (don't you ever call him Buschwick) who promised him a music career if he partnered with him. Chad reluctlantly obliged, but found out that he was an escaped convict who had done much worse crimes than him... like exploiting a 6 year old disco diva named Strawberry Shortcake who was under the delusion that she got to the city by snail-drawn cart and she was performing at the "Big Apple Disco." Unable to fathom such a thing, Chad blasted Schwick with his power bands and took Strawberry to live with him.

A year later, Chad provided the script and voiceover for a commercial advertising the Lloyd's BBQ Chicken Sandwich at Subway. Of course, not knowing that Jared is the same kind of criminal as Schwick, Chad didn't come back to pay what Mr. Footlong In More Ways Than One owed.

Chad married Space Ghost's ex-wife Björk in the mid '00s and started a serious music career, writing the song "Got Me Now" for Amy, Sally, and Mina, which he later covered on a 2010 album. During this time, he also guest-starred on The Office as Goatee Michael. Of course, he was under an alias, the same name as the actual actor of Michael.

Reasons why Chad isn't evil[edit]

  • Tad has murdered someone more than once: Ted Turner's uncle-in-law, Buzz Aldrin, and Hanson, just to name a few. Of course, his "good guy" status prevents him from going to jail (usually.)
  • Tad abuses his co-host Zorak regularly, by blasting him with his Power Bands. Usually, this leaves Zorak an ashface, but at least once, he actually killed him and the Zorak we see on succeeding shows is his ghost.
  • Tad blew up the Hoover Dam and got off scot-free. When asked about it by residents of that area, he claimed Chad did it.
  • Tad blew up France for inventing the word "Montage," since Zorak and Moltar showed him a montage of all his failures as part of his anniversary episode.
  • Tad got Jan and Jace into dangerous situations regularly, exposing them to growth-stunting vapours while ruining their life and career. Tad actually went to jail for this, but he broke out after Dr. Nightmare (ATTORNEY AT LAW!!) killed himself.
  • Tad would degrade his would-be son Roy Allen, telling him he has no hand-eye coordination and isn't talented, leaving him with no sense of self-worth. Thankfully, this never happened, since Tad died that day from a terminal illness nobody knows (and somehow regenerated in time for the next show.)
  • As stated by Zorak, Moltar, the denizens of TV Tropes, and many other fans of his show, Tad is a JERK!!