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Tiny Toons was to be the next generation of Looney Tunes, right before Loonatics unleashed (which don't even count since they suck anyhow)! They were the creation of Steven Spielberg and Bugs Bunny who has no relation to either Buster nor Babs!

It was 1989 when a group of characters that would graduate from Acme Looniversity at Acme Acres tell their story of school life (Just like "Saved by the Bell" did when it came out) and it ran between 1989 and 1992. There were many characters who would play important roles. In 1990, their world changed forever when the massive Earthquake Mario devastated Acme Acres. The group then attempted to rebuild their group, but disbanded 2 years later after being unable to find enough money to save their business.

Buster Bunny[edit]

Buster Bunny introduces us to Bugs Bunny!

Buster Bunny is the main character who's very inspired by the works of Bugs Bunny. As a matter of fact, Buster's real name is George Walker Bunny and always talked to Bugs since his father would be 'Stunt Bugs'.

After the show ended, Buster Bunny had some conflict with another rabbit named Buster who was Arthur's friend. The result was that Buster had to kiss a Lesbian named Katy Perry who hated the kiss that Buster (Arthur's friend) gave. And today, Arthur's friend is now called Buster Baxter to avoid confusion and copyrights.

Babs Bunny[edit]

Babs Bunny is really named Barbra-Ann Bunny and has no relation to Buster! But the only way you could tell was when they said it because there were 200 Bunnies total in her family...she's the oldest!

Babs Bunny can do many characters ranging from Elmer Fudd to Your Mom (don't ask)! She even finished a Cher Concert when Cher couldn't perform the rest of her concerts...and she was liked better!

Plucky Duck[edit]

Plucky Duck gets spat on by his best bud, Daffy Duck!

Plucky Duck...like his idol Daffy Duck is very green...oh he IS green, what I mean is envious and only loves himself, money, and Toilets. Originally, he was to be called 'Fucky Duck' because he would try and...fuck things up like the bathroom floor. But since his dad wanted him to succeed, they called him Plucky.

Plucky Duck was to have a spin-off show "The Plucky Duck Show", but nobody watched it except for him, Daffy, and his friend Hampton J. Pig. However, his baby years still haunt him because not only did Plucky love toilets...he got sucked into one, and when he visits his parents...he has to wear a diaper because they won't let him use their toilet!

Hampton J. Pig[edit]

Hampton J. Pig is the one who probably has it the most. He lives in Suburbia, his parents Wade and Winnie are Jewish and so is Hampton, and at times he would skinny-dip in Montana Max's pool. And every summer his family (including Stinky) would go to Happy-World Land just to ride on the Monorail.

Hampton is named after Wade and Winnie's birthplace called Hampton, Virginia as well as the Hotel Chain which Winnie's dad owns, and his other cousin is Orson T. Pig. However, Hampton's parents have come down with the Swine Flu and Hampton lives with Orson so he doesn't get their illness.

Here's Hampton Pig leaving Tiny Toons after an argument with Plucky!

Montana Max[edit]

Sometimes known as Mad Montana Max or just Monty, he owns half of Acme Acres and would love to own all of it, but Bugs Bunny is the rightful owner since he's the Mayor and all. Montana Max only loves one thing...money! He even had his parents killed (well, we never see them) and also has his eyes on other riches such as C. Montgomery Burns and Scrooge McDuck's inheritance since Max also knew them in business trades.

Today, Montana Max is the 10th Richest person in America, but lost on 1st since he owns Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as some of Burn's Estate once he found out that Smithers has some of that pie.

Montana Max is actually seen in Dante's Inferno.

Elmyra Duff[edit]

Elmyra Duff is one of the few Tiny Toons Characters that suffer from Simple-mindedness like the Dinosaur has. She also has no brain, but unlike the scarecrow who has no brain...Elmyra doesn't think!

She has an obsession with animals, especially rabbits. She owned 1000 animals ever since she was born. Today, no pet store would give Elmyra an animal since she would love them to death (literally)! And PETA once came by and confiscated her animals because of what she does to them, and also Pinky called Pamela Anderson for some sex, but overheard The Brain's cry of agony over the phone.

Her parents own Duff Beer and their uncle is Duffman.

Acme Looniversity[edit]

This is the school that the Tiny Toons would revolve most of their show on. Ever since 1933, many cartoon characters (Mostly from Warner Brothers and stuff that would later be owned by Warner Brothers) went to this school and made it their Alma Mater. The cartoon alumni would graduate on the day they made their first cartoon, many of them were very successful and others went into obscurity. Only a few characters from other studios besides Warner Brothers actually graduated from Acme Looniversity such as Donald Duck who was only one of the three to graduate from Disney (the other two were the only Hispanics to go there and that was Joe Carioca and Panchito), Woody Woodpecker, and Orson T. Pig who went there at night. Other than that, their alumni is strictly Warner Brothers.