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Grid is a gay skull robot created by DC Comics during their "let's ruin every comic character" phase. Created as an antagonist for Cyborg because there weren't any to name off the top of their heads, Grid is obsessed with metal and Sonic the Hedgehog and always tries to sing metal songs to Cyborg's girlfriend. It's just like Ender's Game.


Grid was initially Cyborg's internal Wikipedia, collecting information about the world's superheroes and villains. After a numerous number of people vandalized it, Grid decided to copy their traits in case he ever wanted to make Cyborg his bitch. That day came when an endosomatophiliac named Atomica came to town and tried to take over the Justice League, giving Grid full sentience. Grid, who had been watching metal videos during this time, re-enacted a Cannibal Corpse video by breaking out of Cyborg like a chestburster, but due to the horrid special effects, no one took it seriously. With Cyborg's body shoplifted, Grid committed petty crimes like loitering and jaywalking, all with a goal of gaining emotion.

Of course, with Cyborg repairing his body using nothing more than a wrench, and the help of some metallic Teletubbies, Grid was defeated, leaving him to only feel the one thing he desired the most: fear.

Grid later returned thanks to Atomica's stepsister Superwoman (no relation to Lois Lane's brief alter-ego in All-Star Superman), and having been inspired by his new obsession, Sonic the Hedgehog, decided to fuse with Cyborg in order to take down Darkseid, who was conquering Earth for Wonder Woman's pussy. However, after Cyborg had enough of Grid and told him to go sit in a time-out chair, Dr. Manhattan (also known as Handsome Squidward) blasted him and Owlman with his Hyper Beam. With Grid no more, Dr. Manhattan revealed himself to be Swayzak, who didn't want Grid taking his role as "best rogue AI nemesis."


  • Nobody can get Grid's voice right. In Injustice 2, he sounds like a drunken Shaquille O'Neal (meaning Cyborg is Aaron Carter.) In LEGO DC Super-Villains, he sounds like Lyric the Last Ancient's unholy robotic lovechild. However, on the Cyborg Hyper Drive ride at Six Flags New England, Grid sounds like an evil person with digital corruption on it, making it the best voice he's had by far. Of course, this being a family-oriented ride, Grid doesn't win.