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Nailing is a a type of mesh clothing mainly used by strippers. It is every erotic and very effective. It is usually black, but you can't really tell. Nailing is a very cheap way to get yourself into the "selling of your body" business.

History of Nailing[edit]

The history of nailing goes all the way back to 1337. It is very extensive, as it was very popular.


Oscar Wilde invented nailing in 1337 when trying to come up with an outfit to wear to the Queen of England's Bridal Shower. He was probably huffing kittens at the time. Afterwards, when reflecting on the many stares he got due to his genitalia showing, he decided that it would be a good outfit for snooking spectators to wear, and would go along perfectly with his all woman spectators movment.

The Nailing Spectators Movement[edit]

This movement became known as "The Nailing Specatators Movement", and soon grew immmensly in the viewers of snooking, Baseball, Football, and Whoreling. This caued a great deal of tension in the spectators, and some, feeling the movement becoming more popular, began wearing nailing while spectating. This caused everyone to revolt against the movement(including the movement's supporters), as most of these nailing wearing spectators were men. This ultimately caused decline of major support, and the movement died down. Nailing was not heard of again until The Watergate Crisis.

Watergate Crisis[edit]

The Watergate Crisis That developed in the 1920's produced a very controversial tape of Nixon doing a sauronic ritual. During the ritual Nixon was wearing only nailing. This caused many viewers to throw up and some to have their brain spontaneously combust.

Modern Uses[edit]

Nailing is now used by strippers inspired by Nixon to produce higher quality work. It is also used to catch fish and bad dreams. A rebel circle uses nailing to cleanse the blood they use for their sacrifices.

Tips on Nailing[edit]

If you plan to join the nailing game, you can use all the tips you can get to rise a step above your competitors.

1. Use high quality nailing

Even though one of the main attractions to nailing is its cheap cost, spending a few more dollars will prove to your customer you mean business, and its still cheaper than many things out there.

2. Start young

12 is a very popular year to start, but 8 is the best. Not only do you have 4 years to practice before the main bulk of your competitors join you, but you can charge extra to those fetish guys because you're young.

3. Know what your doing

The best way to learn how to use nailing properly is to go to Ted's School for Nailing Practice, but you really don't need to go. The other option is to buy 101 Ways to Improve your Nailing Technique, and that is almost as good as the school (and much less expensive).

If you keep these 3 simple tips in mind, you can become the best nailer ever with little to minimal effort.

Where to find Nailing[edit]