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Political career
Vice President President: Jasper
Term of office September 23, 1993–September 8, 1995
Preceded by Tiny Toon Adventures (1990-1994)
Succeeded by Freakazoid (1995-1997)
Political party Acme
Personal details
Nationality Vice president
Date of birth September 23, 1993
Place of birth Burbank, CA
Date of death September 13, 2000
Place of death DVD
First Lady Tiny Toons
Animaniacs Propaganda Logo

“Which one's the cute one?”

~ Captain Oblivious on Dot

“They're pretty naughty...”

~ Captain Understatement on Animaniacs

Animaniacs is a reality show cleverly disguised as a comedy in a plot by North Korea to warp kids' minds while they attack the "American piss-ants, (Secretly google's idea)" that aired on Fox for 2 seasons and then moved to Kids WB, leaving Fox Kids to rot in the pits of hell. They were vice president on September 21, 1999, but fired because Dot went to the bathroom. They died on JetBlue 2000 on September 13th, 2000, which lost both engines and crashed into the sea (unfortunately for the world Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Survived and still reek havoc on the world because they're the Animaniacs. They escape pretty much anything, y'know, BECAUSE CARTOON).

Basically, this show is about a terrorizing trio of these...cartoony, Mickey Mouse-like, drugged THINGS...that run around the Warner (Brothers) movie lot. They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught, but we...(aw, s**t, I broke into song again).


Dot Warner, working as a prostitute on the street.
  • Yakko Warner is an attention seeking whore and the ringleader of the terrorist plot, where he acts as a spy for the gang. He is the biggest, the oldest, the most evil, and he gets more lines. Worship him. Oh, and have I mentioned that he NEVER SHUTS UP??? I'm pretty sure I did. He is also responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing but he framed some guy in order to get away with it, He also conspired with the al-Qaeda to destroy the Twin Towers and they succeeded (obviously it was on the news).
  • Wakko Warner: Baton Rouge Louisiana Indianapolis Indiana and Columbus is the capital of Ohio...oh, hi Admin, nice to see you here...hey, where are you throwing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....................

in other words his name says all.


Obscure Characters[edit]

  • Pinky and the Brain: Pinky, contrary to popular belief, is actually a left middle finger obsessed with worshipping Zort and doing "different things" in bed with Brain. Brain, on the other hand, is a spoiled brat who keeps wanting more and more, which is why he wants to take over the world. Rumors persist they are really Captain Selfish's lab mice.
  • Chicken Boo: Got fired from his job as mascot of the "Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens" for his relationship with the football team's head cheerleader, (which only lasted 42 minutes) he found work on Animaniacs. Brought along in the shitty episodes that need a last-minute laugh.
  • Dr. Scratchensniff: When the p-sychiatrist from Burbank, California met the Warners, he went crazy and was thrown in Commander Riker's Looney Bin in Homely Hills, where he was fed nothing but carrots for 5 months. After the Warners maxed out his credit card, he committed suicide by forcing himself to watch 7 hours of Tony Danza.


  • Slappy Squirrel, aka Death Lives is an old coot who used to star in Looney Tunes shorts in the 1960s. She is believed by cartoon fans to be the most infamous and obscure Looney Tune EVER. Her films, which made absolutely no sense, were locked away in the Studio Vault never to be released. As for Slappy herself, she was locked away in the treehouse, also never to be released. Unfortunately, she got out... hide your children and RUN!
  • Minerva Mink is...correction, WAS the show's sex symbol. Her uber-hotness caused all types of men to get boners just be looking at her, even gay men. That is, until she married Andy Dick, and bore his three children, Sally, Jenny, and Andy Jr., gained fifty pounds, and lost her hotness. Currently, she is the most miserable of them all.